The Complete Dress Guide: Colour and Body Shape

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The Complete Dress Guide: Colour and Body Shape

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When we think of weddings, beauty and romance is the first thing, filled with visions of the future and warm tones. Wedding should be the beginning of happiness, and it is very important to have a good start. After choosing the wedding theme and wedding dress, the bridesmaid dress becomes the most important to-do list. But it's not an easy decision because you have more than one bridesmaid, you need to choose styles and shades for each of your girls. The style of dress that suits every girl is different. but you need to make them look harmonious at the wedding.So you need to consider the styles, fabrics and color of the dresses to match everyone.

Then the bridesmaids won't complain and your wedding will be flawless.Are you still worried? Follow our footsteps and choose the dresses for your bridesmaids!

1.Determine The Color Of Your Bridesmaid Dress According To Your Own Characteristics

The distinction of colors is the basis of dressing. The first task is to find our own color positioning. When we understand our skin type and characteristics, and know our color positioning, we can quickly find the color range that suits us, and then we can better match the color of the dress with our own characteristics. Following our footsteps, we will teach everyone to find out their own color positioning and wear a beautiful life.

1.1 Know The Basic Knowledge Of Color

Origin of color

Red, yellow and blue are the origin of all colors. Yellow is a warm color, which reminds me of the heat of summer; blue is a cool color, which reminds us of cold but romantic ice and snow; and red is an intermediate color, but not a neutral color, it reminds me of simple daily life.

Other colors are derived from the addition of red, yellow and blue, which are mainly divided into: colored, achromatic and neutral colors (not bright colors).

warm and cold swatches

How to Identify Hue

We need to distinguish warm and cool colors. Purple and blue colors are usually considered cool colors, while orange and yellow colors are considered warm colors. You can use this as a starting point for understanding colors. But in real life, all colors contain both cool and warm tones - which is one of the things that makes the world colorful. Cool colors often evoke our emotions of calm, harmony, stability, and relaxation, we usually judge which colors are cool colors by having lower values of red and yellow or higher values of cyan or black, while warm tones are often judged in the opposite way. Warm tones are generally identified by relatively high red and yellow values, which often makes us feel warm and welcoming.

In addition, neutral colors generally include beige, taupe, brown, black and white, and do not tend to any warm or cold direction.


1.2 Decide Your Dress According To Your Skin Color

 Color is often divided into 3 types, but the skin tone is divided into 4 types, warm skin tone, cool skin tone, neutral skin color and olive skin color, which one are you? Now, find your answer quickly!

warm skin cool skin neutral skin olive skin

What do woman with warm color skin usually wear?

If the veins under your skin look green or olive, you may have a warm skin tone, which refers to the color of your skin that has a yellow, gold or peach undertone. People with warm tones tend to look gentle and elegant in warm color dresses.

Warm skin tones go better with gold than silver, and champagne and cream tones will make you look soft and accessible. Colors such as ivory and champagne will complement your warm skin tone and extend a romantic color. 

Recommended colors: rose gold, chocolate, burnt orange, gold, champagne, ivory.

burnt orange

What do woman with cool color skin usually wear?

People with blue or purple veins usually have a cooler complexion, which refers to the color of your skin that has a blue, pink or rosy undertone, girls with cool skin tones usually look demure in bridesmaid dresses at weddings. Pastel colors and cool-toned dresses will suit you.

Cool-toned skin looks better in silver dresses than gold, and sheer white and mint green will keep you looking cool. Lavender, blush powder, coral and other colors can form a complementary color for your cool-toned skin, which is elegant and romantic.

Recommended colors: lavender, blushing pink , coral, ivory, peach, silver, mint green.

blushing pink

What do woman with neutral skin tones typically wear?

If your skin tone is neutral, your veins may appear colorless or match your skin color.

Peach dresses work well with neutral skin tones, and this warmer shade will give you an elegant look. Burgundy and terracotta colors are suitable for making bridesmaid dresses in weddings, because it is necessary to set off the beauty of the bride, and the bridesmaids must also be beautiful, but they cannot be more beautiful than the bride. This is a very suitable color. Cooler shades like emerald green and royal blue are great choices for a demure look.

Recommended colors: daffodil yellow, burgundy, emerald green, royal blue, peach, terracotta.

emerald green

What do woman with olive skin tones typically wear?

If your skin looks more ashy or gray, you probably have a natural olive skin. This is not as common as warm, cool or neutral, but a combination of undertones. Olive skin has neutral and warm undertones with green undertones that are thought to be found only in olive skin.

Dark dresses make olive-toned skin beautiful and clean, such as dark navy blue and burnt orange. Brown is very friendly to every girl with olive skin, full of dignity and atmosphere in the wedding . There is no need to choose too light colors for olive skin.

Recommended colors: brown & mocha, moss green, burnt orange, olive, dark navy, cabernet, burgundy.


1.3 Determine The Color According To The External Facial Features And Internal Character

The facial features and inner personality will determine your suitable color. Please get to know yourself as soon as possible and find the dress that makes you beautiful!


Atmospheric and lively ladies are suitable for color

If your external appearance is majestic, with distinct layers and strong personality, and your internal character is cheerful, lively and outgoing, you can choose high purity and bright colors in the color range of the dress.

If you are a lively and outgoing personality, you can choose some of the purest colors in the palette. Of course it depends on your acceptance.

Recommended colors: purple, lilac, royal blue, burgundy, rust, lemon, emerald green, orange and other bright colors.


Soft and quiet demure color suitable for ladies

If your facial features are relatively small, brows and eyes are relatively light, and the contrast between hair and skin color is not high, your color selection range is those light color blocks. When choosing the color of the dress, you could choose simple colors. Generally, the left side of the picture color palette is selected (column 1-3),The gentle colors will make your inner character stand out and also attract the attention of the people present.

Recommended colors: mint green, blush pink, lilac, lavender, peach, ivory, vintage mauve, flamingo and other pastel colors.


Colors for people with bright features and introverts

Some women may belong to the middle type, with distinctive facial features and a very grand personality, but their inner personality is very conservative and gentle. When such contradictions appear, it is generally necessary to choose the color of the dress based on the woman's own personality prevails. According to the acceptance of your own personality, you should choose a color that is lower than the bright color block and higher than the soft color block. These colors will make you happy and comfortable to wear.

Recommended colors: rose gold, terracotta, burnt orange, dusty sage, dusty rose, dark green, clover, and other colors between bright and soft.

rose gold

Finally, it should be noted that when a person's life status changes, the range of color selection will change accordingly. When your life is upgraded, you can control more vivid colors than before.

1.4 Choose Your Style And Shade According To Hair Color

The perception of hair color plays a key role in improving the overall texture of a person. Those who take good care of their hair will also use a wider range of colors. Do you want to know what color suits you with your hair? Come and take a look!

Dress color for warm brown hair?

Warm brown hair color is more suitable for ladies who pursue elegance, gentleness and generosity. The overall feeling of warm color is approachable, like the spring breeze blowing on the face, warm and comfortable. Whether it is an office worker or a student , the warm-colored hair style is generous and unconventional.

When your beautiful white gown wearing over warm brown hair, it provides a sparkly look, that reminds me of a perfect day at the beach. And the emerald green gown looks stunning with warm brown hair.

Recommended Colors: taupe, emerald green, orange, pearl pink, dark navy, rose gold, dusty blue, burgundy.



Platinum hair how to choose dress color?

Platinum (light yellow) hair can choose a wide range of dress colors, which is more suitable for people who pursue the ultimate and simple, giving people the feeling that it is full of surprise and beauty .

If you have this hair color, fuchsia, deep greens, and vibrant blue will look great because they match your hair color. You could wear a wide range of colors, you can also choose orange and yellow,  it is a good idea to leave olive and clover colors aside, because they will not affect you too much. 

Best colors to wear with: royal blue, orange, fuchsia, lemon, burnt orange, blush, and clover.

How to choose the dress color for the individual blonde hair?

Blonde hair color is very fashionable, giving people beauty and romance. It is more suitable for people who pursue fashion and happiness. It makes you look lively, It sounds great, right? There are so many colors that can really make you look cute and classy, you can choose any color that makes you feel confident. But there are some tried and true shades that are guaranteed to make you feel and look shiny!

Blonde shades go well with darker shades. Blonde hair goes well with burgundy and the contrast looks beautiful; the bright and dramatic marigold color looks fantastic on blondes, picking up the golden tones in their hair and adding radiance to their skin; You could argue that champagne goes with just about every hair color, but it stands out especially on blondes.

Recommended colors: champagne, lavender, lemon, rust, forest green, green, terracotta and burnt orange.

Make the most of your colors! The right color can help you stand out from the crowd and we believe everyone can have a lovely color.

2. Tips For Choosing Bridesmaid Dresses That Suit Your Body Type

Everyone's body shape is different. Some people's upper body is fuller and their lower body is thinner, while others are just the opposite, which seems to be out of proportion. Different body types have different characteristics, so long as they cover up their shortcomings and highlight their advantages. You'll definitely look good. Do you know what your body type is? If you want to dress comfortably and gracefully, you need to know your body shape well enough. Follow our steps, and we will tell you the style that suits you according to your body shape.

figure and shape


2.1 Basic Knowledge of Body Shape

Shoulder circumference - Standing body, with arms hanging down naturally, use a soft ruler to surround the widest part of the outer shoulders for a week.

Waist circumference – The smallest circumference measured with a tape measure around your natural waist, usually above the navel.

Hips circumference – The largest circumference measured with a tape measure around the largest part of the buttocks.

When measuring, please make sure that the soft ruler is close to the body, but not too tight, so as not to press the body and make the measurement inaccurate.

After the measurement, record your data, come and choose the body shape that suits you according to your shoulder, waist and hip circumference data!

2.2 Bridesmaid Dress Styles Suitable For Apple-Shaped Body


Apple (O-shaped) Body Delineation Standard:

  1. Waist circumference- shoulder circumference ≥ 2cm
  2. Waist circumference -hip circumference > 2cm


Apple (O-shaped) body shape introduction: slender limbs, broad shoulders, most of the flesh is concentrated in the waist, crotch and other areas.

Neckline suggestions: square, strapless, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, spaghetti straps.

Applicable styles: A-line (with a low waist and hip design to highlight the waistline), two-piece design, skirts with high drape, long simple bridesmaid dresses, mermaid bridesmaid dresses and other styles, highlighting the waist, and the upper body could be the simpler the better, avoiding too complicated decoration will have an expansion effect, and it is not suitable for too many decorations.

Choose high-waistline bridesmaid dresses to hide the waist by raising the waistline. For example, a black off-shouldered dress can balance your figure, and it can also let you choose a ruffled top, and a dress with a thin waist can make your waist look more beautiful. In addition, the V-neck champagne mermaid dress has a good slimming effect, and the fashionable mermaid dress can reveal slender calves, which is your ideal choice.

In fact, the upper body of this body type should be as simple as possible, avoiding too complicated decorations will have an inflated effect, and it is not suitable for too many decorations.

2.3 Bridesmaid Dress Styles Suitable For Hourglass Figure


Hourglass (X-type) body type delineation standard

  1. The difference between shoulders and hips does not exceed 2cm
  2. (shoulder + hip)/2-waist circumference >20cm


Hourglass (X-shaped) body shape introduction: Just like Marilyn Monroe's figure, with lordosis and slender waist, this is what many women want to have. Believe in yourself, you are a proper beauty!

Neckline suggestions: strapless, V-neck, off-shoulder, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, etc.

Suitable version: A figure that looks good in everything, one-shoulder width and suspender style are all particularly suitable. mermaid satin bridesmaid dresses are especially recommended, which fit the figure super well.

The side slit mermaid dress is most suitable for the hourglass shape, because it is already beautiful and plump enough. Choose the style that can highlight your S-shaped figure! Tail mermaid side slit dress is perfect for hourglass figure, not only can highlight your waist, side slit style also can show slender leg lines, beautiful and charming. Burnt orange simple backless dress style will attract more people's attention, and your figure has this ability.

2.4 Bridesmaid Dress Styles for Pear Shaped Figures

emerald green

Pear (Type A) body type delineation standard:

Hip circumference - Shoulder circumference ≥ 2cm


Pear (Type A) body shape introduction: the upper body is relatively well-proportioned, the lower body is relatively strong, especially the hip part is relatively wide, which looks uncoordinated.

Neckline recommendation: V-neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, one-shoulder, peach heart collar, lotus leaf collar, etc. 

Recommended styles: A-line bridesmaid dresses with side slit are recommended. While modifying the lower body line, the A-line skirt or side slit hem design can also cover the flesh well, highlighting the slenderness of the upper body, you can also wear a two piece bridesmaid dress with loose wide leg pants.

For example, you can wear a long one-shoulder dress with side slit. On the one hand, you need to increase the presence of the upper body. The other, it can cover the uncoordinated crotch, the unique neckline can attract people's attention and avoid the lower body. In addition, the strapless A-line dress shows your fragrant shoulders and collarbone, and the A-line skirt just covers the fat on the lower body. 

2.5 Bridesmaid Dress Styles Suitable For Strawberry Body

Hourglass (X-type) body type delineation standard:

Shoulder circumference - hip circumference ≥ 2cm


Strawberry type (Y/T type) is also called an inverted triangle body type introduction: the upper body is relatively well-proportioned, the lower body is relatively strong, especially the wider crotch, which looks uncoordinated.

Neckline recommendation: The V-shaped neckline design can also visually shift the center of gravity, which is great for looking thin. We recommend strapless bridesmaid dresses and one-shoulder bridesmaid dresses. If you match with long hair, you can put the hair down to cover the excess flesh.

Applicable styles: bridesmaid dresses with side slits with ruffles can cover the arms and show the elegance of the legs. This figure is especially suitable for showing the legs, mermaid bridesmaid dresses are also very beautiful, boldly showing the legs charm.

For example, you can wear a slanted one-shoulder side-slit dress that covers the flesh, weakens the upper body, and highlights the elegance of the legs. The black bridesmaid dress weakens the line of sight of the upper body for this figure, and the slimming effect is superb.

2.6 Bridesmaid Dress Styles Suitable For Straight Body

blush pink

Straight (H-type) body shape delineation standard:

  1. The difference between shoulders and hips does not exceed 2cm
  2. (shoulder circumference + hip circumference)/2-waist circumference <20cm


Straight body type (H or I type) body shape introduction: The body shape that is as thick as the top and bottom is a straight body type, and the thicker type is also called H type, and the particularly thin one is also called I type. The biggest feature of the straight figure type is flat and the waistline is not prominent, but it is a great addition to the stylish finish.

Neckline recommendation: V-neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, one-shoulder, halter neck, etc.

Recommended styles: A-line skirts can elongate the body curve, side-slit dresses can effectively show the lower body, unique one-shoulder dresses can make everyone pay more attention to your fashion, one-shoulder and mermaid design bridesmaids dresses, modify the body curve.

Long mermaid bridesmaid dresses can be well matched with body curves, and you can also choose a halter neck style to reveal your slender shoulders, neck and clavicle. The fewer decorative items, the better, It will increase the fashion matching.

2.7 Bridesmaid Dress Styles for Rectangular Figures


royal blue

Criteria for defining a rectangular figure (big frame):

A body shape with a shoulder-to-hip ratio of approximately 1:1:1


Body shape introduction: wide shoulders, big hips, small chest, flat hips, no curves + mostly tall and strong. A rectangular figure is what we often call a large skeleton figure. Many people think that a rectangular figure is an H-shaped figure, but it is not, the H shape is a body shape that is neither too wide nor too thin at the shoulders, hips, and waist, which is very different from the rectangular style.

Neckline recommendation: Halter neck style, scalloped, one-shoulder style, jewel, V-neck, etc.

Recommended style of bridesmaid dresses: A-line dresses can make you look more feminine, especially those designed with satin and side slits at the waist, which can modify the waist and show the outline of the figure.

If you want to show your waist and shape your figure with a big skeleton, you must need better satin fabrics, neatly cut. Dresses that flatter your waistline and give you a great figure.

Of course, if you don't belong to any of the body types above, please contact us to help you choose a dress.

3. How To Match The Color Of The Bridesmaid Dress According To Your Wedding Or Party Theme?

3.1 Color Matching Of Seaside Theme Wedding

Color matching of seaside theme wedding

Nowadays, couples often hold romantic weddings by the sea. The golden sands, green palm trees, and blue sky are the most beautiful natural scenery in the wedding. Of course, our beautiful bridesmaid dresses are indispensable in various natural landscapes! The beautiful shades will add a touch of beauty to the wedding theme.

Against the backdrop of the sea and the sky, it would be unreasonable not to have a blue-themed wedding! Want an easy spot? Sky blue and ocean blue are perfect, this is the color of the sky, the romance of the sea, and a beautiful and playful fashion party; the navy blue long bridesmaid dress is very suitable for a solemn wedding, and its own dignified color is matched with the sea. Your guests, your relatives and friends will be deeply impressed by this grand wedding.

In the seaside landscape, the azure sea can also be combined with some warm colors. Slightly drunk champagne and romantic pearl pink will add a sense of warmth and comfort to the wedding scene. Stylish satin or chiffon gowns can perfectly match the seaside scenery, together with the charming purple bouquet, outline the most moving picture.

Please don't forget to check the weather conditions of that day! Don't let bad weather affect your good mood.

3.2 Color Matching Of Outdoor Lawn Themed Wedding

color matching of outdoor lawn themed wedding

Lawn wedding can be said to be a very romantic and fashionable wedding nowadays. Who would not want a romantic garden-style wedding? The wedding scene is as bright and lovely as an ancient oil painting. With a beautiful venue, why can’t it be matched with beautiful colors.

Let's have a carnival of colors at the wedding on the lawn. The vibrant light green backless dress exudes natural beauty in the wedding, and the light blue one-shoulder dress is a good choice for the bridesmaids, which can be matched with the lawn, very natural and harmonious. The playful white strapless dress often appears on the lawn, with a touch of white in the bright green, just like the arrival of spring and the melting of winter snow, imply the growth of all things. From dignified to lively themes, there will be its shadow. Coral mermaid skirts look pretty and lively in lawn weddings. Bright coral color is a common way to create a charming atmosphere in weddings. Coral and green form soft complementary colors at weddings for a romantic look.

Lawn weddings are often relaxed and comfortable. Colorful flowers can be arranged to create an amazing wedding effect. The fusion of tones is not only between the on-site decorations, but also reflects the skirts of you and the bridesmaids, which are also vivid. The emerald green and thick moss color are also good helpers for color matching in weddings.

3.3 Mix and Match Of Different Colors For Indoor Wedding

mix and match of different colors for indoor wedding

Indoor weddings vary in theme. Our favorite is to achieve your beauty by incorporating color into your gown. We also offer multiple types of gowns in one color, which makes it easy for your bridesmaids to choose the same color and different styles, different but harmonious. Here we roughly talk about the color mix and match of some indoor weddings with different themes.

Solemn wedding: Brides often like the theme of solemn style. The clover-colored dress with brown background adds a sense of calmness to the wedding without losing the freshness of green; the dark navy blue tone seems to be born for the wedding, Intense and romantic.

Playful and relaxed wedding: most people will like a relaxed wedding, so it is very important to choose the right color, lemon is a color with almost no shadow, which is as playful and cute as ivory mermaid dress; bright shade of blush is perfect for spring or summer weddings, which is one of the most popular bridesmaid dress colors of all time.

Dignified or gorgeous wedding: more suitable for some shiny and luxurious colors. Romantic colors such as gold and taupe make for a flattering bridesmaid dress color, especially for elegant bridesmaids, choose a long bridesmaid dress, using bright colors and green bouquets to create a fashionable and leisurely wedding beauty.


4.How To Check A Bridesmaid Dress Fabric is Better

4.1 Fabric Characteristics Of Satin 

satin champagne dresses

At present, the type of satin fabric commonly used in the market - rose satin, the raw material of the fabric is composed of 97% polyester and 3% spandex, the fabric weight is 168g/m2, after dyeing and pattern dyeing process , with texture on the satin and elastic in weft direction.  Although the market price is expensive, it is popular because of its high quality and unique style.


Characteristics of satin fabric:

  • Because the gowns are all hand-sewn, the satin used is of medium thickness, which is very popular in the market. It is soft and comfortable. It is suitable for ladies to make bridesmaid dresses, which is in line with the current fashion taste.
  • A kind of pure natural fabric full of vitality and showing natural features, attracts customers with its attractive charm, and arouses the love of fashion girls,
  • The fabric is tight and soft, and the satin surface is smooth and shiny, and the color is rich.
  • No shrinkage after washing, easy to use.
  • Environmentally friendly dyeing and anti-static processing.


4.2 Fabric Characteristics Of Lace

At present, the commonly used type of the dress fabric in the market is elastic lace fabric, which is made of spandex 10% + nylon 90% as raw materials. It has unique craftsmanship, advanced dyeing and finishing technology, fresh and natural fabric style, and impeccable quality. The fabric has good wrinkle resistance and drapability, which can be described as an ideal fabric for dresses. It has an elegant and mysterious artistic effect, and is widely used in women's clothing.



Characteristics of lace fabric:

  • The texture is soft and supple. The high-grade composite lace fabric feels quite comfortable to the touch, while the shoddy and inferior fabric will give people a frizzy grainy feel, which is very difficult to handle.
  • The density of lace fabric is relatively high, and it has a good effect of keeping out the cold and wind when worn on the body. Even wearing lace in winter will keep you in a warm state.
  • The color of lace fabric is better, giving people a visually high-end and high-grade feeling, and the fabric made into clothing is quite gorgeous and elegant.
  • The flower patterns are complex and changeable. Which benefit fromthe development of technology. Today's lace fabrics can be described as dazzling.


5. Common Questions About Bridesmaid Dresses

5.1 Arrival Time Of Bridesmaid Dresses

The delivery speed of bridesmaid dresses is usually different due to customization and standard size, but at present, we are already very fast because of our skilled production technology. And in fact, because we make it by hand, there are often different production times depending on the complexity of the bridesmaid dresses, but in the end we will finish it in 4 weeks. Of course, make sure you fill in the correct address for easy access, Logistics will also be smoother and faster. 

If your time is urgent, please be sure to contact customer service and use the expedited production service, I believe you will get your bridesmaid dress faster.

5.2 The Color Difference Of Bridesmaid Dresses

No matter how advanced the camera is to take pictures, the color is always different from our natural light, just like the same piece of fabric is different in sunlight and shade, always a little bit different. The color of our fabrics is specially polished and debugged by designers and handmade masters, and then professional photographers try their best to preserve the texture of the fabric and the color in nature.

We are committed to letting customers see the colors and textures in their natural form, so that customers can choose suitable colors and styles according to their own situations, such as different wedding themes, indoor and outdoor situations, etc. Both you and your friends should be beautiful and charming.

5.3 Can The Style Of Bridesmaid Dresses Be Modified?

We know that you often like some styles, but you are worried that this style is not suitable for you, so you want to change this style to fit your body shape - modify the straps and appliqués, etc.

Now we provide such a service, our bridesmaid dress can be modified, although it is a customized style after the modification, it will make it more suitable for your body shape, so that your body advantage will be more prominent in the prom or wedding, or for Covering up the unsuitable prominent areas of your body shape will make you more beautiful.

We always hope that you can wear comfortable and beautiful clothes. As a dresses brand, your beauty will be our signature, so please use your own suitable bridesmaid dresses in your heart.

6. Summary

Choose a stunning bridesmaid dress for a modern wedding, because nothing could beat a romantic wedding scene on this beautiful day. No matter what bridesmaid dresses you decide to choose to your bridesmaids, one thing is for sure, when your bridesmaids walk down the red carpet for the first time, they will not only complement you, but will also be part of the wedding colours, get the attention of your guests.

When choosing a bridesmaid dress, there are many different factors to consider, including the venue, the weather and any accessories you can add to your bridesmaid's dress. While there are many bridesmaid dress retailers online, it can be hard to decide which one is the best and trust the quality of the gown. But we at ChicSew believe in high quality, We believe that all women should have their dream dress, no matter what their size or budget, suitable and comfortable bridesmaid dress is Chicsew, because it has the variety of styles, 69+ colors, appropriate price and fast transportation service.


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