Rescue Boring Bridesmaid Dresses: Creative Ways to Make It Shine

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Rescue Boring Bridesmaid Dresses: Creative Ways to Make It Shine

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Bridesmaid dresses are an essential part of the wedding preparation process; however, dresses may not always be what bridesmaids want. Weddings are often performed by only two people: the bride and groom. They make all of the wedding arrangements, but there are so many things, not every aspect can be always perfect.

According to a recent Fizz Box study, 66% of bridesmaids disliked the colour of their gowns, while 21% received dresses that did not fit them. This is beyond control. But don't be concerned! There are numerous ways to brighten up boring bridesmaid dresses and offer bridesmaids confidence and attractiveness for their wedding day.

Negotiation list that cannot be changed for bridesmaid dresses

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Non-negotiable List

First, asking the bride for a non-negotiable list is a smart step. When the ugly dresses are faced makeover can ensure that the bridesmaid dresses match the bride's expectations, while making the bridesmaids shine at the wedding, and adding a beautiful and festive atmosphere to the entire wedding.

Of course, before making any ideas, go over the list of items the bride does not want to change things. Inquire with the bride if she has any accessory preferences, like as hair accessories or shoes, and if she has any special accessory demands.

Bridesmaid dress size and detail adjustment

Dress adjustment

Simple adjustments are an effective way for bridesmaids to dress comfortably and confidently for their wedding.

Find an experienced professional tailor. Tailors can make adjustments to each bridesmaid's specific measurements to ensure the gown fits her body perfectly.

You can also change the details of the bridesmaid's dress, such as the neckline, cuffs, or waist, to make the dress more fit for the bridesmaids' figures and preferences.

Make sure to give the bridesmaid gowns to the tailor ahead of time for revisions to allow for ample time to make changes and avoid rushing to work. Of course, if it's running out of time to modify the gown, read on.

perfect makeup touch up

Perfect Makeup

Changing up your makeup is an easy and effective way to make up for a less-than-stellar bridesmaid dress. Work with a professional makeup artist to experiment with different makeup styles and choose the one that best suits your bridesmaids, depending on the theme and overall mood of your wedding. Creates a sophisticated base that leaves bridesmaids' skin looking smooth and refined. Especially Makeup for the eyes and lip colour can provide a brilliant effect.


flower garland

Flower Garland

Flower garlands add beauty and romance to your bridesmaid hairstyles. Garlands are best paired with half-up or updo hairstyles, which allow the garlands to show off better and give the overall look a more natural and comfortable look.

Garlands can be a combination of small or large flowers, which is appropriate for harmonising retro wedding themes. The straw garlands are suitable for a pastoral or nature-themed wedding, while the combination of gorgeous flowers and green leaves is suitable for more formal occasions.


jewellery hairpins or barrettes

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Jewellery Hairpins or Barrettes

Might as well consider jewellery as bridesmaid hair accessories. Different hairstyles are appropriate for different types of hairpins or clips; for example, a high bun is appropriate for massive jewellery hairpins, whilst a low ponytail is appropriate for little and delicate barrettes.

Jewellery hairpins and barrettes are usually set with precious gemstones, crystals or gorgeous flower patterns, adding dignity and elegance to bridesmaids' hairstyles. It is not only a delicate embellishment but also adds a romantic and sweet feeling.

lovely pearl necklace

Lovely Pearl Necklace

A lovely pearl necklace not only draws attention but also makes the bridesmaids exude confidence and charm. Shiny jewellery can save your life and provide a splash of colour to your overall look.

Necklace length is also critical. If you have a V-neck or deep V-neck bridesmaid dress, consider a draped necklace that complements the neckline. If the bridesmaid dress has a high neck or a round neck, a shorter necklace will look less crowded.

If the bridesmaid dress has many decorations or patterns, a basic necklace will help to keep the overall shape from becoming too confusing. On the other hand, if the bridesmaid dress is quite plain and elegant, you can choose a glittering necklace with a unique shape to add colour to the entire shape.

bows and ribbons

Bows and Ribbons

Make a bow out of the ribbon to give a bit of beauty and whimsy. The unique shape will make the bridesmaid gown appear more layered and fascinating. Here are some methods: 

  • If the neckline of the bridesmaid dress is relatively simple, you can add a small bow on the chest.
  • Adding a slender ribbon to the shoulders of the bridesmaid dress can add an elegant and romantic atmosphere.
  • Add a bow tied with a ribbon at the waist to make the overall look more eye-catching.
  • Ribbons of various colours and widths can be stacked and looped around the bridesmaid dresses.
wedding flower bouquet

Wedding Flower Bouquet

Prepare a beautiful wedding flower bouquet for each bridesmaid, which can not only embellish the dress but also make the bridesmaids look more elegant and graceful at the wedding.

To create a romantic and artistic atmosphere, scatter and sew some petals on the bridesmaid dress hem, waist, or chest. You can also insert flowers in your hair or on the collar and cuffs of your dress to create a romantic look and focal point of the wedding!

dress belt or chain

Dress Belt or Chain

Waist chains or sparkly belts for dresses help emphasize the bridesmaids' waistline, while also creating a fresh and natural feel. Make a one-of-a-kind visual effect. Make the overall shape more light and elegant.

women's belts for dresses are typically made of ribbons, lace, or styles with jewellery ornamentation, which elevates the entire shape to a more noble and elegant level. Wear it around the bridesmaids' waists to make their waistlines more attractive and sparkling.


Personalized bridesmaid shoes

Personalized Shoes

Personalized wedding shoes add unique flair and personality to the overall look.

  • Try to choose shoes that are similar or the same colour as the dresses, or in neutral tones, such as gold, silver or black.
  • Add some little and delicate gem accessories to the shoes, such as pearls and crystals.
  • Add appropriate accents to your shoes with shiny laces, pins or ankle chains.

Consider shoe designs and heel heights as well to ensure bridesmaids are comfortable while remaining steady. If the bridesmaids don't want to wear high heels, they can choose cute flat shoes to provide a sweet and cute feel.

bridesmaid dress modification


With creative embellishments and makeovers, ugly bridesmaid dresses can be given new life, but in fact, The best-case scenario is still shopping for a beautiful bridesmaid dress according to shopping etiquette. Respect the opinions and preferences of your bridesmaids so they can feel confident and comfortable in their dresses.


Do You Throw Away Bridesmaid Dresses?

If you no longer need it, please don't throw it in the trash. Some bridesmaids may choose to remake them for future use, others may decide to donate or sell them. Many charities will accept used gowns.

Do Bridesmaids Pay for Their Dress Alterations?

Bridesmaids are generally responsible for the expense, including any necessary alterations to guarantee a proper fit. Some brides may volunteer or share the expense of changes. The responsibility to pay for bridesmaid dress alterations may vary depending on the bride and bridesmaid's unique agreements.

Do Bridesmaid Dresses Touch the Floor?

Bridesmaid dresses come in a variety of lengths, and whether they sweep the floor is a matter of personal preference. 

Floor-length gowns are common in formal weddings, and tea-length dresses are a great choice for semi-formal or outdoor weddings. Knee-length bridesmaid dresses are a popular choice for more casual and less formal weddings, and mini bridesmaid dresses are often appropriate when the bride is specifically opting for a more playful and modern look.


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