How to Plan A Rustic Wedding: 41 Ideas and Step-by-Step Guide

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How to Plan A Rustic Wedding: 41 Ideas and Step-by-Step Guide

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If you like a relaxed and casual vibe at your wedding, embrace beautiful natural surroundings. In that case, a rustic country wedding is for you, where the rustic charm of the venue and decor create a warm and inviting ambience for guests to relax and enjoy themselves. As for how to plan and host this wedding, read on!

What is a Rustic Wedding

A rustic wedding is a kind of wedding held in a natural environment. Many styles are usually characterized by retro or country style, pastoral or romantic style. No matter which one is, it can make everyone feel relaxed, warm and natural beauty. rustic weddings often use natural materials such as wood, burlap and twine, wildflowers, and other natural greenery. Decoration includes vintage or antique items such as lanterns, old books or mismatched furniture to create an atmosphere of comfort and nostalgia. It is characterized by a simple and natural aesthetic, incorporating elements of the natural environment.

Choose Rustic Wedding Venues

The venue for a rustic wedding is usually a barn, farm, ranch, or vineyard, but it can also be held at a mountain lodge, park, or manor by the lake wedding venue. As long as the venue has a rustic charm that complements the overall theme of the wedding. Of course, remember that the venue should also provide a lounge and outdoor space for ceremonies and receptions, optionally with tents or other weather protection in case of inclement weather.

rustic wedding venue farm

Image Source: Therivercrestfarm

1. Romantic Farm

Choosing an atmospheric, cosy, and beautiful farm or valley can make your country wedding even more memorable. Romantic Farm is a great wedding reception venue idea, which abandons cumbersomeness and luxury, with simple shapes, bright colours, and natural and simple materials and decorations. Outdoor venues may feature exposed wooden beams, stone walls or fireplaces, making it easier to create a cosy and welcoming atmosphere.

rustic wedding venue woodland

Image Source: WeddingForward

2. Romatic Woodland Wedding

A scenic romantic woodland location with rolling hills, a pond, or a lush forest will enhance the romance of the event and create a stunning backdrop for photos. What's even better is that some pleasant entertainment activities can usually be arranged at country weddings, such as barbecues, bonfire parties, and outdoor games. These activities allow you and your guests to relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the wedding.


Choose a Rustic Wedding Color Scheme

When it comes to rustic weddings, many colour palettes work well to create a charming and rustic feel.

the fusion of natural scenery and vintage colors in the rustic wedding
Image Source: Bridalshower101

3. The Combination Of Outdoor Natural And Vintage Tone

Find inspiration from nature. If your venue has a lot of greenery and you like a romantic and retro feel, colours such as sage green, mustard yellow or terracotta that imitate the natural colours of the country add depth and warmth. The coordination of these colours Creates a warm and inviting feel to your wedding.

rustic wedding bright colour contrast

Image Source: Chairaffairrentals

4. Bright Colour Contrast

If your venue has a lot of wood or stone. Metallic copper or bronze tones chairs can add a touch of glamour to your rustic wedding colour scheme, with some simple tones in the middle, Ivory and champagne are classic and timeless choices for country-style weddings. If you’d rather have a bright, vibrant colour palette for your wedding theme, add some burgundy and taupe to give your country wedding a rich and bold feel.


Choose Your Favourite Dress Up

Choosing what to wear can be a fun and exciting process, but it can also be stressful. Because rustic weddings are usually held outdoors, with irregular terrain, and the wedding requires a long walk and standing, comfortable shoes are very important when preparing for a rustic wedding. There is nothing better than choosing the right dresses and shoes for a wedding, Here are some tips on how to choose the right look:

beautiful vintage style wedding dress

Image Source: RusticWeddingchic

5. Beautiful Retro-Style Wedding Dress

A wedding dress is one of the most important pieces of clothing in a wedding, especially for the bride. For rustic weddings, go for a simple yet elegant fishtail wedding dress, with puffy lace and soft fabrics to create a light beauty that reflects the beauty and serenity of nature. No matter Whichever style you choose, it will look great as long as it suits your figure and personality, and it will look elegant and timeless against the backdrop of nature.

shop rustic wedding bridesmaid dresseses

Shop elegant bridesmaid dresses

6. A Cohesive Bridesmaid Team

Rustic-themed weddings tend to use muted or earthy tones, with terracotta, greens and white bridesmaid dresses all popular. Plus, similar-coloured bridesmaid dresses will help create a cohesive look and feel, and flower crowns or delicate jewellery can add a touch of natural glamour.

The team of bridesmaids is one of the important elements of a country wedding, so when choosing bridesmaid dresses for a country-style wedding, it is also important to complement the bride's gown.

pair it with a classic suit or tuxedo

Image Source: Brideandgroomdirect

7. Pair It With A Classic Suit Or Tuxedo

A classic suit or black tuxedo is a traditional choice, as well as a popular one. These attires coordinate with the bride and bridesmaids to create an overall harmonious wedding atmosphere. Also, consider adding some fun details to the garment, such as a lace neckline or a flower on the chest, to add a little more personal touch.


rustic wedding flat shoes

 Image Source: TheKnot

8. Flat Shoes

Nude flat shoes are one of the shoes that are perfect for country weddings, not only are they light and comfortable, but they also reduce discomfort when walking on uneven ground. Soft flat shoes have the function of cushioning and support, which can effectively reduce the burden on the feet and make you feel relaxed at the wedding.

rustic wedding wedge shoes

Image Source: ModernWedding

9. Wedge Shoes

If you're looking to add height or be more stylish, opt for a pair of dressy wedge shoes. Wedge shoes have a comfortable height and a gentle bevel, which can ensure the stability of walking and reduce the pressure on the feet. It can also give the bride some height without tiring the feet. Wedge shoes can choose some woven or straw elements, or patterns such as flowers or fruits to increase the country style.


rustic wedding cowboy boots

Image Source: Maggiesottero

10. Cowboy Boots

Cowboy boots are a more elegant choice that can give the bride some curves without making her feet hurt. The summer dress with cowboy boots is handsome and charming, or the cowboy boot has glittering points such as crystals or diamonds to add a sense of glamour.


Wedding Arrangements Steps And Decorations

To add to the charm of a country wedding, steps in the decoration and wedding process are indispensable. Decoration can add to the beauty of the ceremony and feel natural and romantic. It is a key factor in creating an atmosphere. Simple steps to make your wedding run smoothly. Here are some ideas on how to do this:


rustic wedding invitations

Image Source: Weddingcardinvites

11.  Vintage Wedding Invitations

An invitation card refers to a document used to invite relatives and friends to attend a wedding ceremony. The content and form of rustic wedding invitations may vary according to the region and customs and can be the traditional paper version or the modern electronic version.

Vintage invitations are a classic style that goes well with rustic weddings and combines natural materials like vellum or recycled paper for a rustic feel, wedding reception invitation cover designs can add a touch of vintage charm to your invitations, and twine or ribbon can be used to tie. Vintage stamps can add a personal touch to your wedding invitations and are a great way to incorporate a rustic theme.

rustic wedding wildflower combination with burlap

Image Source: TheKnot

12. The Combination Of Wildflowers And Sackcloth

When choosing decorations for a rustic wedding, we can stick to simple natural tones and combine natural materials such as wood, burlap and twine to unify the overall theme and colour. We can mix and match different textures, pairing a burlap table runner with a lace tablecloth for a shabby chic look. Wildflowers are a great way to add a pop of colour to your decor, pair them with wine-glass candle holders on your dining table as long as the decoration is simple, natural and rustic.

mason jar and wood stand decoration

Image Source: Emmalovesweddings

13. Mason Jar and Wood Stand Decoration

A wood shelf can be used as a beautiful centrepiece, as a place for you to set things up, to keep things organized, or to add a rustic touch to your wedding decor. Mason jars are a classic and versatile decoration for country weddings, use them as vases, candle holders, or drinking glasses. The combination of a wood plant stand and mason jars, together with the lighting, can easily create a warm part of the scene for the wedding.

rustic wedding glass bottle chandelier

Image Source: Somethingvintagerentals

14. Glass Bottle Chandelier

Wacky glass bottle chandeliers are perfect for a rustic vintage wedding theme. This is a chandelier made of discarded glass bottles, which is environmentally friendly and creative. Moreover, it is easy to make, and there is a lot of room for DIY. You can design and create unique chandeliers according to your preferences and creativity. It can be hung on the ceiling or wall of the wedding venue to create a magical and romantic atmosphere.

rustic wedding green chandelier

Image Source: Christmas-light-source

15. Green Chandelier

Green chandeliers are ideal for elegant country weddings with a romantic aesthetic, a diy uplighting wedding, and a tried and tested way of wedding lighting that always looks gorgeous. Its design choices can use greenery that matches your wedding theme, such as eucalyptus, smilax, or seasonal evergreens for winter weddings. This chandelier can add a touch of elegance to your simple wedding lighting.

rustic wedding lantern

Image Source: Bluepeaktents

16. Lantern

If you want to add an ultra-personal element to your wedding decor, use these lanterns in clusters next to or above tables or walkways for a soft glow. Custom lanterns are one of the best uplighting for wedding reception ideas. They can be hung on a tree, used as a centrepiece, or placed in your aisle.

rustic wedding beverage and wine display area

Image Source: Pinterest

17. Beverage And Wine Display Area

Set up a designated area for drinks, such as next to a bar counter or table, or under a tent in the countryside. Make sure drinks are located within easy reach of guests, and place a wedding drink sign in the area to let guests know the name and ingredients of each drink, and whether it contains alcohol. This helps to prevent guests from accidentally drinking a drink that is not to their liking.

When placing beverages and cocktails in the beverage area, you can make some special small decorations on the beverage cart, wooden barrel or beverage table, or use special beverage displays to attract the attention of guests. To cater to the tastes of different guests, it is necessary to prepare some different types of wedding drink menus, such as beer, wine, soft drinks, juices and cocktails.

rustic wedding gourmet trolley

Image Source: Theplanningsociety

18. Gourmet Trolley

The dining table is the area where meals are served at the wedding, and it can be set closer to the wine display area.

For country weddings, food stations are often set up in the form of food trucks or garden trolleys, giving guests the freedom to choose. A variety of delicious small cakes, biscuits, muffins, fruits and chocolates can be placed on the table, with beautiful flowers and decorations.

rustic wedding personalized food menu

Image Source: Marthastewart

19. Personalized Food Menu

Country weddings can use fresh, local ingredients, such as picking fresh vegetables and fruits, choosing local meats, and more. The ingredients are tastier and more local. You can also prepare some spicy, sour, and sweet foods to ensure that the guests' taste buds are fully stimulated.

It is also necessary to prepare different tastes of wedding food catering for guests with different eating habits and preferences. When preparing the wedding menu card, take into account some special requirements, such as some guests prefer vegetarian or low-fat food. In addition, put the food on a beautiful plate or tray, or decorate the food with decorations such as garlands to increase the visual effect of the food and bring a better appetite to the guests.

rustic wedding seating arrangement

Image Source: Eeek

20. The Distribution Of Seats Creates A Romantic Atmosphere

Country-style wedding chairs often choose some wooden or wrought iron or benches chairs, the appearance and material of these chairs are very suitable for the atmosphere of the country wedding. In addition, you can also choose some comfortable fabric wedding chair covers to make guests feel warm and comfortable. The reception seats can also be arranged in different areas, such as by the lake or in the woods, to create a romantic and natural atmosphere.

rustic wedding table decoration

Image Source: Pinterest

21. Table Decoration

To make the dining table look tidy and beautiful, you can choose a soft tablecloth of uniform colour as the main colour, such as white, beige, dark blue and so on.

To increase the atmosphere and beauty of the party table decorations, we often add some flowers and decorations on the tablecloth, such as table flowers, thank you cards, candles, crystal balls, etc. The floral colours can contrast or coordinate with the tablecloths, and the decorations can be styled to match the wedding theme or reflect a rustic feel.


rustic wedding guide signs

Image Source: Nearlynewlywed

22. Guide Signs

Simple square or arrow-shaped signs can be made of wooden boards, and then written with white or coloured paint. Signs should be placed in places that can attract attention and facilitate reading, such as wedding entrances, road corners, tree branches, and fences.

welcome wedding sign

Image Source: Junebugweddings

23. Welcome Wedding Sign

You can place a large square or oval sign at the entrance of the wedding, write the name and date of the couple, decorate it with flowers, or hang a string of flags or a wreath sign on the branch or fence, and then use Use needle and thread or a hot glue gun to attach a welcome or greeting note.

rustic wedding aisle decoration

Image Source: Wedboard

24. Aisle Decoration

The aisle is the route for the couple to attend the wedding, so we suggest that the aisle decoration usually chooses some decorations that can highlight the theme and style without affecting the passage and vision. 

Especially for rustic weddings, some white or light-coloured, round or heart-shaped decorations are perfect, such as white or pink roses, heart-shaped garlands, and white or silver lanterns, letting romance and elegance go hand in hand.

rustic wedding arch decoration

Image Source: Greenvelope

25. Arch Decoration

The arch is the background of the couple's wedding, and it is also one of the key points for guests to take pictures. The decoration of the arch cannot use decorations that block the background and light. To meet this, just pair it with some light-coloured ribbons and simple fresh flowers in bright colours and it will look great with some blank space.

rustic wedding bouquet

Image Source: Vogue

26. Simple But Colourful Bouquet

In country weddings, a huge bouquet of flowers is often made with some natural and simple flowers to create a romantic and warm atmosphere.

Roses are one of the most popular flowers at weddings, with their strong fragrance of love. You can choose a variety of colours to match the baby's breath, the flower language of the baby's breath is eternal love, and it is often matched with roses to form a boho wedding bouquet, giving people a fresh and romantic feeling.

rustic wedding half naked cake

Image Source: Himisspuff

27. Half Naked Cake

The wedding cake can show the elements of the couple's personality and preferences, especially the semi-naked cheese wedding cake diy DIY, the simplicity and romance of the decoration will make others feel your unique charm. It can also be used to decorate the wedding scene and take pictures. 

A naked or semi-naked wedding cake is simply a cake that has not been fully glazed. It is often decorated with white or light-coloured cream or icing, and its shape can be determined according to your style while being delicate and creative. Flowers, fruits, chocolates, and dolls are some of the country's wedding decorations.


Wedding Event Planning And Design

Wedding event ideas are essential to rustic weddings as it adds a joyous and romantic. Set up multiple events, whichever you choose, activity can make your wedding more memorable. which will allow everyone to show their demeanour and emotions in different scenes. Here are some ideas on how to lay it out:

 rustic wedding live band

Image Source: Whimsicalwonderlandweddings

28.  Live Band

A live band can add a lot of romantic atmosphere to the wedding, wedding musicians provide professional playing and singing, and you can customize song lists and programs according to your requirements and themes. But the live band needs to make an appointment and communicate in advance, carefully checking the size of the venue and the arrangement of the equipment will make your wedding go more smoothly.

rustic wedding music player

Image Source: Bostonmagazine

29.  Music Player

The music player can save money, and you can also choose your favourite songs and styles freely, without being limited by time and place. However, the effect of the music player may not be as shocking and appealing as a live band, and the sound and songs need to be carefully checked.

rustic wedding dance floor

Image Source: Brides

30. Dance Floor Setup

The dance floor is an element that can release emotions and joy. To make the country wedding more interesting and memorable, let's decorate the wedding venue and take pictures.

What the wedding dance floor needs is a flexible and comfortable arrangement, and the lighting, sound, and floor need to correspond to the wedding style. Some pastoral arrangements are more common, with warm or white lighting, wooden or grass floors, and decorations with flowers or leaves. Of course, according to your favourite personality, you can also choose some cool and individual arrangements, such as coloured or flashing lights, and metal or glass floors.

first rustic wedding dance

Image Source: Capturedbyktphotography

31. The First Wedding Dance

wedding dance songs tend to show your personality, jazz, rock, and folk are all good choices. Of course, we need to prepare corresponding costumes and props!

For jazz-inspired song and dance, pair it with vintage or trendy clothing and props, like a black or burgundy dress.

If it's a rock-style song and dance, we need some cool or statement clothing and props, a leather or denim jacket, a guitar or a microphone would be great.

For simple folk-style songs and dances, let's prepare some natural or pastoral costumes and props, such as white or pink dresses, garlands or handkerchiefs.

rustic wedding nature background photo booth

Image Source: Wedboard

32. Nature Background Photo Booth Setup

One of the advantages of a country wedding is having nature and beautiful scenery, so why not take advantage of this natural scenery? You can also choose different open-air photo booths to take pictures according to the colour difference between morning and evening in the sky. Use costumes and props that can be in harmony with the natural scenery and also match the sky, such as simple flower bouquets and romantic dresses, which are very atmospheric.

rustic wedding theme photo booth area

Image Source: Pinterest

33. Theme Photo Booth Area

In addition to using natural scenery as the background for taking pictures, you can also set some themed photo booth backdrop as the focus of taking pictures to increase the fun and creativity of taking pictures.

Because it is a country-themed wedding, you can set up some traditional or classic-themed photo areas, such as vintage cars, wooden wagons, horseback riding, and a magic mirror photo booth. You can also place some themed photo tools for guests to use to increase the convenience and effect of taking pictures.

rustic wedding lawn games

Image Source: Dollysvintageteaparty

34. Rustic Wedding Lawn Games

Your wedding venue may be a spacious and flat lawn or a narrow and varied garden. Lawn games are usually arranged at a time that can avoid disturbance and conflict. It can be before or after the wedding. The game needs to be set up to allow everyone to relax, simple and easy to use, such as throwing horseshoes, playing skipping rope, and playing tug-of-war.

Different groups of people may have different preferences, prepare a few more, and you can always play in different atmospheres.

rustic wedding fireworks

Image Source: Caratsandcake

35. Fireworks Send Off Guests

To make the rustic wedding more distinctive and memorable, some special fireworks displays can be arranged to decorate the wedding venue and take pictures as souvenirs. The fireworks show will make everyone feel the element of surprise and romance during the wedding, and enjoy the gorgeous and wonderful light and shadow in the night sky at the firework stand.

Fireworks displays are best done in the evening, with a choice of colourful or flickering fireworks and music to match.

If it is by the lake, you can choose some fireworks shows that can echo the water's surface, blue or purple big fireworks, and the colours reflected on the water's surface are decorated with water lamps. If it is on the top of the mountain, you can choose some fireworks drawing that can match the sky, and then decorate each other with stars or moons.

 rustic wedding personalized wine bottle

 Image Source: Pinterest

36. Personalized Wine Bottle As a Return Gift

Personalized drawn wine bottles can show blessings and goodness, while still being practical and beautiful as a return gift. It allows guests to appreciate unique creativity and style while tasting a fine wine. Choose some traditional or classic wine bottles, glass or ceramic wine bottles. After the wine bottle drawing is completed, use light-coloured cloth strips to tie the couple's name and date.

succulents as a return gift

Image Source: Brightly

37. Succulents As a Return Gift

Succulents are a healthy and environmentally friendly return gift, which allows guests to feel the warmth and care of the new couple while viewing the beautiful plants. The most used are some natural and pastoral succulents, such as cacti and Yulu, remember to use beautiful vases or jars for decoration.

rustic wedding snacks

Image Source: Lilyandlime

38. Snacks As a Return Gift

Choose some local speciality candies and snacks as return gifts, so that guests can taste local delicacies. Sweet candies and beautiful decorations can always leave good memories for guests and feel your happiness. 

No matter what return gift you choose, the most important thing is to express your gratitude to your guests for coming to your wedding and celebrating this special day with you.

preparing vehicles for rustic weddings

Image Source: TheKnot

39. Rent A Car

If there is a long distance between the ceremony venue and the reception space, please consider providing a convenient transportation option for your guests. Rent a few golf carts or trikes, do simple wedding car decoration, and even recruit a team of hostesses to pick up and drop off guests as needed. 

Of course, please confirm whether the source of the car rental is legitimate, whether the vehicle has a legal driving license, and whether the driver has a driving license. You can also ask to see the relevant documents of the vehicle and driver to ensure safety and the normal progress of the wedding.


rustic wedding
 Image Source: WeddingBee

40. Bug Control 

One of the things bugs do to the aesthetic and ambience of a country wedding is that it can make everyone uncomfortable. To make your country wedding more comfortable and enjoyable, there are steps you can take to control the number and activity of bugs to protect the bodies and minds of the couple and guests. Here are some ideas on how to do bug control:

  • Clean up the site. Before the wedding, the place should be thoroughly cleaned. Remove all garbage and debris, which will reduce the bug's habitat and food source.
  • Use mosquito nets and electric mosquito coils. To control mosquitoes, you can set up mosquito nets or use electric mosquito coils in outdoor venues. These methods can effectively attract and kill mosquitoes and reduce mosquito bites.
  • food handling. Food is the main source of attracting flies and ants. At your wedding, keep food in airtight containers whenever possible, and clean out food scraps and trash cans regularly to reduce the appearance of bugs.
  • Plant repellent. Some plants can help control bug populations, such as lavender, rosemary, and lemongrass. These plants can be placed around the wedding venue to increase the number of natural enemies for the bugs.

    deal with bad weather in rustic outdoor wedding

     Image Source: Polkadotwedding

    41. How To Deal With Bad Weather In Rustic Outdoor Wedding

    The bad weather affects the progress of the country wedding, but don't worry, to make the country wedding more smooth and happy, we can take some measures to deal with the bad weather and protect everyone's body and mood. Here are some ideas on how to deal with inclement weather:

    • Before the wedding, check and understand the local climate and forecast in advance. If there is a possibility of bad weather, notify everyone in advance and remind them to carry rain gear, warm clothes, sunscreen, etc. accordingly.
    • Prepare backup plans. When making wedding arrangements, if the wedding ceremony or catering is held outdoors, you can prepare an indoor or sheltered place as a backup venue, and communicate and arrange with the venue in advance.
    • Utilize existing resources. You can use rainwater as the background for taking pictures to increase the beauty and interest of taking pictures. If it is windy, you can use wind power as a photo prop to increase the effect and creativity of the photo. If it snows, you can use snowflakes as a decoration for taking pictures to increase the delicacy and romance of taking pictures.



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