A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Wedding Morning: Joy and Relaxation

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A Step-by-Step Guide to Your Wedding Morning: Joy and Relaxation

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The lead-up time for the big day brewing can go so fast, before you know it, you wake up on your wedding day excited and nervous; However, the plethora of activities from hair and makeup to first-look photos can be overwhelming, and this special moment is filled with anticipation, tension and excitement, so it’s even more important to stay calm and relaxed.

To ensure your wedding morning is a joyful and great start, we've prepared wedding morning ideas comprehensive guides and routines to keep your special occasion relaxed and fun.

couple relaxing on a walk

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Good Morning Sleeping Beauty

A good night's sleep can provide you with an energized and refreshed state, keeping you calm and relaxed on your wedding day.

It may take longer for you to fall asleep due to excitement and tension, which is completely normal, and there are a few ways you can have a good, stress-free night.

  • Eat a delicious and healthy dinner to lift your mood.
  • Take a hot bath, read a book, or meditate.
  • Bring clean linens and relaxing music for sleep.
  • On the eve of your wedding, avoid heavy meals and alcohol, which can disrupt your sleep.
  • Apply a face mask and an eye mask to your skin to moisturise and prepare it for a pleasant massage.

Before bed relax and get ready for other pre-wedding tasks like getting your gowns ready, bridesmaid gifts and letters, and organizing your essentials bag.

wedding breakfast preparation

Hearty and Nutritious Wedding Breakfast

Although many brides say they are too nervous or thrilled to eat in the morning, having a full, nutritious wedding breakfast is critical since it will provide you with the energy to enjoy your special day throughout the day.

  • Cereal, toast, salads, smoothies.
  • Refresh yourself with natural yoghurt and cereal, and calming herbal teas.
  • Avoid oily junk foods, which can cause bloating and nausea.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep yourself hydrated and energised. 

Also, if you're staying at a hotel, be sure to order breakfast the night before for room service.

gather up bride and bridesmaids party

Gather Up a Bridal Party

Gathering your bridal party is an exciting and emotional moment. On this momentous day, these close friends will be there to support and bless you.

Determine a meeting spot, inform your bridal party members of the location, and organise ahead of time for transportation to the wedding venue.

Give your wedding party members a nice welcome gift, such as letters or a bottle of champagne. It's also a perfect time to give them matching bridal party robes and slippers, which they may wear throughout hair and make-up and then photograph for a great remembrance, making a great memory.

take tons of wedding photos and videos

Take a Lot Of Photos

Every moment counts and should be captured because your wedding is one of the most important milestones in your life. Hire professional photographers and videographers. Book a time in advance with the photographer who will follow you the morning of your wedding day.

Record the beautiful moment when your makeup and hair are done,  and take photos of the wedding site and decorations, as well as the beauty and enthusiasm of the occasion. Keep a smile and a cheerful expression on your face while shooting, and allow your smile to become the most attractive adornment.

Printing wedding photos, doing a wedding photo frame, and the wedding photo album will be a treasured memory for a lifetime, reminding you of this important moment.

planning for bridal hairstyling and makeup time

Plan a Hair and Makeup Artist Near Me Wisely

Communicate with your star professional hair stylist and makeup artist near you ahead of time to build a thorough itinerary and advise your bridal party on everyone's appointment timings and items to prepare. Stay comfortable and joyful during the hair and grooming procedure, let the pros look your best, and leave some time in your schedule in case something unexpected arises or you need more prep time.

confirmation of wedding cake delivery

Connect with Your Wedding Team

Confirm the times with your supplier. It is their job to ensure that every detail of your event is in order and settled before leaving. Share the morning wedding schedule and all of the specifics with the wedding team, ensure that everyone knows what to do and when, and then assign a primary point of contact who will stay in close communication with the wedding team and address any difficulties or emergencies.

Confirm flowers and wedding cake delivery, so you don't have to do any more planning or organizing on the morning of your wedding. Finally, have all the change you need for the day ready in an envelope or tote and hand it to a trusted bridal party member, like your maid of honour.

essentials for brides and bridesmaids

Organize Your Bridal Essentials

Although you'll have your bridal clutch bag ready the night before, it's still advisable to double-check and, ideally, make a list of items that will help keep you looking beautiful and comfortable throughout your wedding. 

  • Bring your favourite fragrance with you to keep you smelling fresh during the wedding.
  • Keep a small wedding mirroron hand to check your makeup at any moment.  
  • You can prepare heel inserts for extra comfort if your wedding shoes are tall.
  • If the wedding will be held outside, bring sunscreen spray or sunscreen to protect your skin from the sun.
  • Bring some water and light snacks with you to keep you energised during the wedding procedure.
bride is practicing wedding vows

Practice Reading Your Vows

Practising reading your vows on your wedding day will help you not get too stressed out on the big day. Express your love and commitment more confidently on your wedding scene, making this special moment full of sincerity and emotion.

Find a quiet, private place before the wedding, such as your guest room or a dedicated lounge. Find a comfortable position, sit or stand, and allow yourself to feel relaxed. Recall the moment and emotion when you wrote your vows, allowing yourself to enter into a deep appreciation of this commitment.

find a quiet place to relax for a while

Take Some Time to Relax

Find a tranquil area amid the hustle and bustle of your wedding day to take in the beauty of your surroundings and let yourself feel the peace and beauty of nature. Allow yourself to relax by sitting down with a meditation or deep breathing activity. You may create a peaceful and happy ambience by playing relaxing music.

Alternatively, look back at your love story and allow yourself to feel pleased and appreciative by browsing through images. Write down your inner thoughts and emotions, pour out your pleasures and expectations, and let yourself feel emotional catharsis. Calm down the fluctuations in your heart, keep a calm and happy state of mind, and create a wonderful wedding start for yourself.

frequently asked questions about weddings


What Do You Say to a Bride on Her Wedding Morning?

On the bride's wedding morning, send heartfelt and encouraging words to express your love, support and best wishes for her special day:

I am so happy to be with you and share your joy.

You look stunning!

No doubt it will be perfect.

Enjoy every moment.

May your marriage be filled with love, laughter and endless happiness.

How Early Should You Be for a Morning Wedding?

Most morning weddings begin at 9 or 10 a.m. and last 3 to 4 hours. It is recommended that you attend 30 minutes to an hour before the ceremony time. Arriving early allows you to make last-minute preparations, cope with unforeseen events, and ensure that your special day begins smoothly and stress-free.

Who Gets Ready with the Bride?

The bridesmaid, maid of honour or mother of the bride is usually the closest person to the bride. Assisting with all aspects of the wedding morning, providing support and emotional encouragement to the bride.

During wedding preparations, the bride picks who she wants to be around. Some brides choose smaller, more personal events, while others prefer a loud, inclusive setting.


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