7 Bold Dresses for Bridesmaids and Prom

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7 Bold Dresses for Bridesmaids and Prom

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Many brides want their bridesmaids to blend in with the colour that they have chosen for their wedding. Many girls like to choose neutral colours for their formal and prom dresses. And these are all great choices! But what about those of you who are looking for something more eye-catching- a dress that, when you walk into the room, will make the people around you gasp with delight upon seeing it and make you the focal point of the evening? That’s right, in this article, we’ve picked seven of our boldest, most show-stopping dresses to give you ideas for your next event. Neutral colour certainly has its place, but it’s always more fun to get out of your comfort zone and try something new! Wearing bolder, brighter colours will help boost your confidence and will help you create an unforgettable look for your next special occasion. 

Here are our seven bold dress picks!

1. Pink Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses



The first dress we’ve selected is a satin dress in the colour azalea. This almost hot pink colour will stand out in any room. But don’t worry- the vividness of the colour is perfectly balanced with the dress's simplicity, which makes the look work. You don’t need to be afraid of this dress being too much. It has a thin strap on one shoulder, and some pleats on the top of the bodice and waist. The skirt is long and formal length. This classic, elegant dress is a great place to start for anyone who wants to try out wearing bold colours.

2. Pool Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses


Who could resist a mermaid dress? This satin dress in the colour pool makes for the perfect mermaid bridesmaid dress! Again, with bold colours, sometimes it can be best to keep the design of the dress more streamlined, and so for this pick, we’ve chosen a dress where the colour will be highlighted and not compete as a focal point. The dress has a slight sweetheart neckline, and thin straps, with a tail-like mermaid skirt. The colour is especially applicable, reminiscent of water. You’re sure to turn heads with this dress!

Now, how about dresses for prom? We have a few things we can suggest!

3. Marigold Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses



Looking for something more warm-toned and inviting? This dress in marigold would be the perfect dress for homecoming or spring formal. Its bright yellow colour is the star of the look. The dress is modern, with sharp lines in the v-neck bodice. Its draped skirt adds softness, matching and enhancing the tone of the yellow colour. The marigold is on-trend with the satin slip dresses which have become increasingly popular in late years, but slightly more dressed up for a formal occasion. If you like more edgy styles, but want to wear more playful colours, then this is the dress for you!

4. Plum Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses



Our next dress, in plum, is a satin prom dress that will suit those who favour a darker colour palette. Even if you like a darker colour, there are still plenty of ways to make your look bolder and more adventurous! This satin dress has a unique twist of fabric at the bodice and waist, which flows into a fit-and-flare skirt. The straps are thin for movement. You don’t have to be worried if you prefer to wear a more shadowy colour- you can step into the next party with confidence in this style!

5. Red Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses



Nothing says glamorous like a long, dramatic red dress! Known for being a colour that is both bold and classic at the same time, red will dress up any look- you’ll be red-carpet ready! This red prom dress has a train that will trail behind you as you walk into the ballroom, with a long slit up the front of the dress. This draws the eye upwards, to the cinched-in bodice. The v-neck top and ruched bodice tie the look in. If you’re looking for a stunning dress, you can’t go wrong with this one!

6. Watermelon Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses



Our satin off-the-shoulder prom dress in watermelon is a more complex style. The vivacious shade of pink would be great for the summer or spring seasons. Its off-shoulder sleeves give the dress a princess-like character, further amplified by the romantic bow at the side of the waist. The ruched bodice and loose, flowing skirt complete this fairytale-like dress, making it the perfect combination of a dauntless colour choice and a classic, charming silhouette.

7. Emerald Bridesmaids and Prom Dresses



Our last pick, a satin prom dress in emerald, is a dramatic, edgy dress that is sure to get lots of compliments. It features smooth, straight lines in the skirt, which are offset and complimented by the asymmetric detail at the shoulder. The sleeve on this dress is a combination of an off-shoulder sleeve and a strap, which makes for a unique, geometric shape. The emerald colour isn’t as bright as the marigold or azalea, which is why it’s a great colour choice for anyone who would normally prefer a more subdued colour. With strong lines and striking colour, the emerald is the perfect pick for any girl going for a darker, more cutting-edge style.

Every girl has different tastes, and different styles suit different colour palettes- but we’d like to encourage everyone to have more confidence in wearing brighter colours and more striking styles. You will stand out at prom with a brightly coloured satin dress. For a group of bridesmaids in daring colours, you will add to the playful, fun atmosphere of the wedding and lift the spirits of the evening. Many girls shy away from bright colours due to the attention they bring to the wearer- and we’d like to encourage you to be confident and choose bright colours this season! When you’ve found the perfect colour and chosen your favourite dress, there is no reason why you shouldn’t be confident in your outfit, knowing you look magnificent in the new colour that you’re trying out.

Let us know which bold colours are your favourite, and how you will wear your next formal dress confidently!


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