How to look your best in the wedding photo album?

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How to look your best in the wedding photo album?

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Wedding photography is a vital part of a perfect wedding, every girl wants to leave behind precious, beautiful and happy moments. This guide will show you how to take high-quality photos, then take your charming pictures and shine them on Instagram!

How to look your best in the wedding photo album?

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1. Trust your wedding photographer

The wedding photographer is the creator of all your beautiful photos. Choosing an excellent and reliable photographer is the first step. We recommend reading more about the photographer's work at the beginning and choosing a well-known or friend-recommended photography studio. If your wedding is planned by the wedding company, we suggest that you choose the photographer provided by the wedding company, which can save a lot of coordination hassles.

Before you decide on a photographer, you need to be clear about the style of photos you want. Do you prefer staged or documentary photos? Do you want warm or atmospheric photos?

You can create a mood board, such as a collection of your favourite photos on Pinterest, and then show them to your photographer to communicate with them. Tell your photographer more details to help you get more quality photos, such as the angle you think you look the best, etc. Communication is the first step to building trust and once you have identified your photographer you need to trust him 100%.

1. Trust your wedding photographer

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You can work with the photographer who took your engagement photos, and since you have experience with each other, your photographer will know better your feeling.

2. Pinpoint a wedding photography timeline

Your wedding day can be hectic, with lots of little details and emergencies to deal with. Make a schedule in advance and keep your 'to-do list' in order, listing your itinerary and the approximate time it will take. Remember to allow for 'buffer time', as actual events generally take up more time.

Here's a suggestion for a timetable.

Makeup, dresses, and other preparations

Ideal time: 90 minutes

Ask your photographer to capture your beautiful moments and laughs with your bridesmaids during the make-up and hair styling time.

Individual portraits

Ideal time: 30 minutes

This is your time. Once you are dressed and ready, put out your most elegant posture and gentle smile, and let the camera record this unforgettable moment.

Do a first look

Ideal time: 45-60 minutes

No one refuses a surprise! Catching the first look of the bride and groom yields 40% more photos than those that don't. Natural expressions are always more infectious than rigid gestures, and all your shock, surprise, emotion and even tears will make your wedding photos stand out. 

Bridesmaids' time

Ideal time: 45-60 minutes

This is a time for you and your girls! Make memories of you together in your wedding album!

You should minimize your locations and filter out a few optimal scenes to shoot, rather than wasting time rushing from one spot to another.

2. Pinpoint a wedding photography timeline

Photo by Kayla Renee

3. Get your dress & hair & makeup well done

Your hair and makeup will usually last a day, so leave them in the hands of professionals who know how to make you look best in wedding photos. And set aside enough time for them.

A wrinkled dress can make you look sloppy, so smooth out your dress the night before. We recommend that you use a steamer instead of ironing your clothes.

3. Get your dress & hair & makeup well done

Image source: wikiHow

4. Maintain natural wedding postures

Natural postures are more contagious than stiff expressions and can make your wedding photos look perfect. The secret is to make your body as relaxed as possible.

Stand up straight, with your shoulders back, chest out, and chin forward. Remember to keep arms naturally elongated and don't press arms against your body.

Next, angle your body. Don't stand side by side with your partner for the camera. Turning your body slightly, leaning 30-45 degrees and facing your partner. Familiar people will reduce your tension and make it more suitable to create great photos.

4. Maintain natural wedding postures

Photo by Alex Green

Don’t lock your knees or elbows. Same thing. For a realistic photo effect, leave your body in an upright but loose position. Allow the joints of your body to bend naturally. Bend one leg, which makes your frame appears elongated and your hips narrower. In addition, don't kiss with your eyes closed and don't practise how to smile too many times. Slow down and show your everyday state. On the big day, there is no doubt that you are the most beautiful princess in the world. Don't worry about small details, all people see is your happy smiling face.

5. Stand in the best lighting

You may not understand the effect of different angles of light on the picture, but you certainly know that a beautiful sunset will give you a better picture. Take advantage of the sunset on your wedding day and let its rays wrap around you and your exquisite wedding dress. The natural light will cover your little imperfections and is softer and more pleasing than a flash.

5. Stand in the best lighting

Photo by Lauren Rader


1. How to find my best side?

You don't need to spend too much time or practice the same pose. Just do a quick test, ask a family member or friend to help you take pictures from different angles, then find out which angle you are most happy with, and tell your photographer to find it during the shoot.

2. How to do with the bridesmaid dresses after the wedding?

When you type this question into Google, you will get answers such as: sell it, donate it to others, or cut the fabric to re-make a new dress, etc. The advice we give on this issue is that if the second-hand shop offers a reasonable price, you can choose to sell it. Otherwise, keep it, Chicsewuk dresses are all made of high quality fabrics and are classic, stylish and versatile, which can work even after the wedding. For any cocktail or dancing party, our bridesmaid dresses will hold absolutely.


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