Get Inspired: 29 Unique Autumn Burnt Orange Wedding Ideas

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Get Inspired: 29 Unique Autumn Burnt Orange Wedding Ideas

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A wedding is a celebration of love, and burnt orange is the heartbeat of this celebration. It symbolises warm embraces, passionate kisses, and everlasting commitment. This bold colour palette was last popular in the 1970s and is now making a comeback.

Whether you're planning an autumn wedding or want a romantic burnt orange wedding, we'll take you on a journey filled with colour and love. In this article, we’ll dive into every aspect of the autumn burnt orange wedding theme, from symbolism to design dresses, and planning to personalisation, food, and firework.

Wedding burnt orange bridesmaid dresses

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Burnt Orange Wedding Theme Meaning

  • Burnt orange represents warmth and passion, symbolizing the newlyweds’ passion and deep love for each other.
  • This colour can convey vitality energy, and positive expectations for newlywed life.
  • Emphasizing the importance of family and affection, it symbolizes the close relationship and gratitude between loved ones.
  • If you are having an outdoor rustic wedding, burnt orange is similar to nature’s fall colours and is often used to express a love of nature and protect the environment.
Burnt orange wedding guest dress

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Idea 1: Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Dress

Burnt orange wedding guest clothes are the preferred choice for a burnt orange wedding theme. Allowing you to stand out from the crowd while still respecting the bride's spotlight.

When it comes to women's dresses, the choice of fabric and style is crucial. Silky satin, luxurious velvet or chiffon can enhance the richness of colour. A classic burnt orange A-line or mermaid dress can create an elegant yet timeless look. Alternatively, a flowing maxi dress with a halter neck or off-the-shoulder design can add a touch of romance to the outfit.

If you want to buy a beautiful women's guest dress, we recommend: The ChicSew Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Dress.

For male wedding guests, incorporate burnt orange into their outfits through accessories such as a burnt orange tie, pocket square, or even a vest. These subtle details can add a pop of colour to a classic black or grey suit while maintaining a sophisticated vibe.

Wedding burnt orange bridesmaid dresses

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Idea 2: Wedding Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Dresses

The burnt orange hue is earthy, bright and more vibrant. Bridesmaids can choose from a variety of different styles and cuts of mismatched burnt orange bridesmaid dresses to suit individual body shapes and preferences. From long dresses to short dresses, slim cuts to A-line dresses, each one is unique in its way.

To make it more personal for your bridesmaids, consider adding embellishments such as sashes, flowers or jewellery to enhance the uniqueness of the outfit. These burnt orange bridesmaid dresses will create an unforgettable visual impression of the wedding, complementing the bride's dress to create beautiful and passionate wedding memories.

If you want to learn more about autumn bridesmaid dresses, check out: Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Guide: How to Make the Right Choice

Burnt orange robes for wedding morning

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Idea 3: Burnt Orange Robes for Wedding Morning

If you plan to wear burnt orange robes on the morning of your wedding, It is so great idea and adds a special moment and a personal touch to your wedding.

You can choose a gown with burnt orange accents such as burnt orange florals, embroidery, belts or borders. You can also just wear a solid burnt orange colour robe. Also, make sure you are comfortable in it as you will be wearing it during the morning preparations until you put on your wedding dress.

Include this moment in your photography plan. These photos can become a beautiful part of your wedding memories.

Wedding burnt orange prom dress

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Idea 4: Wedding Burnt Orange Prom Dress

When does a bride display her enthusiasm and individuality the best? Of course, during the wedding dance!

Put on a ballgown that you enjoy. Maybe you can get a burnt orange ball gown to fit the colour scheme of your wedding. It can be a long skirt, short skirt, tube top skirt, trailing skirt, or even pants.

Of course, you could choose some colours that mismatched the dress with your friends, like green or vintage rose. The particular look relies on the individual and the wedding's setting. Whatever you decide, just do it, because you are the bride.

Finally, make sure your dress stays comfortable throughout the entire wedding dance. You will spend a lot of time in the dress, allowing you to dance with ease.

Dramatic table burnt orange decor

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Idea 5: Dramatic Table Burnt Orange Decor

These creative decorative elements can incorporate the burnt orange theme into your table.

Dark burnt orange roses complement each other with tall metal or glass candlesticks, bringing a warm and romantic atmosphere to the entire scene. When night falls, the warm glow of candlelight will add drama to the party and bring a sense of mystery to guests.

Burnt orange tablecloths, napkins and personalized menus are also key elements and then matched with burnt orange tableware, such as dinner plates, wine glasses and cutlery. It could use metallic sequins and add some bright primary colours to highlight the visual hierarchy of the burnt orange theme.

Burnt orange bouquet

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Idea 6:Burnt Orange Bouquet

The burnt orange bouquet was like a gorgeous painting, embellishing every moment of this autumn wedding. The shape of the bouquet can be a classic round shape, a modern waterfall design, or any other unique shape you desire. The orange colour in the bouquet can be a deep orange, bright citrus, or other colours paired with burnt orange, such as gold, red, or purple.

The bouquet packaging can also be customized, and you can choose to match it with orange ribbons, jewelry, lace or other decorations to add personality and sophistication. It will become a focal point in the hands of the bridesmaids, and brides complementing the burnt orange bridesmaid dresses and adding colour to the entire wedding.

Burnt orange or terracotta wedding dress

Image Source: Weddingpioneer

Idea 7: Burnt Orange or Terracotta Wedding Dress

If you have a specific vision for a burnt orange wedding theme but can't find the right colour in an off-the-shelf gown, consider working with a bridal designer or seamstress to create a custom wedding dress in a similar burnt orange colour.

You may be concerned about whether to choose different colours for your burnt orange wedding theme, but there are some similar colours that will make the wedding more beautiful. This also allows you to bring your own unique style to life.

Alternatively, whether the overall fabric is one colour, adding beading or dip-dye effects to your wedding dress can add subtle or bold pops of terracotta and burnt orange to your dress.

Burnt orange wedding photo booth

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Idea 8: Burnt Orange Wedding Photo Booth

  • This could be a burnt orange floral wall, drapes, or a simple paper or fabric backdrop to immerse yourself in a sea of colour.
  • Arrange burnt orange decorations around the photo booth, such as balloons, flowers, ribbons, and other burnt orange decorative items, to add a sense of fantasy and romance to the photo memories of wedding guests.
  • Provide a variety of fun props for guests to use, such as burnt orange sunglasses, hats, ties, fake flowers, etc. These props can add interest to wedding photos.
  • The photo booth can also provide small burnt orange photo frames for guests to frame their photos into as a wedding souvenir.
Burnt orange wedding hallway decor

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Idea 9: Burnt Orange Wedding Hallway Decor

Use a burnt orange rug or runner to cover the hallway floor, which will add colour and texture to the entire hallway.

According to the characteristics of an autumn wedding, consider adding some seasonal elements related to the burnt orange theme, such as autumn pumpkins, autumn leaves, Christmas decorations, orange flowers, lanterns, and orange drapes, these decorations can be along the walls of the hallway, railing or ceiling hanging.

Create a burnt orange photo exhibit that showcases photos of the couple, parents, pre-wedding memories, etc. It can be a focal point.

Colourful burnt orange wedding theme cake

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Idea 10: Colourful Burnt Orange Wedding Theme Cake

Creating a colourful wedding-themed cake is a fun and exciting task. Combine burnt orange with other bright colours.

Use burnt orange as the base colour of the cake, which can be a dark burnt orange to highlight its vividness. You might also consider choosing a lighter burnt orange, such as peach or persimmon orange.

Add burnt orange sugar blossoms or small decorations to the cake. These can be burnt orange carnations, roses or butterflies, hearts, stars, etc. Cake could use the texture of roses, the texture of orange mint leaves, or the texture of orange satin.

At the same time, communicate your specific requirements with the cake chef.

Burnt orange wedding theme drinks and desserts

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Idea 11: Burnt orange Wedding Theme Drinks and Desserts

In terms of drinks, creative cocktails such as orange mojitos and orange margaritas will be a treat for banquet guests. Or work with a bartender to design a special cocktail in burnt orange and name it after the couple.

For burnt orange desserts, burnt orange cupcakes and cookies will be the centrepiece of the dessert table. Orange cream puffs and orange jelly will also bring a delightful taste, giving guests a variety of dessert options.

While ensuring the taste, the colour also matches the wedding theme.

Elegant burnt orange wedding theme invitation

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Idea 12: Elegant Burnt Orange Wedding Theme Invitation

Invitations are the first impression of a wedding and they set the tone of color and style for the wedding party. These invitations are both an invitation and a preview, conveying information about the wedding to guests.

  • The overall design of the invitation can be a deep burnt orange or a bright citrus colour to reflect the theme of the wedding.
  • Use gold, copper, or ivory fonts to enhance contrast and make text stand out.
  • Burnt orange theme wedding invitations can also include some personalized elements such as burnt orange roses, butterflies, leaves or a burnt orange sunset photo. These elements can be used to decorate edges, corners or backgrounds. 
  • Don’t forget to create burnt orange return receipt cards that match the theme to make it easy for guests to confirm attendance and provide additional information.
Burnt orange heels

Image Source: Nora-handpainted

Idea 13: Burnt Orange Heels

One of the great things about burnt orange heels is their ability to create a sharp contrast or a harmonious blend. For those who love bohemian fashion, these heels can easily be paired with flowy maxi mermaid dress, skirts or wide-leg pants in earth tones and bohemian prints.

Burnt orange heels bring a delightful pop of colour and versatility to any wardrobe. Wedding guest attire also benefits from the unique style of burnt orange heels. When paired with a complementary dress or outfit, they can become a focal point and help you stand out at a special event.

Burnt orange wedding guest book

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Idea 14: Burnt Orange Wedding Guest Book

When you choose a wedding guest book, you have the opportunity to incorporate your wedding colour scheme and style. Maybe you can choose a guest book with a burnt orange wedding theme cover, embossed details, or even a custom guest book with your name and wedding date. These personal touches make the guestbook unique to you and reflect your special wedding theme day.

If you want to encourage more interaction from your guests. You can have them sign a wood heart or burnt orange puzzle piece, which you can then frame or assemble into a piece of art. Another option is a photo guest book, where guests can snap a photo on the fly and insert it along with a heartfelt message.

Burnt orange menu board

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Idea 15: Burnt Orange Menu Board

Write the names of the menu items in dark orange text in their respective drinks and dessert areas.

Use consistent font styles and sizes to improve readability. Add burnt orange decorative elements such as swirls, borders or illustrations that match the overall theme.

You can choose a simple and clean design or something more artistic and decorative. These elements can help tie the design together and make the menu board visually appealing.

Burnt orange seating chart

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Idea 16: Burnt Orange Seating Chart

Seating charts are often an overlooked detail during wedding or concert planning. It could integrate seating distribution and guest location information into the entire wedding décor in a warm and personal way.

This seating plan is usually presented on a large seating plan board, each seat is assigned a burnt orange tag or card with the guest's name or seat number.

The layout of the seating chart can also be customized based on the nature of the event, creating unique designs such as musical notes, note puzzles or other music-related artistic elements.

Burnt orange bridal jewellery

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Idea 17: Burnt Orange Bridal Jewellery

Bridal jewellery represents warm, vibrant and personalized choices. Jewellery can play multiple roles in a wedding, not only brightening up the bride's look but also adding a pop of colour to the overall wedding theme and sense of the season.

Such as orange gemstones or amber, which exude a warm atmosphere and complement the festive atmosphere of the wedding. Burnt orange is paired with other metallic colors, such as gold or rose gold, to create a feeling of luxury and elegance. This combination is especially suitable for weddings in the autumn as they complement the wedding theme of fall foliage.

Burnt orange wedding ring box

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Idea 18: Burnt Orange Wedding Ring Box

The burnt orange wedding ring box is a small but important detail, but it holds special meaning. This small box will become a container for the wedding ring, representing the love and marriage of two people.

A burnt orange wedding ring box may not be the most eye-catching element in your wedding planning, but it is a special treasure. This small box will carry the wedding rings, which are the deep feelings between two people and their commitment to the future. Therefore, the wedding ring box is not only a decoration but also a symbol.

Burnt orange floral arrangements

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Idea 19: Burnt Orange Floral Arrangements

The natural beauty and rich colour of burnt orange flowers make them an eye-catching decorative element.

The selection of burnt orange flowers ranges from burnt orange roses to tulips, carnations, lilies, chrysanthemums, and rosemary, all of which can be found in burnt orange bouquets and wreaths. These flowers are not just a dull orange, they may have varying shades of golden, reddish brown or deep orange, creating a rich floral design.

Burnt orange flowers can be used not only to decorate bouquets and garlands but also to decorate wedding tables, banquet halls, gardens, dining tables or home spaces.

Burnt orange hen party dress before wedding

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Idea 20: Burnt Orange Hen Party Dress Before Wedding

A pre-wedding hen party can simply reveal a little bit about the wedding theme, and if your wedding is a burnt orange theme, a burnt orange dress is a vibrant and personal hint of choice at the bachelorette party before the wedding.

Meanwhile, for the bride, wearing a burnt orange hen party dress can make her the centre of attention at the party and serve as a symbol of farewell to single life.

Whether you are the bride or a member of the party, you can create a warm, unique and joyful atmosphere on this special occasion, adding an unforgettable memory to the farewell of a single life.

Burnt orange place cards

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Idea 21: Burnt Orange Place Cards

Place cards are typically designed as small, folded cards that can be easily placed at each guest's seat. They are typically made from high-quality cardstock or paper and have a burnt orange hue that matches the overall event theme.

Each seat card is personalized with the guest's name. You can choose to handwrite your name in an elegant calligraphy style, print it in a stylish font, or use a custom-designed sticker or decal to add a unique touch.

Burnt orange place cards are usually arranged in alphabetical order near the entrance to the event venue or placed on the dining table. They guide guests to their assigned seats and ensure smooth and orderly seating arrangements.

Burnt orange wedding ties

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Idea 22: Burnt Orange Wedding Ties

A burnt orange wedding tie is not just a decoration, it is a part of the wedding. The groom and groomsmen can keep this tie after the wedding as a timeless keepsake, allowing them to remember this special moment forever.

A burnt orange wedding tie is a stylish and fun choice that coordinates with the wedding theme while still making a statement at the wedding. The bride's bouquet can match the colours of the groom's tie or wedding theme to create a coordinated and unique look. Whether paired with a traditional suit or a stylish jacket, a burnt orange tie can add a touch of style and sparkle.

Burnt orange wedding welcome sign

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Idea 23: Burnt Orange Wedding Welcome Sign

The burnt orange wedding welcome sign is a jewel in wedding decoration, it is not only a message-conveying tool but also an expression of warmth and welcome. Here's how to make it:

  • Choose a wooden board or canvas as the basis for your welcome sign. The size of this board or canvas can be determined according to your preference and the space of the venue. 
  • Use burnt orange paint or canvas to create a burnt orange background for your welcome sign.
  • Adding text to your welcome sign is a crucial step. You can choose to use white or gold text. Welcome words usually include: Welcome to our wedding, or: Happiness begins here.
  • To add a decorative touch, consider adding decorative elements that coordinate with the burnt orange theme, such as fall leaves, flowers, or floral patterns.
Burnt orange bridesmaid wedding luggage bag

Image Source: Pexels

Idea 24: Burnt Orange Bridesmaid Wedding Luggage Bag

The bridesmaid is the bride's right-hand man, and a practical bridesmaid bag can hold everything the bride needs on her wedding day. From makeup, jewellery, cell phones, and wallets to spare shoes, lip balm, and personal items, this bag helps brides stay neat and organized.

A burnt orange wedding bag can coordinate with the overall theme and colours of the wedding, making it a part of the wedding theme. This kind of bag can also become a fashion accessory in wedding photos, showcasing your overall design and look that matches the wedding colours.

Burnt orange emergency bag

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Idea 25: Burnt Orange Emergency Bag

Having a burnt orange bag is also an ideal place to store any emergency supplies you may need on your wedding day. Due to the uncertainty, you still need to prepare some emergency items on the wedding day. The burnt orange colour is very conspicuous and easy to find when you use it.

From sewing kits, tape, medicines, sewing tools, tape, absorbent paper, and first aid tools, make sure your wedding is prepared for emergencies.

It provides cover for the bride, groom and wedding team to provide peace of mind and support to make the event run smoothly.

Wine bottle gift in burnt orange wedding

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Idea 26: Wine Bottle Gift in Burnt Orange Wedding

A bottle of wine or champagne is often a popular wedding gift. You can use burnt orange wine bottles to echo the theme. This bottle can be used as a keepsake for the couple to keep for years to remember their special day. Personalized embellishments and labels on the wine bottle make it a special gift.

Burnt orange wedding bottle gifts are often personalized to reflect the couple's name, wedding date, or a special message. These decorations can be printed labels, lettering or a burnt orange bow to make the bottle more unique and meaningful.

Burnt orange wedding theme lighting matching

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Idea 27: Burnt Orange Wedding Theme Lighting Matching

Orange or yellow lights create a warm and romantic atmosphere. In the autumn or winter, this light intensifies the warmth of the burnt orange theme. Various portions of your wedding location should be lit, and arranged in a variety of ways to accommodate diverse site layouts.

Burnt orange strip lights or string lights to decorate the ballroom ceiling, railings or seating. Hang burnt orange lanterns from the top of your wedding venue, they can be paper lanterns, silk lanterns or glass lanterns. These lights can produce flowing or gentle halo effects.

Burnt orange wedding projector lamp

Image Source: Unsplash

Idea 28: Burnt Orange Wedding Projector Lamp

  • Personalize your wedding venue by using a light projector to project burnt orange letters LOVE, the couple's names, or the shape of a specially designed cartoon of the couple on the wall.
  • Use burnt orange projector lights to project emojis, hearts, or other decorative patterns throughout your wedding to add to the intimacy of your wedding venue.
  • Accentuate the lively atmosphere of your wedding by projecting every colour of the rainbow onto the wall or floor.
  • Make a custom burnt orange light box and hang it outdoors. It can be printed with the couple's name and wedding date.
Wedding fireworks

Image Source: Unsplash

Idea 29: Wedding Fireworks

Discuss your wishes and theme with a professional fireworks designer to create a unique fireworks display. They can choose different types of fireworks according to their requirements, such as smoke fireworks, music-synchronized fireworks, burnt orange fountain fireworks, etc.

During a special moment of the wedding party, such as the couple's first dance. Determine the best launch location and viewing location based on the type and size of the fireworks. Allow all guests to enjoy the fireworks display.

Tip: Make sure your wedding venue allows fireworks and adheres to all safety regulations and licensing requirements. Hire a professional fireworks company to perform the display and they have the necessary licenses and insurance.

Image Source: Unsplash


Can You Wear Burnt Orange to a Wedding?

Of course, you can, unless the couple specifies a dress code on their wedding invitations. Generally speaking, burnt orange really ticks all the boxes. This colour suits almost every wedding theme, whether as a colour palette in a wedding or as a rustic wedding guest dress.

If you decide to wear burnt orange, for a formal wedding, consider wearing a burnt orange dress or suit. For a more casual wedding, a burnt orange sundress or blouse paired with slacks will work better.

Is Orange a Good Colour for a Wedding?

Orange is a beautiful and vibrant colour choice for weddings.

Orange works well with a variety of themes, including rustic, bohemian, vintage, and tropical weddings. Orange suits every dress code, from casual to semi-formal to formal. If you love orange and it has special meaning to you and your partner, it might be a great choice to reflect your personality and style.

What Colours go with Burnt Orange for a Wedding?

Burnt orange pairs well with a range of other colours in your wedding palette. Here are some colour combinations that pair well with burnt orange at weddings:

  • Burnt orange and teal
  • Sage green and burnt orange
  • Blue and burnt orange
  • Burnt orange and dark green
  • Burnt orange and dark green wedding
  • Burnt orange and gold wedding theme
  • Navy and burnt orange wedding
  • Rust and burnt orange
  • Black and burnt orange

Can You Wear Burnt Orange to a Summer Wedding?

While burnt orange is often associated with fall, it's not restricted to any specific season, and you can certainly wear burnt orange to a summer wedding. Don’t forget to choose lightweight and breathable fabrics like chiffon, cotton, or satin for your summer wedding attire. These materials are more comfortable in the summer.

What Does Orange Mean in Marriage?

Often associated with warmth and happiness, orange is also a colour that inspires creativity and adventure. In some cultures, orange represents harvest and abundance.

A couple incorporating orange into their wedding may also symbolize the transformative power of their union and their commitment to personal and spiritual growth.

Is Burnt Orange a Happy Colour?

Burnt orange is a warm and rich colour that is often associated with positive emotions and can be considered a happy colour. It brings to mind the warmth of a crackling campfire or a beautiful autumn day.

Is Burnt Orange Still in Style?

Fashion trends often come and go, but colours like burnt orange have a timeless quality that suits various style eras. Burnt orange may not always be considered in style but it is a trendy colour every season and has enduring appeal. Its warm and rich tones make it a versatile choice for clothing design.

When Can You Wear Burnt Orange?

Burnt orange is a versatile colour that can be worn in different seasons and for various occasions. Whether your skin tone is fair, medium or dark, burnt orange adds a touch of radiance and brings out your natural beauty.

It's particularly popular in the fall due to its association with autumn foliage, but it can also be worn in other seasons.

What Mood is Burnt Orange?

Burnt orange is often associated with moods of warmth, comfort, and cosiness. It can create a welcoming and inviting atmosphere, making people feel comfortable and relaxed. However, it can also evoke feelings of energy, enthusiasm, and passion, especially when used vibrantly and boldly.

What Colour Values Does Burnt Orange Have?

The colour values of burnt orange typically include a higher red content with varying levels of yellow. It's a warm colour with medium to high saturation. The exact colour values, with hex code #cc5500 and RGB values of R: 80, G: 33.3, B:0.

Is Orange a Classy Colour?

Orange can be a classy colour when used appropriately and in combination with other colours and design elements. It's a versatile colour that can convey energy and sophistication.

Is Burnt Orange a Winter Colour?

While burnt orange is often associated with the warm and earthy tones of autumn, it can also be a suitable colour for winter. Its rich and cosy feel can complement winter fashion and decor.


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