Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Guide: How to Make the Right Choice

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Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Guide: How to Make the Right Choice

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The cool weather, colourful autumn foliage, and a harvest atmosphere add a special charm to autumn weddings. Bridesmaids play a vital role. Not only are they close friends of the bride, but they are also one of the highlights of the entire wedding.

To look warm and stylish at your autumn wedding. This article will take you to explore the selection, matching and design of autumn bridesmaid dresses. Whether you're a bride planning an autumn wedding or a soon-to-be bridesmaid, here are some helpful tips and inspiration to help you look your best at your autumn wedding.

Fabric for autumn bridesmaid dresses

What Fabric is Suitable for Autumn Bridesmaid Dresses?

At an autumn wedding, the right bridesmaid dress fabric will impact your bridesmaids' comfort and overall appearance. The weather in autumn is changeable and usually colder, so the choice of fabrics needs to consider both warmth and fashion. Here are some of the best fabrics for autumn bridesmaid dresses:

  • Velvet is a classic autumnfabric because it luxurious feel while providing extra warmth. Dark velvet bridesmaid dresses are particularly attractive for autumn weddings in colder areas. Not only do they look extra noble, but they also make the bridesmaids feel warm and comfortable.
  • For warmer locations, lace, chiffon and georgette fabrics are equally popular for autumn It has a romantic vibe and is suitable for slightly cooler climates. Lace bridesmaid dresses with long or 3/4 sleeves provide extra warmth while maintaining feminine elegance.
  • For neither hot nor cold weather, silk and knitted fabrics are very suitable, and light knitted fabrics are suitable for autumn temperature changes. It's both comfortable and stylish. Silk is an elegant fabric that is light, soft and lustrous, adding a noble touch to the bridesmaids.
Autumn bridesmaid dress colour guide

Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Colour Selection Guide

Autumn is a romantic season full of warmth and depth that looks stunning at this time of year. If you are a bridesmaid at an autumn wedding you are lucky and beautiful. Here are some ways to think about your autumn colours:

We recommend taking inspiration from the season itself, warm, earthy The hue reflects the changing leaves. Autumn is often associated with hues such as crimson, burgundy, deep purple, olive green and golden yellow. These colours can add a harvest-season feel to a wedding, allowing bridesmaids' outfits to harmonize with nature.

Make sure the colours of your bridesmaids' dresses match the theme. For example, if you have a Barbie pink wedding or a mint green theme wedding, the bridesmaids can wear pink or green dresses to complement the theme.

Consider the skin tone of your bridesmaids, which may be cool skin, warm or olive skin. Certain shades may suit certain skin tones better, so make sure the colour enhances your bridesmaids' natural beauty. Communicate well with the bride.

Of course, if you can't decide on a uniform style or colour? Why not mismatch your dress colour? This trend looks especially dreamy in the autumn. with colourful autumn which has become an autumn wedding trend.

Autumn bridesmaid dress colour palettes

Recommend Some Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Colour Palettes

  • Plum purple and gold, plum purple represents harvest and abundance, while gold symbolizes the golden tones of autumn.
  • Rust and sunset colours combine to create a warm and cheerful atmosphere.
  • Emerald green and dusty rose wedding colour palettecan add a romantic feel.
  • Burnt orange combined with champagne creates a soft and welcoming look.
  • Navy blue and silver can add a sense of elegance and mystery.
  • Olive green combined with burgundy red can create a vintage and grand effect.
  • Copper and Regency Purple hues create a palette with depth and luxury.
  • Terracotta and olive green create a natural and earth-toned palette.
  • Dusty blue and Barbie pink, dusty blue can add a sense of calm and calm, while Barbie pink wedding colour palette can add a sense of romance and softness.
Styles for autumn wedding bridesmaid dresses

What Style of Bridesmaid Dress is Suitable for an Autumn Wedding?

Autumn is a season of rich colours, cosy vibes, and elegant style, and good wedding autumn bridesmaid dresses reflect that aesthetic!

The best style for autumn bridesmaid dresses depends on a variety of factors. autumn temperatures are cooler, so short sleeves, 3/4 sleeves, or long sleeves may be a good choice. Their covered shoulders provide extra warmth while maintaining an elegant and stylish look.

A turtleneck or floor-length dress is also a great choice for autumn. This style is suitable for weddings in cooler temperatures while still giving an elegant vibe.

Additionally, fringes or pleats as well as patchwork gowns, and some different embellishments or fabric details can add some movement and vibrancy to a bridesmaid dress. These embellishments can appear on skirts, necklines or cuffs.

If you really can’t find the same style for your bridesmaids, you can try mismatched bridesmaid dresses in different styles.

Right length for autumn bridesmaid dresses

How to Choose the Right Length for Autumn Bridesmaid Dresses

Flowing floor-length dresses are often an elegant and formal choice for formal dinners or early evening weddings. When temperatures are cooler in the autumn, long skirts can provide extra warmth and are breathable on warmer days.

Some bridesmaid dresses have mixed lengths, such as a short front and long back train or a high-low sloping hemline. Bridesmaid dresses of this length are generally more casual and comfortable and can give bridesmaids a unique sense of style.

If the wedding theme is formal, a maxi dress may be more appropriate. If it's a rustic wedding taking place outdoors on the grass, a midi-length or mixed-length bridesmaid dress may be more appropriate.

Confirm the bridesmaid's body shape and size

Confirm the Bridesmaid's Body Shape and Size

Since each bridesmaid has her unique shape and size, there are steps to take to ensure everyone is comfortable. Here are some tips for determining the shape and size of your bridesmaid group:

Before purchasing a bridesmaid dress, talk to each bridesmaid and ask about their sizes. Sizing should be based on measurements such as bust, waist and hips.

Learn about the different body shapes of bridesmaids, such as apple shape, hourglass shape, pear shape, inverted triangle and rectangle shape. A variety of bridesmaid dress styles are provided for girls of different body shapes to choose from, such as patchwork styles, A-line skirts or waist ties to adapt to different body shapes.

When considering buying bridesmaid dresses, look for retailers that offer customization options. The bespoke service can be adjusted to the bridesmaid's measurements to ensure the dress fits perfectly.

Our favorite autumn bridesmaid dress retailers

Our Favorite Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Retailers

ChicSew UK is a popular fashion retailer known for its diverse autumn apparel collection and exceptional customer service. The retailer's bridesmaid dresses are designed specifically for autumn weddings, with 500+ styles and 80+ colours to suit every style and budget.

David's Bridal offers a wide variety of bridesmaid dress styles to suit different body types and personal preferences. Whether it's a classic maxi dress, an elegant plunging neckline, a flattering patchwork design or trendy mixed lengths, this retailer has something for its customers.

Lulus is a retailer that prides itself on excellent customer service. Their sales team is friendly and happy to assist customers in choosing the perfect bridesmaid dress. Additionally, their online platform offers a convenient shopping experience, including detailed sizing guides and an easy-to-navigate website design.

Whether it's an indoor or outdoor autumn wedding, these retailers have what bridesmaids need, and now it's time to put together your shopping list to make them shine on their special day.

Autumn wedding bridesmaid dress recommendations

Autumn Bridesmaid Dress Recommendations

When do we know autumn has arrived? Autumn has arrived, it is very beautiful and peaceful, it has brought with it different colours of leaves, different colours of everything. Dresses are one of those things that are beautiful during autumn, autumn as a season is perfect.

Weddings are also there for people to socialize, enjoy entertainment, relax and have a good time. It's nice when you love each other and when you enjoy your love.

Next, you will see the elegant autumn dresses that are ideal for weddings.

Sky Blue Off The Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Sky blue off the shoulder bridesmaid dresses



The first dress is a blue, elegant, special dress, with sleeves that fall on the shoulders. It has an accessory around the waist that looks super, the length of the dress is exemplary, and it has a deep slit, you can almost see the whole thigh. It gives this dress elegance and subtlety. The material is fine, and shiny because it is made of satin, the best dresses are made of satin. When we talk about the sky blue colour, the decoration is beautiful because it is pastel, you can find roses in this colour, and the decoration of the photo board is ideal for all possible occasions.

Burnt Orange Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses


Burnt orange mermaid bridesmaid dresses



The second dress is a real autumn colour, an orange colour that smells like autumn, a satin dress, different from the other models you have seen so far. It has a tie around the neck and a small triangle between the breasts where you can see the naked goat. A narrow waist and a slit that exposes the bare leg. With this dress, it is best to combine sandals and high heels. Autumn decoration is available and easy because the leaves have fallen outside, so you can pick up leaves in a nearby park, and make an ideal decoration.

Burnt Orange One-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses


Burnt orange one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses



The next dress is one of the colours oranges, and the model is beautiful, this model is unique. The dress is on one shoulder and has thin straps that look elegant and subtle. The length of the dress is great for all girls who don't like their dress to drag on the ground, this is the ideal length if you like dresses like this. It is easy to combine, there is jewellery in this colour that can be excellent and beautiful on you, make-up unknown and simple and hair left in waves, you will look beautiful and well-groomed as if you did not put in much effort. However, the dress is a real miracle and deserves to be presented in the best possible way.

Plum Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Plum mermaid bridesmaid dresses



The fourth dress is purple, very unusual but elegant, long and drags on the ground but is made to look young in this dress. The upper part is on the brothers who are thicker, with a narrow waist and bare thigh, and looks sexy, with loose hair you will look divine. Purple colour is and when it comes to decoration, if you decide to decorate in purple colour, I'm sure you will find great creative ideas, flowers, picture panels, invitations for guests, there are so many options.

Champagne One-Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Champagne one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses



And the next dress that is not the least important is the champagne colour. This colour is one of the most wearable dresses, champagne colour is an elegant and formal dress. An ideal dress for bridesmaids, it shines because it is made of satin. The dress is on one shoulder, it is waisted, it has a length, and the sandals on the high heel are a real hit. More and more women like weddings in this champagne colour, the bridesmaids adore them, the decoration is simple, there are many choices, you can be creative and have fun, I believe that everyone already has an idea of ​​what kind of decoration they want at their wedding.

Summary about autumn bridesmaid dresses


Just as nature displays her beauty in autumn. Not only bring us abundant harvests of fruits and golden leaves, but the autumn bears witness to the commitment of two people and their future journey together. This is a unique season, full of romance and warmth.

Do you like those dresses? Which one do you like the most? 

FAQs about autumn bridesmaid dresses


How to Hide Belly Fat in a Bridesmaid Dress?

A-line dresses, high-waisted dresses, wrap or pleated dresses are generally flattering and cinched in at the waist and draped over the midriff for a slimming effect.

Choose dresses in organza, tulle, chiffon and georgette that are made from fabrics that don't cling to your body so they can gently cover your midsection without drawing attention to yourself.

Darker colours, such as navy, deep burgundy, or dark green, can be slimmer. Good posture can instantly improve your appearance. Stand up straight with confidence as it can make you look slimmer.

What is the Best Colour Wedding Dress for Deep Autumn?

Ivory, champagne, warm white, taupe, burnt orange trim, rust. Not only will it complement autumn, but it will also complement your skin tone and personal style. Ultimately, the best wedding dress colours are the ones that make you feel confident and beautiful on your special day. Don't hesitate to try different shades to see which one suits you best.

Can You Wear a Black Dress to an Autumn Wedding?

The colour characteristics of black are more formal and noble. If you feel great in a black dress and it suits your style, it will work for a wedding too. For a rustic or casual autumn wedding, the black colour is a good choice.

What is the Best Colour to Wear to an October Wedding?

October is often associated with autumn and earthy colours that capture the essence of the season. Deep reds, such as burgundy, dark brown, olive green, rust and terracotta, are classic choices for October weddings. They are reminiscent of the colours of autumn leaves and complement the autumn landscape.

A variety of jewel tones and dark patterns are rich and elegant colour that matches the season. It's a flattering option for every skin tone.

Do Bridesmaid Dresses Touch the Floor?

Bridesmaid dresses can vary in length and whether they touch the floor or not, depending on the style chosen, the bride's preferences, and the overall formality of the wedding.


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