Inverted Triangle Body Shape: Mastering Fashion Dress Guide

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Inverted Triangle Body Shape: Mastering Fashion Dress Guide

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Are you an inverted triangle body? Then you'll love our dressing guide for the inverted triangle body shape. Knowing your body type is crucial to your style evolution. It will tell you which dress style make you look better. It can also sharpen your sense of style so you can modify popular fashion trends or new ones to better match your party.

use our advice as your dress inspiration

1. Use Advice as Inspiration

Our advice and tips will help you choose the dress that best flatters your figure. In short, our proposal is trying to make you look good.

Don't take results as a constraint. You could use our advice as inspiration, trust your instincts or break the rules and you can look stylish.

We may recommend v-neck dresses based on your body type, but you may not like wearing a v-neck dress. Maybe you love a square neck dress, although we say they're not the most flattering for you. Wear as you want, the guide is not a constraint.

Next, If you want inspiration for the inverted triangle shape, you can find our guide below.

what is an inverted triangle body shape

Image Source: Stylecraze

2. What is an Inverted Triangle Body Shape

2.1 Inverted Triangle Body Numerical Judgment 

In the inverted triangle body shape, when you gain weight, your upper body can appear disproportionately larger without a corresponding increase in your waist and hips.

Your shape type is top-heavy and lacks middle curves. Your arms and legs are typically toned or muscular. Your waist might be either wide and curved or tight and straight depending on your proportions.

Let's use our sizing data to judge your body type:

sizechat for inverted triangle body shape
  • Shoulder / Hip
  • Upper and upper body ratio = (shoulder + bust) / (waist + hip)

For the upper-to-lower body ratio and Shoulder/Hip Ratio of an inverted triangle body, the following are the correct data characteristics:

Shoulder to hip ratio: If your shoulders are at least 5% wider than your hips, it means that it is related to the inverted triangle.

Upper and lower body ratio: Generally speaking, a ratio of the upper and lower body greater than 1 means that the upper body is relatively wider.

The bust, waist, and hip ratio of the inverted triangle is 4-3-2 or 4-3-3.

features of inverted triangle body shape

Image Source: Howtowearfashion

2.2 Common Features of Inverted Triangle Body Shape

The inverted triangle body shape is commonly referred to as the V, Cone or strawberry body shape. The following are some common traits:

  • Especially in comparison to the hips, the shoulders and back have broad lines.
  • Shoulders may be square, erect, and look robust.
  • You can have any size bust.
  • Very little to no waistline outline
  • Compared to the shoulders, the hips appear straight and flat.
  • Typically, the bottom is smaller or flat.
  • Gorgeous, toned arms and legs
  • Athletic type contour
body shape difference of inverted triangle

Image Source: Answearable

2.3 Body Shape Difference of Inverted Triangle

There are many variations to an inverted triangle body shape, and a second shape is always possible.

  • The natural inverted triangle body shape is a typical inverted triangle with relatively narrow hips. The upper body is significantly wider than the lower body. 
  • Short inverted triangle body type refers to broad shoulders, relatively short height, and relatively long legs.
  • The muscular inverted triangle body type has a powerful upper body, which includes the shoulders, chest, and back muscles. A strong upper body line may be seen in this kind of inverted triangle.

These types are classifications in inverted triangle body shape characteristics, that are intended to describe different characteristics and variations. Each person's body shape is unique and may mix or vary between these types. These categories are generalizations only and do not cover all individual differences.

This means you can have an inverted triangle, but you can also have a naturally thin waist, full hips, or a very full bust. If you meet some of the characteristics, you can keep reading because these fashion tips are for you.

other body shapes similar to an inverted triangle

Image Source: Dressbarn

3. Other Body Shapes Similar to an Inverted Triangle

If you have a large bust and a heavy midsection, you're leaning toward an apple-shaped body.

If you have slight curves, you tend towards an hourglass body shape.

If your weight is in your hips or a strong bone structure, you'll gravitate toward a rectangular shape.

The inverted triangle is the opposite of a pear-shaped body and is characterized by more prominent shoulders and busts and smaller hips and thighs.

Note: Not all ladies with inverted triangle bodies are born with them. In some cases, a rectangular body may become an inverted triangle due to muscle or weight gain. If you were previously rectangular but now fit the characteristics of an inverted triangle, this guide is for you.

If you more about body type, please refer back to my article: Complete Dress Guide to Body Shape and Colour.

rules for inverted triangle body shape dress design

Image Source: Thestyleleague

4. Rules for Inverted Triangle Body Shape Dress Design

When choosing dresses, your goal is to create the illusion of a balanced hourglass body shape, with a defined bust and waist and proportionate shoulders and hips. As a result, it can be worn with clothing that has a sense of curvature body. Here are certain style rules that will enable you to pull this off.

    dress inspiration for inverted triangle body shape

    4.1 Suitable Dress Inspiration

    • Using soft, draping, thick materials will soften broad shoulders.
    • Try wearing a dress with roomy hips to give your hips and hips more volume and appeal, making them appear curvier and with smaller shoulders.
    • To provide the greatest illusion of a defined waistline, pair it with waist detailing.
    • To make your hips appear wider, use clothing that adds volume to your lower body.
    • Wear lighter, brighter colours or include details to highlight your legs.
    • Think about purchasing custom dresses that are made to match your unique body shape and highlight your form.
    dress aviod for inverted triangle body shape

    4.2 Dress Rules to Avoid

    • Avoid wearing a straight or tight dress.
    • Avoid shoulder details with strong shoulders, such as shoulder pads, and wide necklines that result in broad shoulders.
    • Avoid Wearing intricate designs and rich elaboration across the neck and shoulders.
    • Avoid wearing tight pants and narrow skirts because they will make your lower body appear smaller.

    5. Neckline for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

    Choosing a neckline that fits your inverted triangle shape is key to creating a gown that complements your figure. Choosing the right neckline can minimize the strong horizontal line formed by the shoulders and chest.

    The neckline should be slender to visually reduce the width of the upper body. Avoid necklines that are too wide or too low. Here are the great necklines for the inverted triangle shape, so read on!

    V-neck satin dress

    5.1 V-Neck and Deep V-Neck Dress

    V-neck is the ideal choice for the inverted triangle shape body, which can reduce the visual effect of shoulder width and lengthen the neckline.

    A V-neck dress can create different feelings, and a deep V-neck can highlight the sexy style of women. For example, wearing a V-neck for a flat-chested girl shows skinny beauty. Girls with big breasts wear V-necks to highlight their charm, full of infinite temptation and exude a charming style. The most important thing in dressing is to know how to maximize strengths and avoid weaknesses, highlight advantages and hide shortcomings.

    scoop neck dress

    5.2 Scoop Neck Dress

    The neck can also be presented through the design of the large neck style. The scoop neck dress is a U-shaped loose neckline design, that softens the shoulders. A scoop neckline frames the neck naturally for a sleeker look. Not only does it increase the feeling of bare skin, but it also increases the breathability and comfort of the upper body, making it a more relaxed fit.

    elegant asymmetric neck dress

    5.3 Asymmetric Neck Dress

    Asymmetric neckline It aids in detracting attention from the wider shoulder line. Create a strong diagonal line so that the eyes focus and the shoulder line is minimised rather than focusing on the strongest shoulder line that is most noticeable.

    You can simply create an effortless sense of chic with an asymmetrical neck dress, which is a style that will never go out of style. It can create a casual and playful atmosphere as if the neckline is inadvertently pulled to the outside, so the neckline, which is easy to be ignored, is no longer dull, and it instantly catches the eye and adds the finishing touch to the whole body shape.

    plus size halter neck dress

    5.4 Halter Neck Dress

    A halter neckline is a neckline designed with a thin strap. The place where the neckline is halter and the shoulders form a triangle area. The triangular area is visually very thin, so it will make you look more sexy and increase the overall sense of verticality.

    On the one hand, this type of halter neck dress can show the shoulders and arm lines of the girls, on the other hand, it can also create a romantic look, lengthen the proportion of the neck, and modify the shape of the face.

    plus size u-shape neck dress

    Image Source: Baggout

    5.5 U-Shape Neck Dress

    The U-neckline is a looser and rounder neckline design and adds a soft and soft feel to the shoulders and neckline. U-shaped necklines add a basic, laid-back vibe to the dress without sacrificing the atmosphere. They can significantly alter the shape of the face and make it appear slimmer.

    When it comes to design, clothing with a U-shaped neckline is the most humane. Not only does it keep the gap between the neck and the neck in appropriate proportion, but it also fits the skin very well and is very comfortable. 

    Avoid: You should avoid any neckline that widens your shoulders. This includes boat necks, lapel necks, Sabrina necks, square necks and baton necks. 

    6. Sleeves for Inverted Triangle Body Shape

    Like the neckline, the sleeves should make the upper body appear slimmer. wide straps, long sleeves, drop shoulders, and Kimono slim the shoulders. Softer, flowy fabrics will create a softer shoulder line, and structured fabrics create sharper lines and make your shoulders more prominent.

    wide strap bridesmaid dress

    6.1 Wide Strap Dress

    Choose wide straps to better cover the shoulders, and wide shoulder straps can create a pleasing look while maintaining the desired V-neck design. The wider shoulder strap has a larger stress area and less pressure on the shoulder strap, so it is less prone to strangulation and more comfortable. Choose wide shoulder straps rather than thin straps, as the latter will make the inverted triangle shoulders look wider and bigger.

    long-sleeve prom and bridesmaid dress

    6.2 Long-Sleeve Dress

    A long sleeve party dress is adaptable and flattering on many body types. Opt for long sleeves that aren't tapered, they can cover your arms from the sun, or they can balance out wider shoulders. You can emphasize the hip area horizontally when your arms are down. Long-sleeved dresses can show a person's stability and maturity, making people more confident and professional.



    drop shoulder sleeve dress

    6.3 Drop Shoulder Sleeve Dress

    Drop shoulder for a relaxed, oversized fit and lower-than-usual shoulder seams. This style helps to visually soften and soften the shoulder area. Drop shoulder sleeves will make the line of the shoulder not look particularly tough, but very smooth and round, so that the whole person looks more casual and relaxed, making the shoulder line look more natural.


    plus size Kimono sleeve dress

    Image Source: Sewgirlblog

    6.4 Kimono Sleeve Dress

    Kimono sleeves are long, flowing sleeves that protrude from the garment's bodice. They can create generate a pleasant and relaxed appearance. Kimono sleeves are plane cut, and virtually all of them are composed of straight lines, creating beauty with straight lines. Display a sombre, steadfast, and peaceful demeanour.

    Avoid: Shoulder embellishments, padded shoulders, puff sleeves, Juliet sleeves, tulip sleeves, any sleeves with shoulder volume or tightly fitted should all be avoided.

    7. Dress Recommendation 

    By incorporating these dress styles and details into your party, your party will be fabulous. Elegant skirts can best highlight the charm of women, they will make you graceful and swaying, and the various designs of skirts can show different beautiful postures.

    peplum satin dress

    7.1 Peplum Dress

    A peplum dress is a flared or ruffled fabric detail attached to the waist of a gown. This style adds volume to the hips and creates the illusion of curves in the hips, helping to create an hourglass shape body.

    The peplum hem dress is characterized by romance. Peplum-style dress is chic and elegant, free and unrestrained, and gives a soft and light impression. The peplum can modify the body shape and change the sweet style of the whole dress.

    layered chiffon dress

    7.2 Layered Dress

    Layered dress offers fullness and character to the lower body, drawing attention away from the shoulders. The layered dress combines the sweetness and fun of the pleated skirt with the elegance and intellectuality of the straight skirt. The layered skirt hem offers a clever and beautiful visual effect, making the layered dress more romantic, making it more tiered.

    long a-line satin dress

    7.3 A-line Dress

    The A-line silhouette is fitted at the waist to mimic the letter 'A'. A line dress provides a silhouette with narrow shoulders and gradually widening underarms, showing the slender and elegant body with great fluidity. A-line long dress waist can be slightly tucked, and a looser style will be adopted at the hem. This dress style offers people a more lively sense, and the entire result is more adorable.

    pleated wrap satin dress

    7.4 Pleated Wrap Dress

    The pleated function enhances the three-dimensionality of the clothes, making them increase the volume and texture of the lower body and appear more stylish. A satin pleated wrap dress can be fitted to the wearer's body shape, providing improved comfort and ease of movement. Also, The pleats lend the dress a classical and beautiful air.

    long belted chiffon dress

    7.5 Belted Dress

    Everyone is familiar with the belted dress. The belt's main benefit is that it accentuates a slim waist. For somebody with inverted triangle shapes without a waist, the loose version can easily make people look overweight, emphasising the need for the belt. You may effortlessly divide the body proportions and create an hourglass appearance by using the waist-belted dress.

    long straight side slit dress

    7.6 Straight Dress

    straight dress styles feature a straight, narrow design that descends directly from the waist to the hips, giving the appearance of being sleek and extended.

    Straight dresses are more versatile in terms of body form because they are an H-shaped design. It is also very flattering on big girls and can expose the most slender portions of the body, such as the calves and ankles, to easily accomplish the slimming effect.

    long tulip dress

    7.7 Tulip Dress

    The tulip dress is in a wrap style with a slightly flared or gathered hem. The tulip dresses have folds similar to inverted tulip petals, perfectly presenting the charm of tulips in front of women, showing different drifting styles while walking, and being full of atmosphere.

    bias cut dress

    7.8 Bias Cut Dress

    Bias-cut dresses are created by cutting diagonally to drape and follow the natural curves of the body. The tiny top and wide bottom not only showcase the thin waist nicely but also well adjust the lower body leg lines, emphasising strengths and avoiding flaws. The details naturally make the girls very excited.

    summary about inverted triangle body shape

    Image Source:Youqueen

    8. Summary

    Remember that everyone's body is unique, and it's important to embrace and celebrate your individual body shape. In these situations, always follow your instincts. That is, you are most beautiful when you feel beautiful. Like and confidence is the best, no matter what clothes you want, go buy them!

    FAQs about inverted triangle body shape


    9.1 Is an Inverted Triangle a Good Body Shape?

    An inverted triangle body shape has broad shoulders, which can convey a sense of strength and presence. You most likely also have excellent legs, which combine well with a number of design styles, including sleek and structured appearances.

    It is critical to accept and love your body type, as confidence and self-acceptance can make any body shape seem nice and desirable.

    9.2 Who is Famous with an Inverted Triangle Body?

    Among celebrities with an inverted triangles body shape, there are Naomi Campbell, Naomi Campbell, Miley Cyrus, Demi Moore, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Federica Pellegrini.

    9.3 What Colours Look Best on an Inverted Triangle Body Shape?

    Colours like black, navy, charcoal grey, and deep brown tops work well in creating a more balanced look. Lighter shades of pants such as pastels, creams, and whites can help create the illusion of a fuller lower body and add visual weight.

    Browns, olive greens, and rusty oranges can complement the inverted triangle body shape and create a balanced look.


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