How much can colour vary between different fabrics

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Colour can actually vary quite a bit, depending on the fabric...

We highly recommend ordering samples before deciding on a colour or fabric so you can see the true colour quality of each fabric in person. Even with the same colour name, there are several colour options. Different fabrics can take on the same dye completely differently, and the texture can also make it appear different - so it may throw off your colour palette if you aren’t expecting it!

Swatches can be found here.

It's also important to take into consideration the lining of the dress. The majority of our dresses are lined with a poly-blend lining. However, some styles, especially the maternity styles, have stretch lining. The stretch lining can be a slightly different colour than the standard lining, which can also affect how the chiffon appears. We do note on the individual style pages if it has stretch lining.
Additionally, please bear in mind that different lighting and camera settings can affect how colours look in pictures! So, if you take photos of the dress and compare them with the pictures on our site, there may be a colour difference too.
Please note that we cannot be held responsible for any colour discrepancies if you do not order fabric samples before purchasing the dresses directly. Although we will use the standard industry colours, we still cannot guarantee that it will be the exact colour you desire.

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