Satin Bridesmaid Dresses: Elevate Your Fall Wedding with Seasonal Eleg

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Satin Bridesmaid Dresses: Elevate Your Fall Wedding with Seasonal Elegance

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Fall is the perfect time to plan your wedding for. The weather is just starting to turn chilly, not too cold, and not too hot. The richness and deepness of the colours outside can be reflected in the colours that you choose for your dress- colours that take on their most full-bodied tones right before fading for winter. There are a lot of different colour options to choose from for a fall wedding- the best colours for a fall wedding are bold, bright, and autumnal. Luxe fall colouring on satin fabric will instantly make every bridesmaid’s dress more elegant, perfect for a cohesive look for all the members of your wedding party. We have chosen to showcase our burnt orange, terracotta, and rose gold dresses for this fall season as the latest and most fashionable colours, sure to. Let us know which dress is your favourite!

1. Terracotta Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings



The terracotta colour is a salmon shade of orangey-pink that has been muted, rivalling the colour-changing leaves that will be falling gently from the trees during the time of your wedding. The terracotta dress is bright, bold, and brilliant. It will be a standout option for your bridesmaids. The off-shoulder look has structured panels of fabric along the bodice and across the side of the hips. Drama is added to the dress with the long train and heart-shaped neckline. Structure and drape meet in this satin, mermaid-style dress, making it a flattering dress for every girl. 

2. Burnt Orange Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings



Looking for a colour that’s like the terracotta dress, but a little less pink? Our next pick will suit you well! This burnt orange satin bridesmaid dress is magnificently elegant, rivalling even the beauty of a bride’s wedding dress. It has a gorgeous, sweeping train, a tightly belted waist, and is asymmetric at the top, with one strap going across the shoulder. Tying the look in with extra luxurious detail, there is a peek of fabric that lies open running from the shoulder strap to the middle of the bodice. The burnt orange satin dress gives off a glamorous, old Hollywood atmosphere, perfect for an upscale, formal fall wedding.

3. Rose Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings



The rose gold satin bridesmaid dress is our pick for the bride who is looking to have a delicate colour palette for her fall wedding. It will be on-trend due to its figure-hugging mermaid silhouette. Instead of the traditional sweetheart neckline, however, this dress features a deep v-neck. The thin straps are paired with off-shoulder straps, giving the dress a unique sleeve. The softness of the pink is perfect to compliment the bright colours of autumn.

4. Clover Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings



Muted colours are great for autumn. That’s why we’ve chosen this satin dress in clover as our next pick! The top of the bodice has a straight, stiff neckline, and the bodice itself is panelled. The off-the-shoulder straps add softness to the multi-panelled bodice, and the lengthy skirt gives you the touch of coverage you’ll need for the chilly weather. When paired with a thin shrug, it will be just right for your bridesmaids.

5. Rust Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings



This dress in bold, bright, rust-coloured satin will be a showstopper for your bridesmaids. Its bright, reddish colour is like the brightest colour-changing leaves in fall. The off-shoulder sleeves give the dress a romantic look, as the straps cross at the top of the bodice and give the neckline a heart shape. The dress has a tight bodice and waist, which gradually drapes into a long skirt at the bottom. While the colour is striking, it is balanced by the tasteful minimalism of the dress design. 

5. Stormy Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings


If you’re looking for a dress that is modern and innovative, while also classic, this is the dress for you! We’ve chosen the colour stormy for this satin dress, which features a corset top, evocative of bustier tops from the 1950s and beyond. The skirt is similar to the tail of the modern mermaid dress and is combined with the antiquity of the corset-style top. The strict, upright boning of the top is given a hint of delicacy with the flow of the skirt. This dress will pair well with a fur stole or a wrap for an added touch of glamour.

5. Ink Blue Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings



The ink blue satin mermaid dress is great for the bride who wants her bridesmaids to wear cooler-toned colours. Its deep blue hue fits in well with the autumn surroundings. The dress is very classically designed, with balanced straps on either shoulder and a long skirt with no openings on the sides. It has a slight cowl neckline, which is a rare, unusual treat to see on a formal dress! A few large pleats run diagonally across the dress's waist and hips for movement and a straight skirt. There is no better choice for a bride who wants to keep it simple but still add a pop of colour!

6. Gold Satin Bridesmaid Dresses For Fall Weddings



Our final pick, this gold satin bridesmaid dress, is sure to brighten up any room. It gives off a sweet look, with its sunny yellow colour and romantic curves. The sweetheart neckline and diagonal drapes across the dress are ultra-flattering for every wearer, as classic mermaid silhouettes have been for many years. Gold is a great option for any bride who wants to keep her wedding colours light, airy, and warm.

There are so many different fall colour palettes to choose from for your wedding- we love burnt orange, rose gold, and terracotta this year! You can’t go wrong with any of the dresses we’ve handpicked, whether you prefer a darker colour palette or a brighter colour palette. Having all your bridesmaids match will be essential for your photographs, and it’s important to find the shade and style that will look great on everyone. You will be able to look back on your special day knowing that your bridesmaids looked their best, and you can treasure fall as a season.

Which dress are you going to choose for your fall wedding? Let us know which was your favourite!



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