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Accessories To Brighten Your Wedding Look

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As the weather warms up, the wedding boom for several consecutive months will begin. In recent years, many brides like to use a simple wedding dress as a wedding dress for the big day, which is fashionable and timeless. But many brides who want to focus on simplicity will worry about the whole shape being too ordinary. You can use other accessories at the wedding to embellish the whole look, which can maintain simplicity and beauty without being afraid of being too ordinary. So at the wedding, which accessories should you choose to match the fashionable and stunning fashion? Chicsewuk's accessories collection can give you the answer. 

1.Versatile Ear Studs

Jewelry is an indispensable accessory for women on important occasions, especially earrings that are closest to the face. Wearing the right earrings can not only portray the noble temperament and momentum, but also modify the face shape, create a three-dimensional elegant curve of the face, and even bring out the highlights of makeup and hairstyle more perfectly. And this pair of cubic zirconia stud earrings that accompany the bride to experience touching and laughter will also appear in most wedding photos, with a sense of presence that cannot be ignored. 

The 7mm stones have a square shape with rounded corners and are cradled in four-prong settings of platinum-plated sterling silver. With their fancy shape and pretty sparkle, these versatile studs are unique and eye-catching. In addition, platinum plating on the sterling silver gives these post-set earrings a rich finish and makes them tarnish-proof and hypoallergenic. Adding a little sparkle to any outfit with these beautiful cubic zirconia stud earrings. 

2.False Eyelashes

How can the finishing touch of creating the perfect eye makeup for the bride be short of false eyelashes? These 100% real mink eyelashes are fluffy, super soft, light and comfortable, safe for the eyes, natural and shiny at the same time, compliment the contour of your eyes, it makes them look bigger and prettier, and enhances the overall beauty of your face and keeps everyone's eyes on you. 

3.Hair Clip 

Of course, you also need a hair clip to adorn your hair at your wedding. This bridal hair clip from chicsewuk features a stunning and feminine floral design that is alluring and dreamy. Lovely white petals surround sparkling rhinestones and delicate transparent beaded branches. Branches of transparent light-colored glass gemstones seem to dance on it. Chic designs will adorn your elegance and beauty, you will attract the attention of the guests present, and make you a shining figure on your big day. 

4.Bra Patch

For brides whose wedding dress style is backless or strapless, the bra patch is the best choice, there's nothing better than a bra patch.  

These silicone nipple covers from chicsewuk are made from medical-grade silicone (hypoallergenic), so it's comfortable to wear even on the most sensitive skin. Self-adhesive pasties, unless you tear them off, there is no need to worry about them falling off and affecting your beautiful mood. In addition, these silicone emulsion stickers can be reused many times.  After using, only need to use mild neutral soapy water to clean, and air dry naturally. Once dry, the self-adhesive properties are restored and ready for your next use. And according to the female nipple exclusive design,  it gradually thins from the middle to the periphery, and the breasts fit snugly, forming a smooth and natural "skin" without the awkward contours as your contact lens. So you can easily control various types of clothes like backless, strapless, low cut and so on.

Plus, we offer them with a portable storage box, you can take it anywhere to attend your events for all occasions, not just at your wedding or your friend's bridal party. 

5.Garter Belts

Looking for a perfect leg accessory? Then the above garter belt with soft lace straps and elastic support that fits most sizes must be on your radar. At the same time, you can have a variety of color options to match your wedding color palette. Garter belts are not only a must-have for brides in traditional wedding customs but now have also become a fashion item in wedding accessories, adding points to your sexiness and welcoming the good luck that belongs to you and your lover.  

6. Tie

At the most important moment of life, as the protagonist of the wedding day, in addition to our brides maintaining a beautiful look, our grooms also need to be well-dressed. The groom's clothes generally need to be matched with a tie or bow tie. A suitable tie can not only add points to the overall shape but also reflect the groom's taste. The conventional colors of ties can be divided into light colors and dark colors. The atmosphere of the wedding is generally solemn and sacred. When grooms choose black, blue, gray, and white clothes, they can choose some ties with saturated colors to adjust the overall shape. Such as black, red, blue and so on. At chicsewuk, you can have a choice of ties in a variety of colors and lengths to suit your wedding scene. In addition, if you don't like the restraint feeling of receiving a tie, you can choose a  bow tie which is more flexible and convenient. 

In addition to the above accessories, we have other accessories waiting for you to explore. After all, accessories can never be too much. What's more, you deserve to be fully "armed" on the wedding day and will show the most beautiful makeup in front of the guests and friends. 


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