Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

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Bridesmaid Dress Shopping Etiquette: Everything You Need to Know

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Being a bridesmaid is an honour, and serving as an intimate companion and supporter of the bride is a special honour. However, Like most wedding shopping experiences, finding bridesmaid outfits can be fun, but it's not easy. Following a few shopping etiquette steps will assist in ensuring your choices reflect the bride's expectations and your beauty, giving a touch of luxury and cohesion to the wedding.

Bridesmaids and bride who should pay
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Who Should Pay for Bridesmaid Dresses

Some brides would be more willing to cover the bridesmaids' fees, which can alleviate the financial stress on the bridesmaids while also allowing you to be more engaged in the pricing, and style.

In other cases, bridesmaids may be required to pay for the ceremony themselves. Don't put pressure on them and the price to be within their acceptable price range. Say something like I hope you all wear a champagne colour bridesmaid dress, but I'm glad you decide on style and cost.

Always ask your bridesmaid's opinion, and don't be offended if they have reservations about any of your choices. The bride and bridesmaids could negotiate expenses so that both parties expectations and wishes are met.

Bridesmaids and brides work together on a budget for bridesmaid dresses

Make a Budget

No matter how you feel about money, you shouldn't put off discussions about the cost of dressing. Before you start shopping, the bridesmaid and the bride should discuss the dress budget range and try to find options within that range. Brides can divide the overall allotment by the number of bridesmaids they have, which makes sure know how much are spending on each dress and account for dress alterations and bridesmaid accessories that may be required additional costs.

Allow plenty of time to shop for bridesmaid dresses

Leave Ample Time

Depending on estimated delivery times, possible modifications and adjustments, you may have to go through multiple rounds of ordering, trying on and sending back, the shopping trip is not guaranteed to be successful. Start planning the dresses you want your bridesmaids to wear at least 6 months before the wedding.

Especially if you want specially custom bridesmaid dresses, Begin looking for dresses well ahead of your wedding date by hunting early, such as a specific size, colour or design, it will take more time to arrange customization. Unless you buy an off-the-shelf dress, it's not always easy to have a gown custom-made at the last minute.


Collect photos of bridesmaid dresses from real weddings for inspiration

Collect Inspiration and Styling

Before diving into the shopping experience, take the time to research the best styles and brands available in-store and online. Check out the real wedding online and in magazines, there are always weddings similar to the ones you have planned, with great fashion choices, to get inspiration from.

This will allow you to determine how you want your wedding dress and bridesmaid dresses to look and narrow down your final selection of styles, silhouettes and colours.

The bridesmaids also join in the process of buying the dresses

Involve Bridesmaids in the Shopping Process

Respect the opinions and preferences of each bridesmaid. Allow them ample time and space to grasp self-wishes and expectations, as well as their readiness to participate in shopping.

Make shopping plans with your bridesmaids. Identify what you need to buy, bridesmaid dresses, accessories, shoes, etc., and agree on when and where to shop. Invite the bridesmaids to go to the physical store or online platform to browse the selected items, you can examine samples together, try them on, and evaluate various possibilities.

Avoid styles that bridesmaids particularly dislike

Ask Bridesmaids If They Have Special Needs

In addition to knowing their style, your friends will also appreciate your consideration for their comfort.

In addition, You should think about how your friend feels about their various body types, personalities, and normal styles. While you might think they're pretty in what they're wearing, many girls feel insecure about certain parts of their bodies, so also be open about what girls might want to avoid.

After all, you must ensure that the outfit you select will allow them to fully engage in all aspects of the wedding day, from eating a large meal to dancing on the dance floor all night.

Make a list of bridesmaid dresses everyone will love

Make a Bridesmaid Dress Shortlist

Now that you've determined your budget, bridesmaid dresses different styles, personal preferences, and wedding theme, it's time to create a shortlist of gowns that you believe will be ideal for your big day. Include different styles, colours, and fabric options to give you additional possibilities, and make sure you like any of the products on these lists. Not only should you consider what your bridesmaids prefer, but also what you enjoy; it must complement your wedding. The needs of the bride and the bridesmaids need to be met at the same time.

Pay attention if there is a dress that is favoured by most people, it may be the most suitable choice.

Group of bridesmaids try on dresses to see if they fit

Bridesmaids Group Fitting

It's a great idea to confer with the bridesmaids and book a group fitting time that works for everyone. Choose a bright and spacious venue and make sure everyone has enough space to try on and observe. You can give each other advice and advice, discuss the pros and cons of each style, and make sure everyone is happy and comfortable.

Take photos during the fitting process to record everyone's bridesmaid style and accessories. This helps everyone review and compare different options and make decisions when needed.

Ill-fitting bridesmaid dress modification and payment

Dress Modifications and Fee Payment

Make any necessary adjustments to ensure that the bridesmaid dresses fit precisely. The bride normally pays for these, but if you're upfront about the fact that your budget doesn't allow for them, it's not bad to ask your bridesmaid to cover them.

Accessorizing bridesmaid dresses

Bridesmaid Accessories

Finally, you can complete the look with accessories like shoes and jewellery. You can ask the bridesmaids to wear their favourite accessories, or if you want a unified style, you can consider buying accessories to match the bridesmaid dresses. Make sure to discuss and get input from the bridesmaids to ensure they are comfortable and satisfied.

Determine the bridesmaid's hair and makeup arrangements. You can decide whether to provide your bridesmaids with a hair and makeup artist or let them handle it themselves. Communicate and discuss this with the bridesmaids to ensure everyone is clear about arrangements and expectations.

Some FAQs about bridesmaid dresses


What Kind of Underwear to Wear with a Bridesmaid Dress?

It's always a good idea to try on underwear for bridesmaid dresses before the wedding to find the best fit. When it comes to underwear, a basic rule of thumb is that natural and neutral colours near your skin tone, as well as white, are your best bets. Consider trying the dress with different underwear to see which colours go best and create a seamless look.

Should Bridesmaids Wear Hair Up or Down?

For a more formal or traditional wedding, an updo can be a popular choice. For a more casual or boho wedding, loose waves or simple hair down can create a softer, relaxed look.

Or make the bridesmaids' hairstyles the opposite of yours. If you wear your hair up, the bridesmaids make it down and vice versa.

Who should pick the bridesmaid dresses?

Some brides choose to let the bridesmaids freely choose their own dresses under certain guidance. You can provide color swatches or specific color palettes, as well as any necessary style or length requirements. This approach allows each bridesmaid to showcase their individual style while maintaining a cohesive look.


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