11 Unique Spring Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 You Will Love

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11 Unique Spring Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024 You Will Love

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Congratulations! Your partner has popped the question you've been waiting for all these while and a pretty ring is sitting on the finger already. While you’re still basking in this euphoria of love, and every other beautiful thing, there’s one more important step to take till forever.

Planning a wedding comes with everything - the emotions, the excitement, suspense, relieving memories phase and lots more. Relax! Everyone is here to help you including myself and you’ll definitely get the dream wedding you’ve always wanted. But the secret to stepping out in a relaxing state on your wedding day is Early Preparation.

Talking about preparation, aside from selecting your wedding dress, you have to make your girls’ look stunning too. So, let’s talk about everything for 2024 spring bridesmaid dresses.

When to Order Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spring Wedding

When to Order Bridesmaid Dresses for a Spring Wedding
Image Source: Pexels

Matching colors not only with the wedding theme, but the environment is quite important for a spring wedding. It's that time of the year where the atmosphere is cool and beautiful with some flowers blooming, so, you want your pictures and bridesmaid to be in sync with that. There are a variety of colors you can select for your bridesmaids including shades of green, purple, pastels, pink, metallics, orange and even black. In-between these colors, there are beautiful matches you can make especially for your bridesmaid dresses.

Now that you have a choice of color for the dresses, it is time to shop for your girls’. Before making the final decision, it is best to seek their opinions to get everyone’s opinion. This even helps swiften the process of getting a suitable dress because you already have a style in mind.

Last minute rush especially for wedding and bridesmaid dresses will weigh you down and leave you disappointed if there’s any wardrobe malfunction. So, it’s best to order the dresses at least 6 months before the wedding date. This way, you have enough time to make amends and everyone gets their dresses before the late hour rush.

The Best Spring Bridesmaid Dresses for 2024

1. Colorful Garden Party

Colorful Garden Party

Image Source: Pinterest

Are you having a colorful garden party in Spring 2024? The burst of colors at any wedding party, inside or outside is always a beauty to behold. Do you know what will make it even more beautiful? A colorful bridesmaids dress. Just like the flowers and other decorations at the wedding, get your girls’ to wear different shades of colors. Together, you all will look stunning at the event and even more beautiful in pictures.

2. Gorgeous Glam

Gorgeous Glam

 Image Source: Pinterest

Want something extra and classy? Go for the gorgeous glam. Get your girls’ to slay in every sense of the word. Pay attention to beautiful designs, classy styles and elegant colors. These all together will make up the gorgeous glam look for you and your bridesmaid on your wedding day. Do not forget to work with extremely nice styles that will showcase each person’s unique personality.

3. Gothic Black Classic Dress

Gothic Black Classic Dress

Image Source: Pinterest

Isn’t this just beautiful and stunning? A black dress is every girls’ favorite to wear for any event. Safe to say that you can never go wrong in a black dress. So, here you have it for your bridesmaid dresses in spring 2024. They’ll look so perfect and flawless in whatever choice of styles you decide to select for the day. Pair them up with some nice accessories and perfect hairdos. You’ll love it so much.

4. Intoxicating Champagne

Intoxicating Champagne

Image Source: Pinterest

Champagne is a sweet color and it shows every time. One way to get your bridesmaid looking all sweet and intoxicating on your wedding day is by selecting a nice champagne bridesmaid dress. The color is also very perfect for a spring wedding and would literally make everyone wowed.

5. Brilliant Sunset

Brilliant Sunset

Image Source: Pinterest

What’s better than a bright, sunset color for a wedding? This brilliant sunset spring bridesmaid dresses will add a pop of brightness to your day. If you are going with a cool theme for the wedding decorations and need something to bring that bright shine, here’s the perfect color for you.

6. Beach Romance

Beach Romance

Image Source: Pinterest

Going to seal the knot at a beach and need the perfect choice of color and spring bridesmaids dress for this occasion? Try the beach romance bridesmaid dresses in this sweet aqua color. For something extra, consider adding some embellishments and pairing with the right accessory.

7. Airy Ethereal

Airy Ethereal

Image Source: Pinterest

Similar to champagne, ethereal is another color you may want to consider for your bridesmaid dresses in 2024. Either for a spring or summer wedding, this bright, cool color with yellow-undertone will be a showstopper at your wedding. It’s not only beautiful, but perfect for all skin colors and gives that warm, relaxing look to everyone. You should check it out.

8. Spring Sage Green Hues

Spring Sage Green Hues

Image Source: ChicSew

Sage green has risen to become more popular in recent times. Seems everyone loves the coolness and warmth of this color, needless to say, the beauty. If you need the perfect shade of green to match your wedding color, sage green dresses are what you’re looking for. To match with other colors, you have blue, neutral, beige, champagne and lots more. This screams perfection already, doesn’t it?

9. Bold Bright Colors

Bold Bright Colors

Image Source: Pinterest

Having a wedding in spring doesn’t mean you can’t have your bridesmaid wearing bold, bright colors. Talking about bold and bright colors for your wedding, you have different shades of blue, ivory, lilac, yellow, burgundy, yellow, coral, gold and lots more. Either for a monotone look or a perfect mix ‘n’ match, these and more colors will make your bridesmaid beautiful, just like you on your big day.

10. Simple Pink Pastel

Simple Pink Pastel

Image Source: ChicSew

Want something simple, yet unique and beautiful? Pastel pink is a good color for this and helps you achieve that perfect look for your girls on your big day. Pastel color could be anything with a soft, warm look, ranging from light pink to even shades of gray pink. You can get it all with a pastel look for your spring bridesmaid dresses.

11. Dusty Blue Paired with White

Dusty Blue Paired with White

Image Source: ChicSew

Now, let's stick to a color and find a perfect match for it. For this here, let’s explore the world of dusty blue. This is one color that is so beautiful, yet uncommon. If you want that color that is not so known to many of your girls for your big day, a dusty blue bridesmaid dress is all you need.

It's perfect for a monotone look and goes well with lots of other colors. But that perfect one that will match your dress as well is pairing this dusty blue dress with spotless white.

Really, this is the best dress match you’re yet to discover.


Let’s wrap it up! From this article, you have discovered that having a spring wedding and going for a cool color doesn’t have to be boring. There are tons of options you have to make your spring bridesmaids dresses look just as perfect as you on the big day. Seek their opinion and together, you all can create memories shopping for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Lastly, the earlier you start the selection process, the better and easier it will all be for you at the end.


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Do You Wear a Bra With a Bridesmaid Dress?

If the dress offers adequate support or has built-in cups, you may not need a bra. However, some designs require additional support for comfort and fit.

What Age Do Bridesmaids Start From?

If she's from four to eight, she's a flower girl, If she's between nine and fifteen, she falls into the junior bridesmaid category; older than that, you can call her a bridesmaid.

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