Sentimental Bridesmaid Invitation: A Heartfelt Letter with Love

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Sentimental Bridesmaid Invitation: A Heartfelt Letter with Love

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One of the exciting parts of getting engaged is sharing the news with everyone you know. But before you sit down and start planning your wedding, there is one more important thing you need to do. You need to pick your bridesmaids.

Writing a warm and personal bridesmaid invitation can demonstrate your genuine respect for her and acknowledge her significance in your wedding. You may be perplexed as to how to begin drafting such an invitation letter. How do you express your feelings and expectations in words? A detailed guide on sentimental proposal letters is provided here. 

Write a beautiful bridesmaid proposal letter
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What is a Maid of Honour or Bridesmaid Proposal Letter?

A maid of honour or bridesmaid proposal letter is a sentimental personal letter from the bride inviting someone to be her maid of honour or bridesmaid. It's a special way to invite and recognize a close friend or family member for playing such an important role in the wedding. The letter, filled with important words and memories, adds to the bride's love, appreciation, and desire for that individual to stay by her side during the wedding process.

Why do Brides Write Proposal Letters?

Writing a letter is not the only way, send a simple text message with a cute emoji to the person of your choice, or meet her at her favourite place and invite him to be your maid of honour or bridesmaid.

But if you're shy or want to have more personality, writing a letter might be a better option to make a proposal special. It represents the special relationship and friendship between the bride and bridesmaids, becoming one of their shared memories.

What is the difference between maid of honor and bridesmaid?

Difference Between the Maid of Honour and Bridesmaid

Before inviting a friend or relative to be a maid of honour or bridesmaid, you as a bride should know the difference between the two.

Division of Roles and Responsibilities

The maid of honour is usually the bride's closest friend or family member, and she is the most important of the bridesmaids. Their responsibilities include emotional support for the bride, wedding table plan, and coordination of the bridesmaids' major figures. On the other side, they may offer a speech or toast at the wedding.

Bridesmaids assist the maid of honour and the bride during the wedding planning process and on the wedding day. Their responsibilities may include attending fittings, bridal showers and bachelorette party decorations, as well as aiding with various activities as needed.

Overall, the maid of honour is the bride's right-hand man and is frequently the bride's closest friend and advisor. Bridesmaids, while still important, serve a secondary role.

You can include these duties in a sentimental bridesmaids proposal letter or discuss them with her later.

Maid of honour and bridesmaid dressing and positioning

Dressing and Positioning

You'll see bridesmaids wearing the same or multiway bridesmaid dress colours, and similar or different gown styles, two ladies are enough to be called bridesmaids.

To distinguish herself from the bridesmaids, a maid of honour may wear slightly bridesmaid dresses in different styles or hues, darker or lighter, or unique accessories.

The maid of honour typically stands next to the bride and performs unique duties such as bouquet for the bride, adjusting the train, or signing the marriage certificate as a witness. The bride primarily asks her maid of honour to run errands for her. However, because there is so much going on at a wedding, the bride or maid of honour can ask the bridesmaids for assistance.

How many bridesmaids or maids of honour?

How Many Bridesmaids or Maids of Honour?

Typically, there are 2-6 bridesmaids and 1-2 maids of honour.

Personal taste, cultural traditions, and the size and style of the wedding can all influence the number of bridesmaids. The number of bridesmaids chosen is determined by the bride and the size of her wedding. However, there is no need to be constrained by persons. This is your lucky day, just make the most of it.

So actually, you have to write more sentimental bridesmaids' proposal letters than sincere maid of honour proposal letters.

When Should You Do a Proposal?

Sentimental proposals letters are best sent between a year and eight months before the wedding. Give the bridesmaids some time to consider and respond to your invitation. Everyone's situation and itinerary is different, so respect the fact that it may take time for them to make a decision.

Common bridesmaid proposal letter styles

Proposal Letter styles

When it comes to writing and delivering bridesmaid proposal letters, there's no limit to your imagination:

A formal letter, This type is ideal for a more formal and dignified relationship with a bridesmaid. To indicate your objective, you can utilise formal salutation and language, including the opening, body, closing, and signature.

Poetry is another option. If you are talented at writing poetry or want to communicate it more artistically. Writing specific poetry by heart to propose is also an option. You can communicate your emotions through rhyme, rhythm, and mood.

Informal letters, which are more liberated and adaptable, allow you to express yourself in a lighthearted and humorous manner. To make your proposal letter lively and enjoyable, utilise slang, acronyms, amusing words, and in-jokes that are unique to you and your bridesmaids.

What should include in a bridesmaid proposal letter?

What to Consider or Include in Your Letter

Here are some questions to ask yourself if you're having problems writing. Your answers and memory would keep your creative juices going.

1) Are there any special moments or experiences that bonded between you?

2) How has her friendship, support, and influence changed your life?

3) Why did you pick her to be your bridesmaid?

4) How do you feel about your wedding?

5) Communicate tasks and expectations.

6) Ask her, will you be my bridesmaid?


Examples of personalised bridesmaid proposal letter

Examples of Personalised Bridesmaid Proposal Letter 

Design and Theme

Choose one that relates to your wedding theme or the special relationship you have with your bridesmaids. If your wedding has a beach theme, invites with beach-themed wedding cake patterns can be used. Personalising the invitation with experiences you and your bridesmaids share or distinctive symbols.

Your Photograph

Including your chosen bridesmaid photo in a letter provides intimacy and a personal touch. You might select a photo that represents a memorable memory with the recipient or one that demonstrates your relationship with the recipient. Remind her of her presence in all of your highs and lows, including anecdotes of both funny and sad memories.


Incorporating some artwork inside the letter can add beauty and uniqueness to the letter. You may consider drawing some vignettes, and wedding decor patterns on the letter paper to make the letter more beautiful.

Personalized Gift Boxes

Make personalized gift boxes for your bridesmaid or maid of honour. Attaching some small gifts can express your care and warmth. These small gifts can be a small wedding greeting card, a small decoration, a wedding bouquet of dried flowers or some small handmade crafts. Make sure you choose a small gift that matches the theme of the letter or the recipient's preferences.

Handwritten Font

If you can write your letter in handwriting, it will make it more personal and unique. You can use beautiful calligraphy fonts, or write in your handwriting to put your personal touch into it.

Personalized Seal

Adding some personalized seals to the envelope can add a special touch to the entire letter. You can decorate envelopes with stamps, stickers, or wax seal wedding invitations to show your mood.

Common bridesmaid proposal letter quotes

Bridesmaid Proposal Quotes

I have so much, but you are my indispensable.

When I see you, I think of never leaving.

I don't have many friends, so I cherish you all the more.

Sisters can never be separated, and others should not try to separate us.

My story needs your presence, my life also needs your company, my wedding needs embellishment, my dear girlfriend misses you.

I want our friendship to last forever.

Looking back on the past, how lucky I am. happy, romantic, and share with you. Heartbroken, and sad, you hold me, so despite all that we've been through, we're never depressed or scared.

The friendship between you and me is a kind of telepathy for each other, a tacit perception.

Friends, I only want quality, not quantity.

Maid of honor and bridesmaids are both important


Through the above designs and conclusions, we have given personalized features to the bridesmaid card. Wishing your bridesmaid invitation a warm response and a memorable moment in your wedding.


Does the Maid of Honor Wear the Same Colour Dress as the Bridesmaid?

In many weddings, the Maid of Honor dress and bridesmaid dress may same colour different style, or, wear a different colour but the same style of dress. Slightly different or with unique decorations to set her apart. Note that if she is married, the correct term is the matron of honour.

Does the Maid of Honour Walk Alone?

Not always, In some weddings, the maid of honour may follow the bride down the aisle in front of or behind the bridesmaids. This can create a wedding bouquet as maid of honour gifts and accentuate the role of the bridesmaids. Of course, in other cases, it is also possible to accompany the best man.

What Order do Bridesmaids Walk Down?

the bridesmaids follow the groom and his parents. Bridesmaids usually walk down the aisle in pairs, arm in arm or linked together, or bridesmaids accompanied by the groomsmen.


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