Party Like a Queen: How to Organize the Perfect Hen Party

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Party Like a Queen: How to Organize the Perfect Hen Party

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While there are plenty of opportunities to entertain couples during wedding planning, there are few events that focus on celebrating the bride alone, like a hen party. Such a gathering is not only a happy gathering but also a good wish for friendship and future life.

However, throwing a fantastic hen party is not easy. In this post, we'll give you some pointers on how to design a hen party that's full of laughter, memories, and warmth, so you and your buddies may create lasting memories.

We will analyse everything for you, from theme selection to game planning, and location preparation to decor considerations, and help you become an expert hen party planner. Let us enter this realm of hen parties filled with fun and camaraderie!

What is the point of a hen party?

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What is a Hen Party?

A hen party, also known as a bachelorette party (in the US and many other countries) or a stagette party (in Canada), is a celebration held in honour of a woman who is about to marry. In modern times, it has evolved into a way for brides to celebrate and a reason to spend quality time with their favourite people.

Hen parties have a reputation for being boisterous, exciting, and sometimes a little crazy as they celebrate a bride's final days as a single woman. The ultimate goal was to create an unforgettable and enjoyable experience for the bride and her friends, celebrating this important milestone in her life.

Who usually throws hen parties

Who Throws a Hen Party?

Hen parties are frequently organised by bridesmaids or maid of honour, but they can also be organised by friends, sisters or mother of the bride.

Hen party planning is often a group effort, with extra assistance from other wedding party members as needed. To create a memorable event, theparty planner needs to understand the needs and abilities of everybody and allow everyone to play to their strengths to have a successful and enjoyable party.

It is better to have one or two persons lead the planning, with the rest attempting to cooperate as possible.

When does hen party planning start

Time for the Hen Party Planning

While schedules vary depending on the sophistication of your hen party, three to six months in advance is a reasonable starting point. Because there's a lot to think about here? For example, does the bride prefer a set timetable or prefers that everything be a surprise for her? Is time off required for the party? These all need to be discussed and determined together.

This will give you enough time to understand the bride's and attendees' preferences and arrange the appropriate bookings or appointments for a successful execution.

List some fun themes for hen parties

List Hen Party Theme

Before you begin preparing, consult with the bride about the type of party she desires. Listen to her ideas on potential themes. Consider the following intriguing and popular options:

  • Position the henparty as a one-of-a-kind vacation location experience.
  • A nostalgic-themed or retro-themed party.
  • Intriguing themes, such as superheroes, space adventures, pirate treasure hunts, and so on.
  • Make the party creative spaces where people may work together to create handicrafts.

Of course, that's not all, the bridesmaids can brainstorm and make a list of themes to choose with the bride.

Hen party dress

Hen Party Dress

Is the theme of your hen party a casual gathering or a lavish celebration? If the party has a specific theme, find a dress that complements the topic. Such as if there is a beach or a luminous, maybe try white beach dresses?

If there are outdoor activities or sports, wear a light and comfortable dress that will make you feel comfortable during the event. For a formal dinner in the evening, wear a gorgeous evening gown that will showcase your elegance and presence. Whether you choose a classic silhouette or a fashion-forward style,  your dress will reflect your style.

Make a list of guests

Hen Party Guest List

It's the perfect excuse to get all your favourite people together, and before youset a date or location, figure out how many people you'll be inviting so you can choose dates, book accommodations, and plan events accordingly.

The size and budget of the party may have an impact on the guest list, the number of guests invited is within budget and the party provides a good experience. Try to invite as many people with common interests as possible to make the party more interactive and interesting, Guests have a certain degree of intersection so that it is easier for everyone to get along well.

Ways to invite hen party guests

How to Invite People

This can be a traditional invitation paper, or an invitation via email, text message or social media.

Make sure to send invitations well in advance of the party's date so that guests have enough time to make arrangements. Especially for hen parties that require themed dresses, it's best to start sending out invitations weeks or even months in advance. Make sure the invitation includes the necessary information, such as date, time, location, and how to respond.

If desired, set up a contact so guests can reach you or your team if they have questions or need further information.

Confirmation of girl's attendance

Confirm Attendance

To make it easier for guests to reply, you can provide multiple reply options, such as online replies, text messages, phone calls, etc. This ensures guests can choose the method that works best for them to confirm attendance.

Set a response deadline. This helps you avoid last-minute confusion and ensures you can prepare ahead of time.

If you're approaching the response deadline and still have guests who haven't responded, you can choose to reach out to them proactively to ask if they'll be able to attend. This can help you gain a better grasp of guest attendance.

The date of the hen party is confirmed

Hen Party Time

But there are no real rules about when to have a hen party, but we don't recommend having a party in the month leading up to the wedding, as the last few weeks are often a pivotal time for the couple. Ideally, the party should take place between one and three months before the wedding to avoid any last-minute stress or hen party dress issues on the final week before the wedding.

In reality, not every member of the bridal group has to arrive or leave at the same time or even on the same day. As long as you have at least one day or night to spend together, your bride will be very happy!

How long does a hen party usually last?

How Long Does the Hen Party Last?

On average, a hen party lasts from one to three days. But a lot depends on the schedule of the bride and the attendees she chooses, there also have a half-day party or a ten-day tour.

Some people may prefer a brief gathering, while others may wish to have a longer celebration. Because not everyone can invest the time and money into a longer celebration. The point is to allow everyone to enjoy the time spent together and not feel pressured to make ends meet by partying.

Also, when hosting a party over a holiday weekend, while the group doesn't have to take more work days, airfare and hotel costs can be higher during the holiday weekend, so you'll need to weigh your priorities accordingly when choosing your dates.

The location of the hen party is confirmed

Hen Party Locations

In the weeks leading up to your trip, you'll want to do some research on everything your destination has to offer - events, attractions, restaurants, bars, etc.

  • Do you want hot weather or cold weather?
  • Do you want something non-alcoholic?
  • Do you want to party in a bar or unwind in a remote cabin?
  • Do you want to go hiking in the woods or dine at a fancy restaurant in a big city?

It is recommended that you develop a list of your hen party locations so that everyone can identify them. if there is one of the places that most people love, generally can't be wrong. Whatever venue you choose, make sure to book well in advance for availability and a smooth party.

Unique hen party accommodation

Unique Hen Party Accommodation

If the party needs to span multiple days or be away from the residence. Determine party size and accommodation needs. You may need to book multiple rooms or apartments to accommodate all participants.

Before selecting an accommodation, learn about the amenities, rates, and reviews available through online booking platforms, travel sites and social media. Choose the lodging that best fits your budget and the nature of your event. This could be a hotel, resort, bed and breakfast, flat, etc.

Also, even if you've already reserved your lodging, it's a good idea to maintain backup options in case plans change or something goes wrong.

Hen party food

Hen Party Food

Serving delicious food to your guests or creating a delightful dining experience is great because good food can add fun and memories to a party.

Is it an indoor party, an outdoor picnic or a themed dinner? Do you prefer a relaxed atmosphere with a buffet or a more formal atmosphere for a party with table service? In addition to alcoholic beverages and formal meals, consider providing juices, non-alcoholic beverages, and specialised desserts to meet a variety of demands.

For the menu, don't forget that special dietary needs are a factor that cannot be ignored. Find out if guests have special needs such as vegetarians, allergies, religious dietary restrictions, etc.

Prepare hen party gifts and decorations

Hen Party Gifts and Decorations

With the key points established, you may focus on décor, gifts, games, and party favours.

  • Appropriate hen party decorations, such as balloons, flags, banners, and party message decorations.
  • Hen party flower crown can be used to give beauty and colour to a function.
  • can be used to give beauty and colour to a function.
  • Prepare gift bags for the guests, in which you can put some small gifts, candies, and gadgets.
  • Prepare some party favours, such as personalised cups, key chains, and T-shirts, to serve as party mementoes.
Organize hen party activities and games

Classy Hen Party Games and Activities

Arranging activities and games at your hen party can add fun and interaction. Especially there is a great opportunity to bond with someone you've never met before. Traditional games are an easy choice, such as truth or dare, charades, match games, and singles quizzes. Because they require minimal planning and play, they are very convenient.

Likewise, if you're planning a romantic hen party, you can take things a step further, like flash mob dancing, pop music at the party, dance-along, crafts, make-up and photoshoots. The right vibe for the party and the preferences of the attendees, whip up a storm and make a hen party a day to remember.

Share your hen party itinerary

Confirm and Share the Hen Party Itinerary

Send the hen party itinerary to all attendees as soon as possible, with specific instructions and dos and don'ts. This allows participants to plan ahead of time and be prepared. If the party takes place in many locations or requires people to travel from various regions, it is advised that transportation plans or suggestions be made to guarantee that everyone can participate.

Allow for some wiggle room in your itinerary to account for potential modifications or temporary adjustments. Parties may encounter unforeseen situations that are handled by being flexible. Include the main organizer's contact information on the itinerary so that participants can contact them if they have questions or need assistance.

Reasonable allocation of hen party planning tasks

Some Extra Things to Consider

Planning a hen party is a fun process, but it does come with some extra considerations, details and needs. Let the participants have a good time in it.

Don't Be Afraid to Delegate Tasks

While you may want to manage every detail personally, delegating tasks to the right people can make it easier to enjoy the party.

Delegating tasks is based on trust, you just need to provide enough information and resources to ensure that the task can be completed, trust your team members to be up to the task, and give them autonomy to stimulate their motivation and creativity.

At the same time, regularly communicate with team members to understand the progress of tasks and problems encountered, and coordinate the relationship between various tasks. Finally, don't forget to thank and praise, their hard work makes the hen party a success.

Reasonable hen party budget

Don't Overspend

When planning a hen party, staying within budget and avoiding overspending is crucial. Going over budget can put unnecessary financial pressure on you and affect the overall experience of the party.

List all expected expenses, including venue rental, food, drink, decorations, and event costs. Estimate these costs and compare them to your budget. After that, seal the red envelopes for each part of the budget in advance, and set aside a part of the budget to handle additional matters.

Hen party celebration

Make a Spreadsheet

When planning a hen party, creating a spreadsheet is an efficient way to help you better organize and manage every aspect of the details. 

Create a spreadsheet template from the web or software according to your plans and needs. You can create different worksheets with details for each aspect such as guest list, budget, event schedule, etc. 

Meanwhile, fill in the information in the spreadsheet step by step as the plan progresses. You can update and adjust at any time to keep the information accurate. If you're planning a hen party with others, you can share the spreadsheet with your team so everyone can view and edit the information in real-time.

Questions about hen parties


Why do British People Call It a Hen?

The word hen doesn't always mean hen, in Middle English hen can mean the female of any bird, so a hen party is a party for ladies, and tie in with the modern gathering of female friends celebrating a woman's upcoming marriage.

Is It Rude Not to Go to a Hen Party?

It is normally planned to try to attend if feasible. However, if you can't go,  It's better to keep it short and honest about not being able to make it to the hen party, and convey your situation and regret to the bride as soon as possible. You also can send a heartfelt message, a card or a small gift as compensation.

Do You Give a Gift at a Hen Party?

In many cultures, it is not customary to give gifts at hen parties. But if you want to give a gift, it's a thoughtful gesture to show your love and support for the bride. A gift doesn't have to be extravagant or expensive, it can be something small and meaningful.


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