Mesmerizing Floor Length Bridesmaid Dresses to Flaunt Every Wedding

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Mesmerizing Floor Length Bridesmaid Dresses to Flaunt Every Wedding

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There’s nothing more show-stopping or dramatic than a gorgeous, floor-length dress. Warm tones are the colours we’ll feature in this article, from shades of orange and red, to shades of gold. With so many details to be planned for a wedding, it can be hard to find the perfect dress for your bridesmaids to wear. We have styles that will suit anyone- and today we’re putting a spotlight on some of our fanciest, most formal dresses. From one shoulder to off-shoulder, high necklines to sweetheart necklines, we’ve picked seven dresses that will suit all kinds of tastes, in high quality materials that are made to last. The bridesmaids can match the bride’s long dress with beautiful dresses of their own- in colours that they can wear to weddings again and again.




1. Champagne Side Slit One Shoulder Bridesmaid Dresses

Our first pick is a floor-length gown in one of our trendiest colours, champagne. This dress features a mermaid silhouette and a one-shoulder sleeve. The cutout in the front of the bodice and the skirt bring extra dimension and interest to the look, with a long train for added drama. The champagne colour goes wonderfully with sparkly jewellery to accessorize, giving this dress an aura that’s reminiscent of Greek goddesses. It’s a perfect fit for bridesmaids who need to have a glamorous outfit without looking too showy!




2. Burnt Orange Off The Shoulder Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Our next pick, in burnt orange, is a vibrant and romantic dress that will be enchanting on your bridesmaids. Think flower crowns and wildflower bouquets as accessories! The sweetheart neckline and off-shoulder sleeves mimic the gowns of princesses. The long, draped skirt has a panel of fabric that hugs the hips, reminiscent of the large skirts on many royal dresses. It flares out into a small train that comes to the floor, giving it a modern spin as well. The glamour of the satin sheen is combined with the whimsical in this bridesmaid dress, a perfect fit for outdoor and indoor weddings alike.




3. Terracotta Mermaid V-Neck Soft Satin Long Bridesmaid Dresses

This next bridesmaid dress, in terracotta, is a full-length satin gown with a lot of drape. The skirt is simple and just reaches the floor, while the top has wide straps and dips down in the front for a cowl neckline. It is far from boring, being rather more classic and elegant thanks to the lines of the bodice and the long skirt. The terracotta would match a nude lip and neutral eyeshadow well, making it on-trend but still timeless. It is a great pick for a bride who wants a softer color palette and curvy, feminine lines.




4. Tangerine Backless Side Slit Long Satin Bridesmaid Dresses

This satin dress in vibrant tangerine is a unique long-length dress, perfect for a more modern look for your bridesmaids. The pleated draping across the hips and across the front of the dress adds extra detail and texture. With a high-v neckline, the tangerine satin combines the straight lines of modern fashion with the classic shape of a mermaid dress, including a slit in the front of the dress and a short train. This particular style would accessorize well with chunky jewellery to compliment the simplicity of the dress itself. The tangerine is a bold option for those looking for a standout bridesmaid dress and a more avant garde aesthetic.




5. Papaya Off The Shoulder Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Our next dress, a satin mermaid dress in papaya, was made for glamour. It has a tight-fitting bodice and flared skirt, with a train that just trails on the ground, but is short enough in the front for plenty of dancing and movement! The off-shoulder sleeves and slight sweetheart neckline complete the look. With this bright, exotic colour that reminds one of the tropics and the very fruit it was named for, the dress will be striking. If you’re looking for a dress that will pop, something that’s elegant and reminiscent of the red carpet, this is the dress for you!



6. Orange Off The Shoulder Long Bridesmaid Dresses 

This mermaid dress in orange is a fresh take on the classic silhouette. Made from high-quality satin, the dress has a soft orange hue reminiscent of the ripe fruit. The straps fall off the shoulders and criss-cross in the front of the bodice to make a sweetheart neckline. The rest of the silhouette is very streamlined, with no interruption in the smooth lines of the dress. There is a cutout in the front of the dress for extra movement surrounding the train. With such a soft, romantic colour and striking bodice, this dress is sure to be a hit at any wedding.




7. Gold One Shoulder Long Mermaid Bridesmaid Dresses

Our last pick is this satin bridesmaid dress in gold. Gold is always a striking colour, one that no one can look away from or resist looking at. This gold dress is particularly mesmerizing, with its one shoulder sleeve, structured bodice, and long, draped train. It has a slit in the front for extra movement and added detail, along with draping across the hips. It’s a modern goddess look which will feel powerful on any girl. No one could go wrong with gold dresses for bridesmaids, making them look stunning and adding a very stylish, chic element to the wedding.

Long gowns have long been revered and lauded for the elegance and glamour they can give to any event, especially weddings. With long trains, and graceful skirts, they’ll look sharp no matter where they’re worn, especially when done in satin like ours! Finding the right bridesmaid dress is a big task, which is why we think that choosing from our selection of long dresses makes it that much easier- there’s a length to please and flatter everyone. We have many different kinds of looks to suit all kinds of wedding styles- from romantic to Hollywood glam, princess to woodland fairy, modern muse to runway ready. With every twirl of your skirt, you’re sure to dazzle all those around you with your stunning new dress. There’s no doubt about it- once you’ve found the right dress for you, you’ll want to wear it to every special occasion you go to!

Which long dress did you find the most mesmerizing?


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