The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses for Your Wedding

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What is a bestie? A bestie is someone who would like to be crazy with you at any time. It's also the first person you want her to know whether you're in love or crossed in love. On your best friend's wedding day, every girl wants to wear a beautiful bridesmaid's dress to send her best wishes. However, most people have a headache when it comes to choosing bridesmaid dresses. Burnt-orange or rust? One shoulder, V-neck or A-line? The wide variety of styles dazzled the girls. Don't worry, here we are. All you need is this blog post on how to choose bridesmaid dresses, the ultimate guide for you.

1. Colours

What do you know about the colours of 2023? There is no doubt that if you want your wedding to be impressive and glary, you must choose conspicuous and bold colours. Burgundy, rich emeralds and bright yellows, for example, are expected to be popular in 2023. First, the colour burgundy is very special. If white skin people wear it, it will be very pure and temperament, highlighting the white and clear sense of skin. If dark skin people wear it, it will be full of senior sense. The temperament and aura manifested by this hue are unforgettable existence, especially its own sense of mystery and charm, for this hue is covered with a layer of distinctive tone. Burgundy gowns can be seen everywhere, from the catwalk to the star-studded red carpet.

lmage Source: Internet

Green is generally considered to be the main colour of spring and summer fashion, reminding people of the vitality of spring and the vitality of youth. Many fashion brands also use green items for autumn and winter. Emerald, as a classic colour in the green system, is chic and timeless in any season. Although emeralds are not common in everyday life, they are often the choice of many people on important occasions, especially among mature women. Because emerald, as a kind of dark colour, has a certain tightening effect on the figure, it can be very good to modify the female figure. It forms a strong colour contrast, highlighting the sense of honourable so that women's temperament appears more salient. The emerald bridesmaid dress is paired with a black clutch, which shows that women are stable but not flamboyant, with a hint of life, but not a lack of fashion sense.

lmage Source: Internet

The bright colours of clothing with some expansive feeling are not easy to cover up the defects of the figure, but it also has a very excellent eye absorption effect. And bright colours of clothing can also better create a sense of modern fashion so that you can easily become the focus of the crowd. It is easier to choose bright clothes to create a fresh temperament, especially in spring and summer. According to the Pantone Colour Institute's New York Fashion Week colour report, bright yellow will be one of the colours New York designers recommend this year. Yellow, giving a warm and comfortable feeling. Bright yellow brings hope and joy, and this energy breaking through the dreariness, just like the mango mousse cake, brings people happiness and satisfaction to the taste buds. The colourful yellow looks more youthful. For young girls, choosing bright clothes to match can increase their vitality and charm.

Such a dress makes you appear dignified. Elegant and smart beauty is the luxurious temperament of the girls presented, beautiful and magnificent. The beauty of this dress given by this colour is also obvious to all, allowing the girls to shine in a high profile while full of mystery and personality charm.

Burgundy, emerald and bright yellow, these colours can add pop personality to any wedding.

2. Fabrics

Luxury fabrics such as satin and velvet are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Satin dresses are Chicsew's best sellers. When it comes to "satin", people often think of "silk", both of which have a rich sense of high class. Satin is very comfortable to wear, which looks like a pyjama style. In summer, you should wear a smooth "satin" dress, it is cool and does not stick skin. The fabric of satin is very thick and tough, and it looks much grander and heavier than silk. Satin is also very easy to handle. Because of the particularity of the material, it is relatively dirty and does not easy to appear wrinkled. The satin fabric is very physical. Because this kind of fabric's vertical feeling is very good. The smooth, clean surface will expose small imperfections of the body. But don't worry, as long as you choose your size and add some embellishments, these problems can be solved. You can contact our customer service and customize your size. Then how to measure your chest, waist and hips? First, wear the bra you will be wearing with the dress, and pull the tape across the fullest part of the bust. Second, bend to one side to find the crease, that's your natural waist. Pull tape across the narrowest part and keep the tape slightly loose to allow for breathing room. Third, stand straight and pull tape across the widest part of the hips and rear. Last, stand straight with bare feet together and measure from the center of the collarbone to the floor. Satin will have a lustrous surface and will shimmer and shine fantastically in the light and sunlight. If chiffon, which flutters in the wind, has a fairy feel, then satin, which is gorgeous and flamboyant. It's full of aristocratic flair. The velvet is plump, with a fine texture, soft to the touch, comfortable to wear and beautiful to look at. It is elastic, lint-free, non-pilling and three times more absorbent than cotton, and it is non-irritating to the skin. Velvet's delicate touch, flowing drape and elegant lustre are unmatched by other fabrics, making it a favourite choice among fashion designers for its luxurious fabrics. However, please be careful not to stack velvet garments, as this can easily damage the natural course of the pile, making it difficult to recover and prone to static electricity. And because the surface of velvet is made up of densely packed small fluff, it is inevitable that some fluff particles will remain on the garment during the production and processing of the fabric. Don’t worry, they will generally be washed out in the first few washes.

These fabrics add a touch of elegance and can be dressed up or down depending on the style of the wedding. Of course, as more and more people become environmentally conscious, bridesmaid dresses made from sustainable fabrics such as organic cotton, hemp and bamboo are expected to become increasingly popular.

3. Unique necklines

Halter, strapless and one-shoulder designs with unique necklines are becoming increasingly popular for bridesmaid dresses.

The halter dress is very popular with some fashionable women because they feel that although the sweetheart dress will be more dignified to wear, sometimes it is inevitable that these dresses will lose the elegance and generosity they have been emphasizing, especially as they grow older and their figures change, they dare not try it easily, it is better to choose a halter dress that shows off their femininity and match it with some nice bags. The halter dress is cool and comfortable to wear and gives you a unique look. It is a sexy and elegant combination that creates a distinctive and luxurious ladylike look that is very popular in different scenes and has a huge following.




It seems that among all the dresses, the strapless dress has a high fashion index, it is not only able to shape the texture of the clothing itself, but also allows you to be chic. Most importantly, the strapless dress also shows off your curves, making the outfit not old-fashioned but rather full of personality and focus, so it is a very good choice for most people. It can ensure the wearing of the fashion sense but also shape your temperature. This is probably why so many celebrities like to wear strapless dresses when attending events or on important occasions. On the one hand, they don't look vulgar or exaggerated, and on the other hand, they can shape the effect of beauty and modesty, so it can be said that you can't go wrong in any way.

lmage Source: Internet

In terms of the figure, for full-bodied people who want to wear a strapless dress, it is better to choose a fabric with good elasticity, so that there will not be any tightening, but also to show the highlights of the clothing, while for girls with a slim figure, there is no need to think too much about how to wear it.

This rose gold side-slit floor-length dress comes highly recommended! The side slit avoids a heavy feel. Visually, the dress is both charming and sexy, showing off the hidden lines of the legs.




Symmetrical designs are everywhere in everyday life, and if the pattern on a garment is asymmetrical, it makes the garment more unique.

A pure white dress always gives the impression of being gentle and elegant, but the one-shoulder design makes the dress even more unique. Together with the cut-out design on the bodice, the white dress shows off a distinctive effect.




A demure dress that accentuates one's taste and temperament. Celestine is one of Chicsew's best-selling dresses. This champagne-coloured long dress is made from a loose satin fabric that is soft, smooth and stretchy, with an impeccable texture. Champagne is not as heavy as black, white and grey, it is gentler and more intimate. It has a pearlescent sheen and looks more elegant and generous. The side-slit design makes your legs appear inviting. Such a sexy dress is essential for a date with your man, so come and shop now!




All of these styles can add interest to a dress, complementing different body types and giving you a fantastic experience.

4. High side- slit dresses

High-side-slit dresses are becoming increasingly popular as they can be easily moved and can create a striking look for photographs.

Highly recommend this dress! A waist-skimming fit is common in dresses, and this fit shows off the curve of the waist completely. This figure-hugging silhouette gives the whole body a superbly defined look and is very effective in elongating the proportions of the legs. The V-neck style has a good elongating effect on the neckline and a strong face-contouring effect.


This high side-slit mother of the bride dress features a shawl design so you don't have to worry about being too revealing. Peacock green is not as ostentatious as green but reveals a noble and magnificent temperament in its stability. If you're stuck on what dress to buy your mum, why not take a look at this one? Click the link to learn more.




5. Mix-match

If you don't want all your bridesmaids to wear the same dress, then try a mix and match style and have your besties wear dresses that are similar in colour or style but with unique details. This can give the bridal party a cohesive look while allowing everyone's personality to shine through.

Light-coloured dresses go well with white wedding dresses. Imagine a sunny and clear day, you're in your white wedding dress with flowers, surrounded by your girlfriends in their light blue and green bridesmaid dresses, you're laughing under the blue sky and singing on the lawn, just how nice and relaxing it is! If soft elegance is what your heart desires, then this is the perfect look for you! Perfect for spring, see those sweet figures holding hands! I loved the lovely necklines of all these outfits, but they decided to also pair them with a few different accessories, like necklaces and high heels. In this way, each bridesmaid had their own individual characteristics. Quite frankly, I'm in love with this look!

Not sure what accessory to choose, Chicsew has got you covered! Click on the image to claim your gift!








6.Answers To Your Questions 

Finally, we're answering your questions:

(1)Can I order bridesmaid dresses in different styles for each bridesmaid?

Of course, you can order personalised bridesmaid dressing gowns. Mix and match dresses are becoming increasingly popular at weddings because each girl is allowed to choose a dress that suits her body type and personal style. It also adds visual interest to bridal parties and photo shoots and can make for some beautiful and unique photos, keep these in mind when customizing your mix and match gown:

  • Set some boundaries, every bridesmaid needs to show their good side, but it's better to set some boundaries to ensure the girls look more like a group and cohesive. You can consider setting a color palette or length requirements, such as matching a coordinated color ratio.
  • Clarify the date and price, No matter who pays for bridesmaid dress, the date of arrival must be determined first, and it must be within the budget.
  • Matching and coordination, according to your wedding theme and wedding dress situation, make sure that the bridesmaid dress can be matched with these, and you can share some photos of your favorite skirts to let them know the overall shape you want.


(2) How do the colors and styles of the bridesmaid dresses coordinate with the wedding theme?

Consider tone coordination, first consider the overall tone of the wedding. If your wedding theme is romantic, pastel? Or do you prefer bold, vibrant colors for your wedding theme? No matter how many bridesmaids you have, you need to incorporate your bridesmaid dresses into these shades and then come together as a whole. Let us help you with:

  • Depending on your venue, the bridesmaid dresses you choose also need to match your venue. If you're getting married on the beach, you might consider natural bridesmaid dresses. If you are having your wedding indoors in the Grand Ballroom, it is even more advisable to choose formal dresses in rich, luxurious fabrics.
  • The colors of the season couldn't be more romantic when used in dresses and wedding themes. The liveliness of spring and summer weddingis more suitable for light dresses in soft colors, and the autumn bridesmaid dresses is more suitable for richer colors.
  • Matching with the wedding dress, if your wedding dress is a white off-the-shoulder trailing style, then your girls should wear one-shoulder or cold shoulder and the style of the dress must match your wedding dress.


(3)Can I customize bridesmaid dress design?

Of course, you can customize bridesmaid dress designs. Examples include changing the length or neckline of a skirt, adding sleeves, or changing the color.

If you are interested that made to measure bridesmaid dresses, it is best to communicate with us in advance, we will have a detailed understanding of the style of dress you want, and finally make it.


(4) How to choose the exact bridesmaid dress size? 

Let us tell you the steps of measurement and selection! 

  • Take accurate measurements: It starts with taking accurate measurements. Be sure to measure your bust girth,  waist girth, hips girth, bare height and hollow-to-hem height. You can measure it yourself with a tape measure, or ask a friend to help you. Especially the data of custom dresses should be accurate.
  • CHECK THE SIZE CHART: After measuring the size, please compare with the size chart we provide. It is very important to review the size chart before ordering.
  • Bridesmaid dress alterations: It is always a good idea to allow some room for changes, as there will always be various needs to adjust the dress. (Mainly refers to plus size or custom dress styles)


(5) What accessories do you use to complement your bridesmaid outfits?

Here are some accessories we recommend:

  • Jewelry: Necklaces or earrings can add a touch of elegance to a bridesmaid outfit. Jewelry comes in various styles and designs, so bridesmaids can find a piece that complements their individual tastes and their bridesmaids' outfits.
  • Shoes: Choosing the right shoes can enhance the overall look of a bridesmaid outfit. Consider choosing shoes that match the color and style of your dress, or opt for silver flat bridesmaid shoes that will go with any dress color. Because the bridesmaids also need to help on the spot, they must have shoes that are easy to walk around, comfortable and not tiring.
  • Shawl for bridesmaid dress: For cooler weather or outdoor weddings, a shawl or scarf can be a great addition to a bridesmaid's attire. Just choose a shawl or scarf that complements the color and style of the dress.


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