How to Pick a Dress That Will Please Each Of Your Bridesmaids?

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How to Pick a Dress That Will Please Each Of Your Bridesmaids?

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For most people, a wedding is a once-in-a-lifetime event. Every girl fantasises about having a beautiful wedding and being able to walk down the aisle with the love of her life to a happy future amidst the blessings of her friends and family.

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But a wedding preparation often encounters a lot of obstacles, from the determination of the wedding date and venue to choosing the wedding dress, creating invitations and drawing up a menu, all of which need the couple to make choices constantly.

planning and arranging dresses for parties

How far along are you at your wedding? Are you struggling with your choice of bridesmaid dresses? Don't worry! Here we come! Chicsewuk as a professional bridesmaid dress manufacturer, we have rich experience and expert advice, read this blog and we're sure you'll find the perfect bridesmaid dress for your wedding!

1. Determine the colour and material of the bridesmaid dresses according to the wedding theme, venue and date

bridesmaid dresses for seaside weddings

Firstly, determine your wedding date and the venue where your wedding will be held, and determine your wedding theme and overall colour palette. Then filter the material, style and colour of your bridesmaid dresses according to the season and theme, which will increase efficiency.

For different themes such as seaside, lawn or rustic weddings, which can be matched with different shades of dresses.

bridesmaid dresses for rustic wedding
bridesmaid dresses for indoor wedding

In addition, the date of the wedding will also affect the material of the bridesmaids' dresses. If it's winter, you can opt for warm materials like velvet. In summer, the peak season for weddings, we suggest you choose breathable and comfortable fabrics, such as satin, and chiffon for your bridesmaid dresses.

You can choose light blue, or light pink satin dress for your seaside wedding. For a lawn wedding, it suits green and coral tones. If your wedding is indoors, go for a classic dress like champagne or gold that you won't go wrong with.

If you are interested, welcome to follow Chicsewuk! Next time we will teach you how to choose the right bridesmaid dresses for seaside, lawn, and other themed weddings!

2. Determine the colour and style of the bridesmaid dresses according to the bridesmaids' body type and skin tone

When you put on a dress, we see the colour of your exposed skin and hair, as well as the contours of your body, so choosing bridesmaid dresses for different body types and skin colours can successfully hide your flaws and make your strengths shine.

choose dresses according to skin tone

Different skin tones

In general, we divide skin colours into warm, cool, neutral and olive skin tone. What is your skin colour?

2.1 Warm skin tone

Look closely at the colour of your veins. If it is green or olive then you may have a warm skin tone. People with warm skin are suited to wearing warm colours, which will make them look gentle and approachable. Recommended colours: Gold, Champagne, ivory, Rose gold, Burnt orange.

choosing dresses for girls in warm skin tones

2.2 Cool skin tone

Girls with cool skin tones have blue or purple veins. Girls with cool skin look good in soft or cool-coloured dresses. Recommended colours: Silver, Ivory, Mint-green, Lavender, Blushing-pink, Coral.

choosing dresses for girls in cool skin tones

2.3 Neutral skin tone

Your veins are colourless, which indicates that you are a girl with a neutral skin tone. Neutral-skinned girls have many colours to choose from. Warm colours will make them look warm and elegant, while colours like emerald green and royal blue will make them look demure and glamorous. Recommended colours: Burgundy, Terracotta, Emerald green, Royal-blue, Daffodil yellow.

choosing dresses for girls in neutral skin tones

2.4 Olive skin tone

Olive skin is not common, if you have this skin colour then we suggest you choose a dark dress, this will make you look beautiful and clean, there is no need to choose a colour that is too light. Recommended colours: Brown, Burnt-orange, Moss, Dark-navy, Burgundy, and Cabernet.

choosing dresses for girls in olive skin tones

Different body types

Body shape also varies from person to person. Apple, pear, hourglass, strawberry, straight, and rectangular - which body type are you?

2.5 Apple-shaped body

Apple-shaped, which is what we usually call an O-shaped body. This type of person has most of the flesh concentrated in the waist and hips. We recommend choosing a high-waisted bridesmaid dress to make you appear slimmer. Keep the top as simple as possible and avoid complicated embellishments. Neckline suggestions: strapless, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, spaghetti straps dress. Recommended styles: A-line, two-piece design, V-neck, mermaid.

choosing dresses for apple shaped body

2.6 Pear-shaped body

Pear-shaped, or A-shaped, people in this category have wider hips and can wear A-line dresses for a coordinating effect. Neckline suggestions: V-neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder. Recommended styles: A-line, side slit, two-piece design.

choosing dresses for pear shaped body

2.7 Hourglass figure

Hourglass (X) women have a slim waist, this type of figure looks good in everything, show off your curves! Neckline suggestions: strapless, off-shoulder, one-shoulder. Recommended styles: side slit, V-neck, mermaid, backless.

choosing dresses for hourglass figure

2.8 Strawberry body

Strawberry shapes, also known as inverted shapes, have a strong lower body and opt for side slit dresses to accentuate the legs and shift the visual focus. Neckline suggestions: V-neck, strapless, one-shoulder. Recommended styles: side slit, mermaid.

choosing dresses for strawberry body

2.9 Straight body

Straight body type is also called H/I type, a body of the same thickness up and down, and this type of person does not have a prominent waist curve. Neckline suggestions: V-neck, one-shoulder, off-shoulder, halter. Recommended styles: A-line, side-slit, mermaid.

choosing dresses for straight body

2.10 Rectangular figures

A rectangular figure(big frame), is unlike an H-shaped figure, which tends to be tall and athletic, while an H-shaped person is neither wide nor thin at the shoulders, waist or hips. Neckline suggestions: halter, one-shoulder, jewel, V-neck. Recommended styles: A-line, side slit.

choosing dresses for rectangular figures

We've covered in detail in our previous blogs about dresses for different body types and skin colours, if you want to learn more, please check out:

Well, do you know what kind of dress you are going to choose? Don't worry about the size, we offer a custom sizing service, just have fun choosing the style you like! Leave the rest to us! You can also mix and match if you think one colour and style is too monotonous, so we'll talk about mixing and matching another time! For those of you who are looking for a seaside, lawn wedding, don't forget to check out Chicsewuk's next blog!


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