AMhomely Dresses Real Reviews: Exploring Brand Legitimacy

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AMhomely Dresses Real Reviews: Exploring Brand Legitimacy

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Want the real reviews of AMhomely dresses? AMhomely also needs to undergo a fair and honest review. Learn about fabrics, styles, prices, reviews and more in just 5 minutes today.

AMhomely brand introduction

AMhomely Brand Introduction

AMhomely, an Amazon fashion dress brand. The brand is famous for its various kuan styles of casual dresses, bridesmaid dresses and banquet dresses to meet the needs of different occasions. Whether it’s a banquet or the red carpet, AMhomely provides women with dazzling options to exude confidence and beauty in their special moments.

Is AMhomely Legit on Amazon?

AMhomely Legit

AMhomely has established an extensive reputation and customer base around the world. As of now, the best dress sales style ranks 1704th on the ranking list, and the brand also complies with the corresponding laws and regulations.

If you are considering purchasing AMhomely products, it is recommended that you buy them from the official Amazon store to ensure that you get genuine products and enjoy relevant after-sales services and guarantees.

AMhomely Dress Price

The price range of AMhomely's dresses is usually between 10 and 40 pounds, depending on factors such as style, design, fabric and details. This price positioning makes AMhomely's gowns affordable for many people with low budgets.

AMhomely's gowns are suitable for a variety of special occasions, including evening parties, banquets, weddings, graduations, parties, and more. The brand offers a diverse range of designs and styles to meet the needs of women of different ages, shapes and styles. Therefore, AMhomely's audience includes adult women, mothers, brides, and bridesmaids.

AMhomely dresses styles
AMhomely dresses styles

Common Styles of AMhomely Dresses

AMhomely Dress brand has a variety of styles and colours. Here are some common dress colour types and part types: 

  • Dress colours: Khaki, floral print, taupe, burgundy, green, red, purple, etc.
  • Neckline: off-shoulder neckline, deep V neckline, high neckline, round neck, spaghetti straps, halter neck. 
  • Skirt: fishtail skirt, ruffle skirt, asymmetric skirt, A-line skirt.
  • Sleeves: puff sleeves, flying sleeves, cold shoulder, cap sleeves.
  • Length: short skirt style, midi length gown, floor length gown.
AMhomely dress fabric
AMhomely dress fabric

AMhomely Dress Fabric

AMhomely dresses are mostly made of polyester, and lace and are perfect for either a rustic wedding palette or a great hen party.


  • Material: Synthetic fiber, made of polyester polymer.
  • Abrasion Resistance: Polyester fibre is very abrasion resistant and does not easily wear or break.
  • Easy care: easy to clean, quick to dry, no special care required.
  • Wrinkle-resistant: Relatively wrinkle-resistant, suitable for travel and long-term wear.
  • Colour Persistence: Color does not fade easily.


  • Material: Usually made of silk, cotton, nylon or polyester.
  • Lace Patterns: Lace is known for its lacy patterns and textures, which have romantic and feminine qualities.
  • Lightweight and Transparent: Lace is often light and translucent, making it suitable for base layers or embellishments.
  • Requires lining: Due to its transparency, a lining or lining is usually required.
  • MULTIPURPOSE: Lace can be used in a variety of gowns, from weddings to evening parties.
  • Applicability: Can be used to decorate necklines, sleeves, skirts, back and other parts to add a sense of sophistication.


  • Material: Synthetic elastane, often blended with other fabrics to increase stretch.
  • Extremely high elasticity: Spandex is known for its excellent stretchability, providing a high level of comfort and adaptability.
  • Close-fitting and comfortable: Suitable for close-fitting design, it can closely fit the body curves and enhance comfort and fit.
  • Restoration performance: Spandex can quickly return to its original shape and is not easily deformed or loosened.
  • Breathability: breathable, suitable for various seasons.
  • Applicability: Spandex is commonly used in mixed fabrics, usually 5%.

AMhomely Dress User Reviews

AMhomely dress user reviews

AMhomely has an average star rating of 3.5, which indicates that customers think the products sold in this store are average. Now that we’ve looked at fabrics and styles, let’s take a look at what users are happy with and what they’re not!

Good Aspects and Positive Reviews of the Product

AMhomely reviews

Gd fast delivery. Squashed into a small plastic bag. Had to ironbefor wearing.
The elastic wait wasn't so comfortable.

AMhomely reviews

I am please with the dress, os good to wear around the house and go shops and doesn't need ironing.

AMhomely reviews

At first I thought I didn’t like this dress but it grew on me. I’d ordered blue with pale pattern. When it arrived it was green with pattern. But I don’t usually wear green so was going to return for refund. Put in wardrobe while I was cleaning and forgot to get it out. So when I didn’t recognise this in my wardrobe got it out and thought that’s pretty what a lovely colour!!! In daylight it’s nearer to teal than green so it’s back in my wardrobe waiting for summer!! It’s slightly larger on me now having lost some weight when unwell but if necessary I have a sewing machine! Yes I love it love colour love style suits me well albeit slightly large at present. Goid price as was in SALE.

Summary:Overall, the majority of the positive reviews were about the fabric not requiring ironing, the speed of delivery and the vividness of the colours. 

Poor Aspects and Critical Reviews of the Product

AMhomely reviews

I brought one of these dresses and it was great the black flower one. So I ordered another that has just arrived (green) and it is far to small and the material is very poor. Very disappointed.

AMhomely reviews

dress material was nylon made the dress look cheap and tacky
colour was not the some as photo, supposed to be pink more of a shade of brown.

AMhomely reviews

Can’t use it. The fabric is rough and the waistline too high and bulky.

Summary: The production of quality and size is unstable. When trying on the dress, you will find that the size is too small. For the same style, there is a big difference in the quality of the fabric before and after comparison. The waistline part of the style does not look good when worn.

Does AMhomely Offer High-Quality Products?

We analyzed all the feedback from our customers on AMhomely, with over 270+ reviews, we studied their product reviews and average ratings. The average rating of 3.5 can only be said to be average.

Therefore, we cannot guarantee that you will be able to get value-for-money products from AMhomely, but their shipping speed shows up well in the reviews.

AMhomely Dress Recommendation

We want to say that this seller is a medium seller on Amazon. We will recommend some of its products with high sales volume and high reviews in the hope that it can help everyone. Please continue reading!

AMhomely Short Sleeve V-Neck Floral UK Maxi Dress Party Elegant

AMhomely short sleeve v-neck floral UK maxi dress

This dress is suitable for many occasions, including casual everyday wear, summer beach vacations, parties, club events, work and cocktail parties. You can easily choose the style as needed. The round neck design is both classic and sexy, suitable for women of various body types. It's not revealing and still shows off your nice neck.

Printed dresses are very popular in summer. Prints can add colour and pizzazz, making you stand out from the crowd. The price of this dress can be very attractive, making it a great value shopping option.

AMhomely Round Neck Printing Short Sleeve Pockets UK Ladies Dress

AMhomely round neck short sleeve pockets dress UK

The round neck design is both classic and sexy, showing off your neckline without appearing too revealing. The printed design adds a sense of fashion and makes you stand out from the crowd. This popular summer design element will add a lot of colour to your outfit.

The pockets add practicality, allowing you to carry small items like your phone, keys or lipstick. The round neck and stretchy fabric make this dress suitable for women of all body types, whether you're slim or full.

AMhomely Short Sleeve Flowy Tiered Maxi Beach Dress with Pockets UK

AMhomely short sleeve flowy dress with pockets UK

The large skirt and smooth design increase comfort, and the smooth hem gently swings when walking, adding a sense of elegance, and allowing you to excel on various occasions. If you have good friends, there are also different colors or patterns to choose from. You can choose according to your personal preferences to meet the needs of the same style.

AMhomely Dresses vs. Chicsew UK Dresses

AMhomely dress: low price, various styles, few new styles, the fabrics are made of polyester fibre, there are no natural fabrics, and the size is smaller according to reviews.

Chicsew UK: The price is higher than AMhomely, but you can pay in instalments. The dresses of Chicsew UK are all hand-sewn and the fabrics are of higher quality, such as satin, silk, etc. The dresses are not easy to wrinkle and come in various sizes and could be custom a dress.

My Thoughts

AMhomely dresses have rich fabrics and various styles. However, because the fabric quality of the products varies greatly, I hope you can ask whether you can order sample fabrics before placing an order, it is not just for AMhomely, the same as the other brands. Brands that can order sample fabrics are more confident in the fabric quality and color of their products.

You can also ask if the dress can be customized according to your body data for a better fit and comfort.

Before purchasing, no matter what brand you choose, please be sure to understand the true evaluation of the brand's services, return and exchange terms, express delivery costs and times, etc.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Do the Colours of AMhomely Match the Pictures?

I purchased two AMhomely dresses for my needs and tested them, and to be honest, the colours did not exactly match the pictures.

What is the Main Composition of AMhomely’s Fabric? Is the Quality Good?

The Positive parts:

This dress arrived and aside from it being made of a cheap synthetic material, the proportions of the recommended style, and design are also far from flowing or suitable for a hot day. It sadly isn't what it was described as. A waste of money, and regrettably another task to return, a drain of funds

The critical parts:

As advertised. Good material , washed well & if you hang to dry it doesn't need ironing. I would like it to have a longer body so that the 1st tier starts lower as I have a big bust but this said I have ordered a second colour. Highly recommend.

AMhomely's fabrics are divided into two categories. Some think they are particularly good, but others do not. It is best to ask if you can order a sample fabric before purchasing.

Can I Find AMhomely Contact Number And Location?

To contact AMhomely or any other seller on Amazon, you can follow these steps:

  • In most cases, you can use Amazon's messaging system to send messages to sellers. This messaging system ensures that your communications are tracked and recorded.
  • In the message form, you can compose a message to the seller, including any questions or concerns you have.
  • Once your message is ready, click the Send or Submit button to send it to the seller.
  • Sellers on Amazon typically respond to customer inquiries within two days. Check your Amazon messages inbox for a reply from the seller.


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