2024 Bridesmaid Dress Projections: The Allure of Rust Colour

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2024 Wedding Trends: The Allure of Rust Bridesmaid Dress

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Colour not only conveys emotion at a wedding, it also helps shape the overall atmosphere of the wedding. With the new year upon us, we can’t help but wonder what exciting trends 2024 might hold for weddings. Among them, one option has us particularly alarmed: the new trend of bridesmaid dresses in rust shades.

Rust is a poetic colour that resembles the fiery red sun's afterglow as it sets and shines on the earth. We'll explore the attractiveness of the rust-hued wedding trend and potential motivators in the article that follows. 2024 should be a new beginning.

What is a rust colour?

What is a Rust Colour?

The Rust hue, a deep reddish brown, is an intoxicating colour. It combines red and brown elements to create a unique and engaging visual effect. The depth and texture of this colour make it a striking addition to wedding decor.

Colours appear slightly different under different lighting conditions. Rust's hues seem to carry rich stories and warm emotions.

Charming features of rust colour
Image Source: Pexels

Charming Features of Rust Colour

The charm of the rust hue lies in the warmth it conveys. It evokes associations of family, affection and warm memories, making it an ideal wedding colour. In addition, rust tones also have a retro feel, evoking a desire to return to the past. This nostalgic sentiment makes decor and bridesmaid dresses in Rust hues all the more appealing. Rust tones also echo the beauty of nature, bringing the wedding into natural elements, such as the red leaves of autumn, the harvest of the land, and the warmth of the earth.

Wedding colour trends – the rise of rust
Image Source: Pexels

Wedding Colour Trends – The Rise of Rust

Weddings are iconic events, and their colour trends shouldn't be taken lightly. It is a challenging problem with numerous components related to style, culture, aesthetics, and personal preference.

We can observe some noteworthy changes in prior wedding colour trends. From vintage soft pinks and cool mint greens to traditional creamy whites and rich burgundies.

The next logical step in this changing environment is to use traditional rust tones. It incorporates components from various eras, giving it both a retro appeal and a contemporary warmth. Rust colours are now leading a revolution in wedding colour schemes.

Factors influencing the rust colour wedding trend
Image Source: Pexels

Factors Influencing the Rust Colour Wedding Trend

Weddings Held in Natural Surroundings

Nature-themed weddings have always been popular, the rust hue stands out in this theme. When the wedding is held in a garden, forest or pastoral location, bridesmaid dresses and decorations in rust hues can integrate natural elements into the wedding and add a sense of warmth to the wedding.

Fashion Influence

Rust shades are a popular colour in the fashion world. New designer clothes, celebrity choices and coverage in fashion magazines are all driving the rise of this colour.

Pursue a Unique Wedding

The relative rarity of the rust hue makes it one of the choices for one-of-a-kind weddings, bringing uniqueness to the wedding.

How to suit weddings in different seasons with rust colour
Image Source: Pexels

How to Suit Weddings in Different Seasons with Rust Colour 

The unique thing about the rust hue is that it works well for weddings in all seasons.

  • In autumn, it complements the natural red leaves and warm atmosphere.
  • In winter, rust tones can add a sense of warmth to weddings, reminiscent of cotton and a snowy sunset.
  • Spring and summer weddings can also create an impressive visual effect with the help of rust shades, which blend with flowers and outdoor settings.
Introduce fashion elements
Image Source: Pexels

Introduce Fashion Elements

Introduce fashion elements such as irregular cuts and interesting details, A classic long evening gown may be more suitable for a formal vintage wedding, while a flowing skirt may be more suitable for a beach or pastoral wedding.

Fashion is constantly evolving, and rust-toned bridesmaid dresses can also incorporate some different elements to make them more contemporary. This may include irregular cuts, such as slits, trains, or variations in skirt length, as well as interesting details, such as ruffles, fringes, cutouts, or sparkly embellishments.

Different styles of bridesmaid dresses in rust tones can meet the needs of every bride and bridesmaid, whether it is for a traditional wedding ceremony or a relaxed outdoor ceremony.

Recommendations for rust bridesmaid dresses
Image Source: Pexels

Recommendations for Rust Bridesmaid Dresses

Your bridesmaid squad must select a stunning bridesmaid costume if you want your wedding to be a chic, unforgettable occasion. We shall suggest the anticipated rust bridesmaid dress trends for 2024.

Chicsew rust velvet one-shoulder bridesmaid dress
Image Source: ChicSew UK

Chicsew Rust Velvet One-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

Rust is a deep and passionate colour that represents warmth and luxury, while the velvet fabric adds a sense of opulence to the overall look. The one-shoulder design gives bridesmaids a unique and grace style that makes them stand out at the wedding.

This bridesmaid dress is suitable for weddings in all seasons, especially in autumn and winter. The depth of the rust colour and the texture of the velvet give the overall look a strong personality and make the wedding unique.

Every bridesmaid will feel confident and comfortable because this bridesmaid dress is designed with a variety of shapes and styles in mind. The dress will bring a luxurious and stylish vibe to your wedding, making it an unforgettable moment.

Rust satin square neck bridesmaid dress
Image Source: ChicSew UK

Rust Satin Square Neck Bridesmaid Dress

This rust-coloured dress exudes class and elegance. The square neck design adds a stylish touch to the overall look, while the mermaid cut highlights the bridesmaid's graceful figure.

This bridesmaid dress can add a sense of elegance to the wedding, whether indoors or outdoors. The depth and forged texture of the rust colour give it a lovely look that will make bridesmaids shine at their wedding.

The dress will bring a noble and stylish atmosphere to the wedding, making it an unforgettable moment. This is a wedding full of elegance and charm.

Rust mermaid one-shoulder bridesmaid dress
Image Source: ChicSew UK

Rust Mermaid One-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dress

This rust mermaid bridesmaid dress is a distinctive option because it is both fashionable and seductive. The bridesmaids' one-shoulder design gives a distinctive look, and the side slit design exudes elegance.

This bridesmaid dress brings lightness and enthusiasm to the event, making it particularly appropriate for summer and spring weddings. The bridesmaids at the wedding looked stunning thanks to the depth of the rust colour and the mermaid cut.

The wedding will have a chic atmosphere thanks to the dress, making it a special occasion. It was a charming and self-assured wedding.

Rust jersey halter neck side slit bridesmaid dress
Image Source: ChicSew UK

Rust Jersey Halter Neck Side Slit Bridesmaid Dress

This dress is a glamorous choice. Its uniqueness lies in its design and material.

Rust as the main colour brings warmth and earthy feel to this bridesmaid dress. The deep neckline and halter neck design are a unique feature of this bridesmaid dress. It not only highlights the bridesmaid's neckline but also gives the overall look a sense of elegance and style.

The mermaid skirt of the bridesmaid dress brings romantic styles to the bridesmaids. Whether it's an indoor or outdoor wedding setting, this bridesmaid dress will make your bridesmaids feel confident and comfortable.

Rust chiffon V-neck A-line bridesmaid dress
Image Source: ChicSew UK

Rust Chiffon V-neck A-line Bridesmaid Dress

The bridesmaids look feminine and elegant because of the pleated A-line style, while the wide V-neck adds a sensual vibe to the entire look.

because it can make the wedding feel more airy and fresh, the bridesmaids had a stunning appearance at the wedding thanks to the richness of the rust colour and the chiffon material.

The wedding will be distinguished by the dress' air of lightness and aristocracy, this wedding exudes charm and confidence.


Liena rust cowl neck straight dress
Image Source: Liena UK

Liena Rust Cowl Neck Straight Dress

A cowl neckline is a deep V-shaped neckline design, usually made of lightweight fabric that forms gentle pleats. It adds a feminine touch to the dress, making the bridesmaids look more elegant and feminine.

The backless design of this dress gives it a sexy element while also adding visual lightness. This is especially great for outdoor weddings or warmer seasons. The spaghetti straps add to the lightness of the dress and make the bridesmaid look more sophisticated. This style also helps accentuate the neck.


Amazon Okdais rust a-line bridesmaid dress
Image Source: Amazon Okdais

Amazon Okdais Rust A-Line Bridesmaid Dress

Rust colour has an irresistible appeal. This hue often conveys a romantic and luxurious feel at weddings and is compatible with a variety of themes and occasions. The skirt of this bridesmaid dress adopts an A-line design and gradually expands from the waist, A-line skirts are suitable for all body shapes, covering the lower abdomen and creating beautiful lines.

The sleeves are designed to be loose and fluffy, extending from the shoulders to the elbows or wrists. They add a romantic, airy feel to bridesmaid dresses. The V-neck is a classic neckline design that adds to the overall feminine charm. 

This bridesmaid dress features a belt or cinched waist at the waist to accentuate the waistline and create beautiful proportions.

Amazon SAMHO rust sleeveless bridesmaid dress
Image Source:Amazon Samho

Amazon Samho Rust Sleeveless Bridesmaid Dress

This bridesmaid dress features a halter neck design, which makes the neckline more slender and adds to the overall sense of elegance.

The waist-cinching design emphasizes the waistline and creates a graceful figure for the wearer. The waist is decorated with a bow or tie, adding a cute element to the overall look. The sleeveless design is perfect for all seasons or kinds of wedding themes. It makes the bridesmaid dress look lighter and is suitable for showing off the shoulders.


DUMOO Rust spaghetti strap A-line bridesmaid dress

Image Source:Amazon Dumoo

Dumoo Rust Spaghetti Strap A-line Bridesmaid Dress

This bridesmaid dress features spaghetti straps that give the bridesmaid a delicate and elegant look at the shoulders, spaghetti straps are also suitable for all seasons. A side slit is a sexy and flowing design element usually found on one side of a skirt. The A-line skirt is designed to gradually expand from the waist to help cover the lower abdomen area. It adds lightness and comfort to the dress while also emphasizing the line of the leg.

Common advantages of different fabrics
Image Source: Pexels

Common Advantages of Different Fabrics

Rust-toned bridesmaid dresses can be made from a variety of different materials, each giving the dress a unique look and texture. Different materials can add texture and layering to bridesmaid dresses.

Silk is a classic choice that has a sheen and softness that makes bridesmaid dresses look very royal. The sheen of silk can make a dress appear more layered because of the way it reflects light, creating different colours.

Lace can add sophistication to a skirt because of its delicate patterns and textures. The texture and pattern of the lace give the dress more detail and depth, especially when viewed up close.

The velvet material gives the skirt texture and depth, making it appear in different colours in different lights. The velvet material creates a soft touch.

The importance of a high-quality look and feel
Image Source: Pexels

The Importance of a High-Quality Look and Feel

When choosing materials, it is important to emphasize a high-quality look and feel. High-quality materials not only make bridesmaid dresses look beautiful but are also comfortable to wear, helping to increase the confidence and comfort of bridesmaids. Additionally, high-quality materials are more durable, able to stay in good condition during the wedding and continue to be used after.

A brief discussion on personalized bridesmaid dresses
Image Source: Pexels

A Brief Discussion on Personalized Bridesmaid Dresses

The personalized trend in wedding bridesmaid dresses is on the rise, with more and more brides choosing to allow their bridesmaids to choose different bridesmaid dresses based on their body shapes and styles. This trend breaks away from the traditional uniform look and brings uniqueness and individuality to their wedding.  The bride can provide some inspiration and guidance.

When bridesmaids can choose a bridesmaid dress that suits their body shape and style, it also helps alleviate potential discomfort, allowing bridesmaids to better enjoy their wedding.

How rust coordinate with other tones to suit different weddings
Image Source: Pexels

How Rust Coordinate with Other Tones to Suit Different Weddings

There are a few rules to follow for coordinating rust bridesmaid dress shades with other shades depending on the wedding theme. Here are some guidelines to help you successfully coordinate your rust bridesmaid dresses with other colour tones at a wedding with different themes:

  • Understand the theme: First of all, you must know what the theme of the wedding is. Is it romantic, seaside, pastoral, palace or some other type of theme?
  • Colour Wheel Principle: Use the colour wheel principle to choose colours that coordinate with the rust hue. For example, complementary colours (colours that are opposite on the colour wheel) can create a strong contrast, while analogous colours (colours that are near the colour wheel) can create a harmonious effect.
  • Consider Season: Season is also a factor to consider. In spring and summer weddings, pair rust with bright greens, pale pinks or baby blues to create a refreshing effect. In the fall, pair rust with deep red, gold, or deep purple to add to the seasonal feel. For winter weddings, consider combining white, silver or dark green.
  • Balance: Balance is key. Don’t overuse rust tones to avoid the wedding scene looking monotonous. Using rust as the main colour and balancing it with other colours can create an attractive effect.
  • Consult with a professional designer: If you are unsure about colour combinations, you can consult with a professional wedding designer or consultant. They have extensive experience and can provide valuable advice.

Rust Bridesmaid Dress Colour Palettes

The rust hue is unique in that it pairs well with other hues to suit different wedding themes. This versatility makes rust shades ideal for adapting to different wedding themes and seasons. Here are some examples:

Rust, taupe, terracotta and dusty rose
Image Source: Pinterest UK

Rust, Taupe, Terracotta, and Dusty Rose

Make rust the main colour and choose one or two of the bridesmaids to wear the rust bridesmaid dress to ensure it stands out at the wedding. Use taupe as a neutral colour, you can choose one of the other bridesmaids to wear a taupe bridesmaid dress to balance the overall tone. Terracotta emphasizes the natural theme, and a dusty rose dress adds a romantic feel to the wedding.

This mix of colours represents warmth, romance and passion. If your wedding is warm or romantic, you can choose to use these colours as the basis.

If you are holding an indoor or outdoor ceremony, you can also use these colours to decorate the ceremony venue, such as flower beds, arches, backdrops, etc.

Rust, olive, burnt orange
Image Source: Pinterest UK

Rust, Olive Green, and Burnt Orange

Rust bridesmaid dress represents love and passion, adding a warm and romantic atmosphere to the wedding. Olive is a natural green that represents harmony, balance and stability. It is suitable for weddings of various seasons and themes, giving a fresh and soulful feeling. Burnt orange is a deep, warm orange that represents energy and enthusiasm, echoing the natural beauty of the season.

This mix-and-match approach is a bold and fun choice for couples who want their wedding to be full of energy and personality.

If you want to create a Mediterranean, rustic or nature-themed wedding. For example, for a Mediterranean-style wedding or a natural wedding celebration as a theme, this mixed-colour display will be the beauty you want.

Rust, burnt orange, champagne
Image Source: Pinterest UK

Rust, Burnt Orange, and Champagne

Rust and burnt orange symbolize energy, while champagne exudes luxury and elegance. Mix them to create a versatile and eye-catching wedding look.

Rust and burnt orange blend in the natural landscape, echoing the season's warm tones, while champagne adds a sophisticated feel to the overall look.

This mix combines warmth, energy and elegance for your wedding. Wedding photos will capture this diversity and creativity and become lasting memories. Whether it's an outdoor wedding in a garden, beach or farm, this mix will harmonize with the natural surroundings.

Rust, dark navy
Image Source: Pinterest UK

Rust and Dark Navy Blue

Rust and dark navy are two very different colours that sit opposite each other on the colour wheel, creating a strong contrast. This contrast makes the wedding visuals more eye-catching and unique.

This mix-and-match colour scheme allows bridesmaids and groomsmen to choose attire that suits their style and gender within the same colour framework. The bridesmaids can choose dresses in rust colour, while the groomsmen can wear dark navy blue suits or dresses.

This mix-and-match approach is full of fashion and personalization, it makes the wedding a visual feast and leaves a deep impression on the guests. This mix can be adapted to weddings in different seasons. rust represents warmth and energy and is suitable for spring and autumn weddings, while dark navy is suitable for summer and winter.

Rust, blush pink, burnt orange, taupe
Image Source: Pinterest UK

Rust, Blush Pink, Burnt Orange, and Taupe

This mix combines four different colours to create rich gradations of colour. Rust represents warmth and passion, blush pink represents romance and femininity, burnt orange represents energy and enthusiasm, and taupe adds calmness to the overall look.

This mix is suitable for a variety of wedding themes. It can be adapted to a romantic wedding in spring, a dynamic wedding in summer, a warm wedding in autumn, or even a noble wedding in winter. No matter what your wedding theme is, this mix will fit in perfectly.

This bridesmaid dress mix will bring a unique vibe to your wedding, blending warmth, romance, energy and elegance.

Rust, terracotta
Image Source: Pinterest UK

Rust and Terracotta

Rust and terracotta both represent affection and warmth and are colours full of human touch. Mixing them together can add a strong love atmosphere to your wedding.

This mix-and-match colour scheme is especially suitable for fall weddings. Amid autumn leaves and fall nature, this mix will echo the beauty of the season and add warmth to the wedding.

Bridesmaid dress mix and match will bring a unique atmosphere to your wedding, a blend of warmth and intense love. Wedding photos will capture this colourful and soulful atmosphere and become lasting memories.

Burgundy, rust and sunset
Image Source: Pinterest UK

Burgundy, Rust, and Sunset

This mix combines deep red burgundy, warm rust and sunset to create an impressive and luxurious colour combination. Burgundy represents nobility and prosperity, rust colour conveys passion and vitality, while the sunset colour gives the overall atmosphere a sense of romance.

This mix is suitable for weddings in all seasons. In autumn, these colours incorporate natural warm tones, while in summer they bring fiery passion to weddings. Whether it’s an outdoor wedding or an indoor wedding, this mix will fit perfectly.

This bridesmaid dress mix will bring a luxurious and romantic vibe to your wedding. It combines elements of nobility, passion and warmth, making the wedding a visual and emotional feast.

FAQs about rust bridesmaid dress
Image Source: Pexels


How to match a rust-coloured dress?

Wearing a rust-coloured dress depends on your style and the occasion. Neutral colours like white, cream, beige or grey can provide an elegant and understated look when paired with a rust-coloured dress. Colours like dark green, navy, or deep purple can provide a nice contrast to the rust colour.

Can bridesmaid dresses be ironed with an iron?

Some dresses may be made from materials such as silk or chiffon that are easily damaged by heat. In this case, it's safer to use a steam iron or a low-heat iron with a towel attached to prevent damage.

Can I wear rust colour to a wedding?

Wearing rust at a wedding is perfectly acceptable, but if the wedding has a specific colour scheme or dress code, try to stick to those guidelines. Rust colour can be a warm and stylish choice for wedding attire.

How far in advance should bridesmaids get their dresses?

Custom bridesmaid dresses should usually be ordered at least 6 months before the wedding. This allows ample time to select the gown, order the gown and make any necessary alterations. If you're short on time, shop our ready-to-ship bridesmaid dresses that will be on their way to you within days!

Is rust a summer wedding colour?

While rust is often associated with fall due to its warm and earthy tones, lighter or more subdued rust colours are also suitable for summer weddings when paired with the right complementary colours. Rust colour can adapt to different seasons.


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