Exploring the Green Wedding Colour Palettes For the 2023 Trend

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Exploring the Green Wedding Colour Palettes For the 2023 Trend

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Green is one of the most popular wedding hues, this fresh and natural colour exudes elegance, romance and vitality. You don't have to worry about people getting weary of the colour, it's so classic and timeless.  It's a great option for couples who want a minimalist and fresh vibe for their big day. The wonder of green lies in its super adaptability. It can be matched with a variety of shades, suitable for any season and theme, from simple to complex, from winter to spring. Let's take a closer look at this cute colour!

recognize the origins and basics of green

Know About Green

Green is a colour between cyan and yellow on the visible spectrum. Humans have long been fascinated by the beauty and vitality of green in nature. Green has always been a prominent colour in art. In landscape painting, green is often used to depict the beauty of nature. The Impressionist movement, pioneered by artists such as Claude Monet, emphasised capturing changes in light and colour in landscapes, which further enhanced the use of green in art.

As a colour that evokes growth, harmony, and connection to the natural world, green continues to inspire and resonate with people around the world.

various shades of green

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Different Shades of Green

Light shades of green can create a sense of openness and freshness, such as mint or lime green, which often convey a sense of freshness, playfulness and youth.

Dark shades of green can add richness and depth. Like emerald green or forest green, it evokes elegance, richness and sophistication. With its earthy hue, olive green brings a feeling of warmth, stability and natural beauty. 

Green is widely used in various wedding scenes. It is a versatile colour that can evoke different emotions and create different atmospheres. Whether it's the calming effect of being surrounded by a green landscape or the invigorating green hues dresses, green plays a diverse and important role in our lives.

colours that go with the green palette

A Colour that Pairs Perfectly With Green

A green colour wedding palette is fun to use, but it would be a shame not to pair it with other colours for the maximum vibe, especially for a special celebration like a wedding. Green is a great neutral that goes with almost any colour, making it ideal for blending with other colours in your palette. Here are some ideas for incorporating green into your wedding colour palette:

sage green and dusty rose wedding colour scheme

Image Source: Pinterest

Dusty Rose and Sage Green Wedding

With its soft and earthy green hue, sage brings a sense of tranquillity and natural beauty. Paired with dusty roses produces a soft and delicate pink hue, it creates a romantic and ethereal feel, reminiscent of blooming flowers and tender romance.

The combination of sage green colour and dusty pink roses exudes elegance and sophistication. From bridesmaid dresses to flower arrangements and decor, this colour palette creates captivating contrasts when combined, striking the perfect balance between serene and romantic for an ambience that is both glamorous and timeless.

forest green and burgundy red wedding colour scheme

Image Source: Pinterest

Burgundy and Forest Green Wedding

Forest green colour with its deep green hues and rich intense burgundy red creates a sense of depth and richness that exudes timeless beauty and sophistication. From gowns to trim, this colour pairing creates a sense of elegance and grandeur.

The stark contrast of the two colours is eye-catching and creates a bold, rich and luxurious atmosphere. This colour combination is perfect for couples looking for a bold yet exquisite wedding aesthetic that will leave a lasting impression on couples and guests.

mint green and blush pink wedding colour scheme

Image Source: Pinterest

Mint Green and Blush Pink Wedding

With its soft, cool green hue, mint green brings serenity and natural beauty to the wedding. The blush pink adds a touch of romance, creating a soft and delicate feel reminiscent of blooming flowers and tender love.

Cool mint green dress pairs perfectly with soft blush colour to create a harmonious balance between natural freshness and a soft romantic glamour. The wedding colour scheme is sophisticated and intriguing, capturing the eyes and hearts of everyone in attendance.

dusty sage and lavender purple wedding colour scheme

Image Source: Pinterest

Dusty Sage and Lavender Wedding

Dusty sage conjures images of serene gardens and landscapes, evoking natural elegance and serenity. Lavender offers a romantic and whimsical touch. The light lavender colour is a soft, delicate colour that brings to mind blossoming lavender meadows and lovely love stories.

Dusty sage muted tones complement lavender to provide a visually appealing and harmonious backdrop for a spectacular wedding celebration. A serene and romantic atmosphere that is both calming and elegant.

emerald green and ivory white wedding colour scheme

Image Source: Pinterest

Emerald Green and Ivory White Colour Wedding

Emerald green brings a vibrant and luxurious feel to a bridal party, symbolizing growth and abundance. The dark green hue complements all skin tones and adds a pop of colour to the overall wedding palette. Ivory colour represents purity, simplicity and elegance. It's the perfect complement to verdant greens, providing a clean and fresh backdrop.

The combination of the emerald green bridesmaid dress and Ivory white colour creates a visual contrast that is both beautiful and stylish. This pairing allows the bridesmaids to express their individuality while maintaining a cohesive and sophisticated look. This colour scheme will undoubtedly produce a lovely and memorable bridal party look.

dark green and dark navy blue wedding colour scheme

Image Source: Pinterest

Dark Green and Dark Navy Blue Wedding

Dark green colour brings a deep and luxurious element to the bridal party, symbolizing nature and prosperity. Dark Navy blue exudes classic yet sophisticated elegance, they add depth and contrast to dark greens, resulting in visually spectacular pairings.

It is a versatile colour scheme that may complement a variety of wedding styles, from classic and traditional to modern and contemporary. Whether used as small accents or as a main colour, the mix of dark green colour and navy creates a cohesive and sophisticated bridal party aesthetic.

olive green and terracotta rust wedding colour scheme

Image Source: Pinterest

Olive Green and Terracotta Wedding

Olive green, with its natural and soft hue, represents growth, harmony and stability. Terracotta adds depth and a touch of rustic charm to the palette.

The overall effect of the olive green and terracotta wedding colour mix captures the beauty of the natural world. Perfect for rustic, boho or outdoor weddings, this colour combination brings a touch of natural elegance to your special day. This combination of olive green dress and terracotta dress evokes a feeling of warmth and authenticity, making it a beautiful choice for heartfelt and soulful wedding celebrations.

burnt orange and green

Image Source: Pinterest

Burnt Orange and Green Wedding

Warm and earthy tones of burnt orange wedding combine with fresh and vibrant green for natural warmth and elegance.  Are you still worried about how to decorate with this colour wedding theme? Here are some ways for your reference:

  • Mix and match bridesmaid dresses in burnt orange or green for a visually appealing contrast.
  • Incorporate burnt orange and green elements into ritual spaces through floral arrangements, and aisle decorations.
  • Create visually appealing bouquets of burnt orange flowers and greenery.
  • Bring colour into your wedding invitations with font colours, envelopes, and flowers in the invitations.
  • The menu and place cards are designed in burnt orange and green.
  • Outdoor places such as gardens, vineyards or barns can be your wedding theme venue.
lime green and pink

Image Source: Pinterest

Lime Green and Pink Wedding

Combining the zesty hue of lime green with romantic shades of pink wedding offers a fresh and vibrant palette that can bring energy and fun to your special day, and creates a dynamic contrast that sets the tone for your wedding celebration.

Balance vibrant lime green with soft and elegant shades of pink. such as if you're wearing a lime green satin dress for your bridesmaids, pair it with pink jewellery or shoes for a nice contrast. Beyond that, you can create stunning centrepieces by mixing lime green and pink flowers in a vase or flower arrangement, or add decorations like lime green succulents or pink candles.

emerald green and gold

Image Source: Pinterest

Emerald Green and Gold Wedding

The green and gold wedding colour scheme expresses opulence, elegance, and imperial glamour. The colour palette extends down to the smallest elements, from emerald green satin dress to centrepieces with green vibrancy and golden glimmer in a rich, deep emerald green hue accentuated by sumptuous golden gleams.

From the moment guests enter the ceremony, adorned with dark emerald green foliage and gold trim, to the reception where warm gold colour dress shimmer against rich green tablecloths, there is a sense of grandeur and natural allure radiating throughout.

This hue is a testament to the perfect combination of the majesty of nature and the refined allure of precious metals to create a truly captivating and memorable wedding experience.

lilac and green

Image Source: Pinterest

Lilac and Green Wedding

Soft and dreamy shades of lilac blend harmoniously with lush, vibrant shades of green for a glamorous and vibrant wedding theme.

As the couple exchanged vows, they were surrounded by the delicate elegance of the lilac petals strewn down the aisle. The bridal party became the living embodiment of the colour scheme, with bridesmaids in the lilac satin dress that flowed like petals in the wind. The bride holds a bouquet of lilacs intertwined with fresh greenery.

Evoking a sense of the serenity of nature and the tender embrace of blossoming love, from heartfelt vows to joyful celebrations, weave a love story as timeless as the beauty of the world around us.

olive green and black

Image Source: Pinterest

Olive Green and Black Wedding

A motif of olive green and black makes a strong statement, and this colour scheme sets the tone for a wedding that radiates depth and appeal. Dressing with an olive green satin bridesmaid dress provides a striking backdrop for the black centrepiece, complete with fresh light olive green foliage. This combination of colours creates an elegant and modern ambience, inviting guests to experience a wedding that breaks the mould.

As day turns into night, the lights transform the venue into an enchanted realm. Subtle, warm lighting adds a touch of magic to the wedding decor, creating an intimate and welcoming ambience that invites guests to celebrate love and bonding. This palette blends classic elegance with natural elements for a sophisticated and glamorous celebration.

champagne gold and emerald green

Image Source: Pinterest

Champagne Gold and Emerald Green Wedding

Whether it's an outdoor garden wedding or an indoor ballroom event, with careful planning and attention to detail, this palette can suit any wedding style, from rustic chic to classic call elegance.

The combination of champagne gold and emerald green can achieve a balanced interplay between understated sophistication and lively glamour. The subtle shimmer of the champagne gold dress is perfectly paired with the bold lushness of emerald green decor for a visually captivating harmony.

The interplay of colours creates an ambience that is at once regal and welcoming, inviting guests to a celebration that combines elegance and conviviality.

green and silver

Image Source: Pinterest

Green and Silver Wedding

Combine the crisp essence of green with the elegance and sparkle of silver. This colour combination creates a sense of natural beauty and modern glamour, making for a visually captivating and versatile colour scheme.

From lush foliage to silver satin dress and table decorations, silver and green can be incorporated into a variety of shades to evoke a sense of freshness and tranquillity. Of course, silver vases, candle holders and flatware can also be used to add a touch of charm to the reception table.

Whether you're planning an outdoor garden wedding, a hen party before a wedding, or a fall and winter wedding, green and silver wedding themes create a sophisticated and beautiful celebration.

grey and sage green

Image Source: Pinterest

Grey and Sage Green Wedding

The combination of grey and sage green creates a delicate balance between cool and warm tones, capturing the essence of harmony and understated beauty for a refined and alluring aesthetic. Create a balanced and versatile backdrop for your special day that exudes a timeless feel and soothing natural essence.

Soft sage green symbolizes a connection to the natural world. Paired with grey dresses for weddings, from light dove grey colour to deeper greeny grey colour, the colour scheme evokes a sense of calm and sophistication. Every element comes together to tell a story of timeless allure and natural allure.

dark green and dusty pink

Image Source: Pinterest

Dark Green and Dusty Pink Wedding

This shade is ready for a timeless and heartfelt wedding. Deep, lush shades of dark green pair with soft dusty pinks for a romantic and glamorous celebration.

The ceremony space is adorned with dark green foliage and accents, creating a lush and inviting backdrop. The table is upholstered in dark green linen, which evokes a feeling of depth and elegance. The dusty pink centrepiece features roses, peonies and other delicate blooms, plus a dark green satin dress and dusty pink satin dress for bridesmaids, bringing romance and tenderness to the space.

A dark green and dusty pink wedding is a testament to the power of contrast and the beauty that can emerge when opposites come together. Combining the rich allure with the soft subtlety, it's both elegant and emotive.

dusty blue and sage green

Image Source: Pinterest

Dusty Blue and Sage Green Wedding

A dusty blue and sage-green wedding creates an ethereal backdrop that reflects the tranquillity of nature. This shade sets the tone for a wedding characterized by gentle glamour, elegant freshness and understatedness.

As the couple exchanged vows, they were surrounded by soothing dusty blue flowers and sage-green leaves. The bridesmaids choose to walk down the aisle in a dusty blue satin dress that reflects the complex beauty of the colour. Invitations, menus, place cards and other paper elements maintained the wedding colour scheme, creating a sense of togetherness and elegance that resonated throughout the celebration.

A dusty blue and sage green wedding is a testament to the magic that can come when simplicity and elegance intertwine. It combines the calming charm of dusty blue with the soothing scent of sage green for an unforgettable celebration that is serene and deeply felt.

sage green and taupe

Image Source: Pinterest

Sage Green and Taupe Wedding

Imagine a sage green hue paired with taupe fabrics during a picturesque ceremony, transforming the scene into an oasis of calm. This combination effortlessly blends the serenity of nature with the timeless elegance of neutral tones.

When guests gather at the reception, they are greeted with a warm and neutral atmosphere. Adorned with ribbons of sage and taupe, and delicate blooms, the sage green and the taupe satin bridesmaid dress mixed and matched. Those evoke the essence of an outdoor garden. From country fashion to modern minimalism, further, the charm of theme colours, soft lights and flickering candles cast a romantic light, romantic and charming.

a summary about wedding colour palettes

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In the sophisticated world of green colour palettes, we explore many different combinations of green. Whether paired with other bright colours or blended with neutral tones, green shows its versatility and adaptability, allowing everyone's Weddings to exude a unique charm.

Inspired by these green colour palettes, you can create a truly unique scene that brings your and your partner's love story into a natural, vivid and artistic setting. It also brings indelible memories to everyone involved. May your wedding be full of hope, harmony and a new life like green!

FAQs about bridesmaid dress


Who traditionally should be a bridesmaid?

A bridesmaid is typically a young woman. Modern wedding have become more inclusive and flexible, and the decision of who should be a bridesmaid rests with the bride, who may consider close friends, siblings, cousins, or significant others, chosen to support her throughout the wedding planning process and on the wedding.

What colour does the maid of honour wear to bridesmaids?

Traditionally, the maid of honour would wear a dress that is slightly different from the bridesmaids' dresses to stand out and signify her role as the primary bridesmaid. If the bridesmaids are wearing blush pink, the maid/matron of honour might wear a similar dress in a different shade like rose gold or mauve.

What is the most flattering bridesmaid dress shape?

The A-line is a classic and popular choice for bridesmaid dresses. It fits over the bodice and flares out from the waist for an elegant and feminine shape. The A-line fits all body shapes and creates a balanced and flattering silhouette.

Is Green a Good Colour for a Wedding?

Yes, green comes in a variety of shades, from vibrant and vibrant to calm and tranquil. This versatility allows you to choose specific shades that resonate with your wedding theme.

Green pairs well with a variety of other colours. It pairs well with shades like white, ivory, gold, silver, blush, and even bolder colours like royal blue or burgundy.

Is Green an Inviting Colour?

Yes, green is the colour most often associated with nature, plants and foliage. Reminiscent of lush landscapes, forests and open spaces, it evokes feelings of comfort and relaxation.

Green is often associated with positive emotions such as hope, growth and health. These associations enhance the welcome and attractiveness of the green colour. Many doctors use green in their offices to help patients relax.

Is Green the Most Calming Colour?

Green is frequently regarded as one of the most calming colours, but individual preferences may differ. Based on particular experiences and associations, some people may find different colours, such as gentle blues or soft purples, to be equally or more peaceful. Colour's calming effects are ultimately determined by a combination of physiological, psychological, and cultural elements, making the impression of calm a sensitively personal experience.


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